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because you dont use the full length of the girders to calculate internal bending stress, because theyre supported by the columns so you just use the length between columns
the section modulus of my beam is now less than too damn high

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my min section modulus is just too damn high
fuckin ogre beams
gantry routers suck, and thats worse

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CA = california
.ca canada

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that seems like a subckt issue, not a spice engine issue
also, generic opamps are fail if youre not being generic
like, if youre saturating an opamp in sim, you should prob get the part model, and even then i would expect 1:1 operation
for example, some oscillators depend on behavior in a divide by zero situation
they just dont sim
they work fine in real life, but they dont math
yeah theres description of why few app notes
right but not always
not when behavior depends on broken math
so in conclusion, audio sims fine if youre not clipping, sim saves money, test things in real life

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you have to test prototypes, i guess
theyre going to do my job when my job is confirming an idea i want to impliment in under 30 minutes
and get the signoff to spend dats implimenting and testing the idea
sim gives me curves and values i can show to engineers and managers
also what if your rework doesnt work
sim would tell you real quick your idea sucks
versus spending hours or days proving same thing
its spice
i didnt like the UI, but i dont like LTspices either
i just learned ltspices first, heh
did you make sure all the settings were the same?
sounds shitty
if something sims on the edge i consider it a failure

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um, dude everything i do is tested 100% because im the guy who tests hit
does mean im doing to try and tweak a circuit iteratively when i know itll sim
especially some way hack shit
like implimenting 4-th order filters across 4 stages of non inverting amplifier imputs
if its edge of envelope shit, you need to add parasitics
look man places i work, they want me to justify work, because they operate in money
so i can sim something in 10 minutes
get the sign off to spend 4 hours reworking 4 units
and then maybe 2 or 3 days to run them through all specification and qualification testing
so i dunno who youre arguing with no one is saying sims replace real life testing

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and i didnt complain to department, because lab is co-authored by an older grad student teacher i like, everyone likes
chewed out teacher is also the one who has banned schematic entry into spice
its one thing to teach netlist entry and sub circuits
i think that should be forced
its another to tell them that in industry, schematic entry isnt used
i did a 'WAT' out loud in class
because my managers and engineers would straight slap me if i presented a netlist while trying to explain wtf im spending their money on
also, i design rework by making copies of huge circuits
like, sim the target circuit
sim the circuit i have to work with
cop the circuit i have to work with, and make changes to the copied schematic to design rework
and these are usually multistage opamp things, maybe 3 to 10 stages long
dude, they do when you know how to work them
sure, but i need to save time and not dick around
audio opamps circuits sim
prob tens of thousands of units have been reworked with shit i designed andf tested in a day using simulation
because i reworked and tested the circuit once
tweaked in sim
old dork tech sitting there with some pots and soldering iron, cap decade box
okay anyway, copying a netlist would be hellish

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but polished stainless is to 60s looking i guess
so i heard my linear circuits I teacher got chewed out by department for not teaching node and mesh analysis, 'because I feel like these are just mechanical formulaic robot methods, you can just look up how to do those'
this was the class where the lab didnt work because treating LM741 -- spec'd in the lab -- like a fucking RRIO amp
i mentioned in the conclusion that the lab cant work and included the datasheet parameters explaining why
and i got max points for the lab

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you dont <3 us anymore
youre only here because you were going to use a terminal anyway
also, hi
guys im half done designing a steel beam floor
we're optimizing by steel weight
so as little as fucking possible, with a safety factor of 1.67
stainless doesnt change the dimensions, pretty sure
oh i guess so, because different stress so different section modulus
so diff beam
sometimes they dont have better beam so you gotta use samebeam
then yeah that just goes into dead load
stainless is like a cosmetic paradox
looks best but stains easiest
its because brushed i guess so basically porous
polished stainless prob not a problem

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rab: hahah guy doesnt even drop his cig
ha, fucked
i am sure at some point this has killed people

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timecop: sony bluetooth w/ aptx earbuds
typical sony stuff, pretty clear with bit too much bass (me gusta)
timecop: if you like how they sound and theyre comfy and they dont give you a headache after a few minutes, theyre good

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i actually use nfc now, for my sbh80, its pretty neat
prob looks like im scratching the back of my neck with my phone

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