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dunno if i trust that type
thats just the bag anyway but theres ones that type for similar price

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like this

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and one by my nemesis, switchcraft
rab: do you have bike rack recommendation?
like, one of those dealies goes above rear wheel attached to seat post
looks like some of them have little wings for saddle bags

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oh fuck these miniplug jacks feel so shit
dis why we buy the parts before we pcb
first audio thing i built was a virtual inductor parametric EQ, pretty sure it was these jacks but from All
this guy
these rock but the flat pin is right up against PCB edge, gotta slot to do it right but fuck that

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jero32: yeah damn, thats a lot of batteries
do they babysit and tape the ends?
or people just tossin batteries into bins like whatever
you be fine
we can just uploud your brain into database when you die for when your robot body is ready

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most places like that seem to store things in steel containers
no but i mean at the actual recycling places theyre taken to
its usually in a parking lot in a steel shipping container
jero32: how big are the plastic bins youve seen?
like, im wondering if this is all legislated

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yeah so that i dont trust pipes and the beuracracy to maintain them, and that the mil mismanages money to the point where no one would ever find the stolen money
previously, everyone like YOU CRAZY REN YOU CRAZY
2016, mil admits lost a trillion fuckin dollars, cities all over the country testing positive for lead in pipes
well, im crazy but not for recognizing obvious fucking things people dont want to confront
prob because of how people react when i say that shit out loud =\
jero32: while i know you are 100% corrent
i spent like 4 years shorting out unprotected 18650 batteries 3" from my face
and im okay
like, when they shit gets hot enough to burn your hand, stop
jero32: =O =O =O

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then it gets on my fuckin dishes
my water has chlorine and is heavy as fuck, how do i table salt?
or maybe its flouride?
but honestly my shit reaks of chlorine, its like a fuckin pool
this part of town is like 150 years old, its basically as old as california
does every house just have a well?
and a water cooler?
yeah cool
large scale filtration is usually sediment filters
bitch no one been to my house or anyone i know ever to test our water, i dont give a fuck with the water at the end mine is different

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water tastes like what you put it in or pipe it in
which is why i mostly drink ro water
i mean as soon as it hits your body its not going to be pure water in any sense
right maybe, but no way 'pure water' is going to ever hit your stomach lining
unless youre drinking gallons
dunno, maybe more likely to dissolve plaque and food than your teeth
theres a lot of that stuff in dirt

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mfkrs talking about dont drink distilled water you might die
like, bitches eat some food and take some vitamins
and no one told you to drink 5 gallons of it wtf
you think?
i think it has like no taste
from a bottle, from water filters in multiple places
just tastes like inert
yeah but even mineral water can prob absorb a fuckton more

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etching what?
it works? what %?
how long?
im not scared of h2o2, i wouldnt mind etching with it
+ hydrochloric acid
and it worked?
so you didnt use h2o2 at all
yeah im way more okay with h2o2 than puke
i rinse my mouth with h2o2
dream killt
yeah just the 3% stuff
yeah you feel it pretty quick
gets kind of ashy
thats what i was cleaning my grow shit with

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is mek flammable?
no, mek the industrial solvent
joellama: is it like, safe?
joellama: no i meant 'no' to blackmoon
about the plastic
blackmoon: right but like acetone or iso alc?
like i can light a column of it without all of it going up in a second?
so not like acetone or iso alc
anyway, put industrial solvent into coffee can, light, throw lighter inside, walk away
im not even sure which is the detonator and which is the charge
fuck i want to try that
no i dont actually
where do i get calcium carbide?
h2o2 is easy, can get 30% at hydro shop

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like, i think it happened once at my grandmas in the 80s
i was more interested in the tequila
blackmoon: damn ive never thought of using the plastic pegs as detonators
the clear plastic ones, you would rubber band or tape then on, and the brass valve would eventually melt the plastic threads holding the valve in, sending a spray of butane back past the flame
and theyed like, roll and flip like crazy because off axis
right and goes nowhere because downforce
that seems like a lot of work

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especially dabbing at lower temps, which is def less harsh
old BHO was really bad
back before concentrates were a thing, BHO was something you did with shake and stems
butane honey oil
like, 15 years ago, BHO was something you did because you ran out of weed and were broke
but had a can of butane and shake
it made everyone cough
dry cough, like upper through back of the mouth thing
honestly as kids, me and sister and friends would fuck around with butane and torches constantly
like, cheap clear non-bic lighters and rubber band rockets
or pyro ball
which was putting a tennis ball into a bowl of gasoline
then setting the tennis ball on fire and kicking around inside and empty dark garage
the bowl of gasoline, still in the garage
so yeah, did not blow ourselves up because pure luck
kicking was more of a challenge, more random
like, 4 people in the dark kicking a ball around is pretty exciting, gotta stay on your toes
sculptor: we talk about it

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cotton candy actually tasted like cotton candy, and this orange cream stuff actually tastes like orange cream soda
i guess terpenes are water soluble, so you can just steam them out of herb and they seperate in a column
i havent tried strawberrys wild yet
yeah but i guess this hasnt been done earlier because everyone trying to get the cannabinoids, which are fat/alc soluble
also theres a lot more crystaline stuff testing at towards 100% THCA
blackmoon: thats what i normally get
blackmoon: ive seen it
its basically quartz
and i was told its a bitch to dab because the rocks shatter and fly all over
so you gotta like, cover up the top of a little jar and do it or something
but that stuff in the link is co2 extracted
theyre pro as fuck, super consiostent and stable, you can put those containers upside down and it doesnt run
but like, almost every dispensary carrys co2made, and theyre usually cheapest on menu, for what consistently seems like the cleanest product
theyre pushing millions of units a year im thinking
i guess because youre not burning it up

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thats the coolest thing in KSP
everyone can just stop playing now
no watch thge vid!
kind of like a marine F35
i still havent played
holy fuck dabface
so this one company is doing terpene extraction, then making very high thc clear concentrates
and then putting terpines back in for specific flavors

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but MAD working is also why i cant blame N Korea too much for developing nukes
theyre just following out lead
blackmoon: 60 years is a pretty good run
in the time scale of modern technology, its about half
thats usually how they do lander stuff
did you see the ksp veritech?
this is by far the best
damn lost it
blackmoon: someone made a pretty accurate robotech veritech
and it transforms from valkyrie to battloid mode in mid air and takes something out with its cannon

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oh with speach, definitely
im okay with monday
i finished my strengths of materials homework, so monday is a good day
when i wait until sunday night, sunday keeps going and monday doesnt happen
but its a really long, really shitty sunday
hey thats says waaaay more about the oeace prize commission than obama
he was supposed to turn it down?
end result is now peace prize organization has much less cred
well he didnt
prob another year or two before ww3
sculptor: MAD worked
so the name makes sense in retrospect

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sounds about right, tho 4khz doesnt seem unreasonable for females

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which makes sense because prob huge eardrum and inner ear bits
they might not be able to hear high frequencies for shit, tho
oh weird looks like they can hear higher
water is neat
whales maybe cant hear bass
rigidity and dimension ratios also part of it
yeah thats makes sense tho
those guys are pretty specialized

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hmm trillion to one sounds wrong
blackmoon: most people cant hear down to 0dB-SPL
maybe a billion to once if you consider 150dB a max, and a person has exceptional hearing
but the problem there is no one exposed to 150dB is going to have perfect hearing
yes, our hearing is log scaled is neat

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wtf are they going to use instead?
oh, prob old m$ office

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