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all the candy boycoting trump
blackmoon: ha nice
i would prob just buy a matrix amp if i needed one and had money
could have high frequency switching supplies and class-D
because big transformers

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long time since ive had the Z apart, i dont really mess with its gibs and nuts like the X and Y

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i guess if it were the tiniest live center
a pair of bearings would make a lot more sense in this setup i think
actually neither work
because the table isnt static
right itll work if i was doing it by hand or added an auxilary linear axis or i mounted the support bearings on the headstock, its got tslots so not impossible
i think i just gotta keep DOC very low
the taig is pretty rigid, itll lift on its Z if you load it hard but i think this should be okay because very perpendicular
like, im not sure but i dont think the Z nut is a compression nut like the others, its just the weight of the headstocks keeps it from backlashing

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and this is my living room, not a production machine shop, no reason to hog the shit

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nice, #1 nicoberg stole pole from chocolate senna after the end of session flag dropped
and wtf johnny herbert is interviewing the nicoberg in the car during the slow down lap
they cant even wait for them to get out of the car now
and yeah you need enough of the work in the collet to engage the full length
live center wont work because i would need to face the part

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i would prob cut stock to like length of two parts, unless the collet does horrible things to finish and i add length off collet
ive loaded the spindle with 3/8" endmills hard enough to stall it, doesnt seem to care, this will be less

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that was the plan
one for facing, one for turning
cutoff seems like drama

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right i figure v block to finish bottom, machine hole, flip to do some sort of indicator
gotta be some mini-lathe tool holder will bolt to my table
i could just clamp the shit in a vice

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i need smaller diameter so my off the shelf options way reduced

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it wouldnt be a complicated part if i really wanted something custom, could prob just get a shop to make them
girls like detents

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timecop: is there some sort of japanese wonderland of knobs with online ordering?
i feel like knobs are something they could get ocd about
ha, no not for production
maybe like 10 at most

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i wonder if i could make knobs on my mill doing lathe hack
like, mostly im worried about the cutoff part but i guess i could remove stock and bandsaw or cutoff wheel

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no i thought there where li-ion packs that basically jump started the car
like, lots of parallel cells and yeah you cant keep using them because they burn out the lighter
i know its been done i dont know if its a product
it kind of seems like a FUCKIT I KNOW WHAT IM DOING thing
oh, no that seems sane i can see that being a product
thats just a power bank with an adapter
or you could just use the ecig to jump the car

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i think they already make car lighter jump starters

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the power wont be even distributed across contact area

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guys im excited about roborace
thick everything

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wtf at description like, he doesnt see the point
point is giant fucking clouds of vapor
im guessing his wiring and contacts are burning more power than his coils

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are there any other reasons?

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