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this guy has a solution
w/ tacky hubcaps

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also i have no rain things just cotton things
damn, the plan was to get rain jacket before i guess today and i failed
i only have kitchen ones and i am not so petite
haha nice
could do it up like a hood
is clear (with bamboos!) so totally safe

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like, walking my hair is like, morning dew on grass wet, on bike, hair is got out of shower wet, but less exposure time
rab: yeah i kind of seems like one of those things were it almost has to work out even
hookie is more effective walking
i dont have one of those and have honestly never considered buying one
there is definitely none for sale on the way
er, hoodie, but yeah on bike my whole from gets wet so hood is kind of oriented wrong
yeah but those are on the other side of the train tracks
and i just cant take that gamble, i got quiz

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does your table have holes to oil the things?
i think mine does + set screw plugs, ive never used them i just squirt oil on the screw from the bottom, have to do ways like that anyway
thats good
not trying to drop random shit from the set screw threads onto the screw
they prob worn to perfect fit, heh
im not sure if i get more wet riging my bike or walking
*riding, because i always feel like im a smashing into much more water riding

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my guess is they want to do it over summer, and thats why they were so quick to release me from my lease like 10 mionths early
yeah its above open tile right now
shit i should renters insurance rinaow
anyway it seems to be fine above pc/tv/speakers
and thats whats important in life
i guess it would be sad if my records got wet, but reallyt it would have zero impact on my life
id be sad plus more time
kind of a wash
yeah watch it those things will melt
your machine <3s you forever now

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weve agreed that if they find it and fix the leak, the cieling will be fine forever
last update: we couldnt find where it leaked we have to wait until it rains more
raining the entire weekend, so hopefully my cieling paint bubbles dont pop
see the issue is they didnt hire sculptor
they hired some flunkies who didnt patch the roof right in the first placer
well, its a converted commercial thing with corrugated steel roof
as is the style in this town if its not a 100+ year old victorian thing
i guess there is a skylight
so i dunno why they just didnt drop a tube of sealing caulk on it
and they dont want to real fix, because they plan on replacing the roof

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holy shit looks like they got tons of diff sound and light options
F27 Cab Chatter
does that mean some sort of body on rolling mechanicals sound, or people chatting inside the cab?
its for rich young kids
ha, people chatting is pretty cool
sigh, i know its raining because pat pat sounds on my ceiling dryway
omg wunderground map so many colors

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someone saved $.15/unit and got a promotion
champi0n: the interior lights are running direct from the source and the PCB is unpowered?
ooh, so there is an unused pcb?
i dont think that guy deserved a promotion
i guess you save a bunch more on assembly time than parts

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damn, they know

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thats all they do in a lot of factories now
my degree is basically that
tho, locally it would be a lot more agricultural automation
sort the foods

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i wonder if they have patents for both things
their sorting system has like, angled back rollers so the boxes move perpendicular while the belt moving forward
1:40 into depalletization is pretty wtf
its like theyve built every variation of this shit they could think of
its a pallet layer descrambler

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right it looks multi axis
at first i thought it was some sort of creative passive system, but i think the little rollers are driven
yeah wow, they seem to have control of individual rows
yeah they are sorting both ways ways at the same time
i bet the roller are passiove and they go over another set of belts
in one system theyre bearings
yeah i think they have two systems
yeah so maybe two perpendicular roller belts, or a ball bearing belt with standard belts underneath

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i dont really know whats going on here, but its awesome

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so this teacher is like, k fuckit were gonna skip rest of this power series shit and go straight to laplace chapter
which is neat because now my linear circuits class and my math class almost like, same class
yeah thats gonna hit me tomorrow
guys faraday future races but tesla doesnt race
who cares hopefully it falls down onto the bay and it explodes and then no more giants game traffic jam

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neat i have that too
i should go outside
i dont wanrt to study how to differential equations with power series
i complained how last time i took diff eqn, the teacher was way behind and we did laplace in like, a week, and half of it was at 'study sessions' that basically the whole class showed up to

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if i was like, 2" taller, or not stocky, or lived in a placed with lots of hills, id prob have diff bike opinions
guys i dunno what happened, de grassi was 15th then he was 2nd
nothing in racing is as artificial as the safety car restart
oh man, first race of the season and theyre trying to force the podium driver to shoey
fuckin austrialians gonna give all of racing fungal infections

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thats just not gonna happen on a geared bike
prob more like $1000
anyway, i know people have bent their cranks
like, BMX shit is made to be stomped out and stood on, its either hella durable or hella light
and like, 24" and 26" bmx are basically mountain/hybrid bike size
if i got a road bike, the geometry wouldnt be a ton diff than my bmx
also i dont like tall bike, they dont turn or stop and im all high up in the air

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_unreal_: old enough to know a velodrome bike not very suited to city riding
and yeah mountain bikes are fucking work, yo
like, people who are all about their bikes have nice bikes
everyone else, squeeky bike, brakes not great even when adjusted, geared somewhat aligned but not really
my shit has one brake, that works awesome, wheels that stay true, so brake stays working awesome
the drivetrain has a ticky bearing
but i can swap in like ultra high quality drivetrain for maybe $300

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blackmoon: this is nig reason why i BMX cruiser. hop off curbs pretty often, wheels fine
ha nig reason
i timecopped

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yes you do
yeah totally possible
but theyre prob doing something
nik1: oh i just like, accelerate less
possibly as the seal fails
like, all at once
do you bumpstop a lot?
truck usually got decent suspension travel
yeah suspension will usually have rubber stops to keep it from smashing into the car
oh its maybe just got stiff enough springs

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bernie owned brabham when they did the fan car, all the other teams freaked out, and instead of fighting it he withdrew the car
and bernie runs the entire sport since late 70s until like a month ago
yeah they did a ground effects car with a fan to create downforce
the fan was attached to the transmission directly, and they used it to cool the motor
thats how they got around the no moving aero devices rule
it wasnt an aero device, it was just their radiator fan
except the radiators sucked from the bottom of the car, and the has rubber seals on the floor edges
they banned ground effects soon after, but that was a valid rule change
the downforce was insane but if you disrupted the seal with the track, you instantly lost downforce
super dangerous
nik1: nope
thats literally just driving
managing weight over your contact patches
yeah i do that, but again its literally just driving
you break before the bump, than accel through it to lift the nose over
50kph might be better on your suspension that braking into the bump at 25kph
itll blow out your dampers

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enough that downforce lowers the car signifcantly at speed
well they hardly turn, too
basically i think it lifts enough that the suspension actually works during turns and passes
and then it bump stops them at speed
i mean technically looser suspension has more grip its just harder to control
the heavy dampers slow everything up, kill oscillation, so its prob the easier extrme to deal with
bottoming on an open wheel circuit racer can be pretty bad, on a stock car its kind of whatever unless its enough drag to slow you down
thats what the williams car did
they lean in which effectively keeps the car flat,
well, i would argue its somewhat about tradition and respect

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more manufacturers are getting involved in formula e, so electric racinf should pick up in interest
i think once its more established, they can do more purists forms of it, less gimicks
well, roborace will probably be that, eventually
my guess if it does well, they maybe turn it into an F1 support race
i think F1 and FE basically merge in like a decade or so
because gas motors just wont be able to compete
williams did an active suspension cars in the 90s, amazing performance so banned before it could race
yeah the same thing now could be made insane
so it basically jumps over bumps and curbs
basically its an anti roll bar that only works during turns
anti roll bars are not ideal on straights
lowering cars on straights is another application
i guess stock cars hack this behavior by running loose springs and stiff dampers

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guys i dunno if fan boost is modern racing or bullshit
like, you vote for driver, and voting ends 6min into race, and winner gets 100kJ one time boost after he pits and gets second car, to make pass stick or whatever
drift cars should always have enough power to break loose their rears so more power doesnt do a lot
formula d is neat but its not racing
its more like skateboarding
like, literally all of competitive racing is about conservation of grip, even dirt track racing
formula d is not this
yeah, true i guess it could make more tire smoke

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there was the girl drinking puke vid before 2girls1cup that may be more relavent
haha yeah the puke was totally atomized

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this is more reasons not to carnival

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ha, slovenia
anyway, the thing will prob have tracking force issues and rumble issues
in fact i dont see how those problem dont feed back into each other
good turntables are a lot of mass and rigidity sitting on some damping feet
most all of them have that in common, and that thing doesnt
itd be interesting to see what it does next to a subwoofer if it actually exists

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timecop: heh
that thing prob has serious tracking force issues
no idea man, seems possible with some electromagnets
i think youre underestimating the tonearms ability to track a groove
like, i have bad vinyl that if off concentric by mm
tonearm oscillately laterally, ive actually watched it lean the stylus, shit works fine, 2-3g of force
i bet its actually complete shit for rumble
because zero damping
timecop: shielding, done
anyway, this thing prob demo vapor
but i dont think it would be impossible

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no to india
guys they need to make pots with little rf transceivers on them so you dont have to route halfway across board to them

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fuck ya, my guess for boolean equation for overflow status bit was right
embedded midterm defeated
diff equations quic tomorrow, prob not going to go as well

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starbucks coffee slurpees are win, only like $10
their actual coffee without milk and sugar and carmel added mostly sucks =(
renting and borrowing women is the way to go
ownership is overrated
is kind of my point

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ha nice

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almost everything can deal with more than stated with light loads and nominal ambient conditions
whatever shit is rated for at max temp is what its real rating is
really dont need much headroom on an edge of the envelope spec like that
yeah i usually ignore the pulse spec and the 25C continuous, and either look spec at temp or derating or figure it out from Rth or something
like, a lot of resistors are derated to 0W at max temp
so like, thats not a real world max temp

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this exactly
hes doing peak to peak
shrug, i lost what was happening in the scroll
but i got sticky rice now (fuck ya)
blackmoon: ya

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240VAC high line is like 265V or 275V
i dont do the stepdub
even when the homies were into it and i was going to dubstep shows, i didnt do the dubstep
eventually they got over it
sine square triangle or stepdub was pretty funny, heh
thats 10% over
and yeah most shit needs to be like 10% to pass some test so theyll usually go more
lope: basically high mains is expected and handled in design and test along with temp ranges
what brand is your shit?
if its name brand OEM shit you should be fine
if its china trash replacement, again youre rolling dice, but its supposed to deal with 240+whatever%
.707 = 1.414/2

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oh, ya is maybe a switcher
but that just shrinks the magnetics, doesnt necessarily mean its regulated
a lot of forward converters just regulate the input to transformers, if they use feedback at all
ya or its a lie
assumming its actually 4000VA its got high frequency magnetics
it wont come out of the magnetics as a square
it might not really be a sine

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i think theres a safety compliance standard thats +10% so most things will deal with more for some overhead, like maybe 15%
theres some test standard thats like +10%
its why shit thats not rated at 100V input usually still works in japan if its not mains frequency dependent
my guess is the stabilizer voltage is cleaner
do you have a light bulb?
coil bulb
plug a lamp into the the output and the stabilizer, use whatever is dimmer, if both are the same, iunno toss coin

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my guess is at low loads it will be like 240V and at max loads it will be 200V
lope: try to test on a high line, light or no load
like, find a 265V outlet and see how high the supply output is
or just test with the outlet youre planning to use if this is not to be moved
so the problem i see if it the output is spec'd at nominal input, and is actually higher with max input voltage
if this is the case, then it becomes about how well the laptop psu deals with high line input

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lope youre in india?
lope: yes?
this is a trick question isnt it
are you always in india?
lope: why do you not trust a safety factor of 10?

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