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blackmoon: its chappelle crackhead
he like, scratching his shoulder and being a junkie about metroid
he has a name?
hashy larry is BHO
well, budder
blackmoon: look inside mask
BN is too hard
haha rly?

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rab: milk gallon and other groceries plus laundry have been transported successfully
seat rack + milk crate project is great success

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rab: lame i think i need a kickstand
i think maybe i fucked up by picking lightweight milkcrate, lots of deflection on the unsupported 1/3
fuckit, more racecar
moving aero device

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so what can i mix in water to make resistors
i like this idea because overpowering the resistor would cause the water to boil off, lowering resistance, causing a positive feedback chain reaction
sculptor: maybe charcoal?
nuh uh sharpies dont conduct
do they?
permanentm karers, comes off easy with iso alc tho
sorry im typing with popcorn bowkl blocking keyboard

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