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right but me and kevtris are both interested in it for musical reasons too, despite not being musicians
this three hours of lecture at 8am shit is fucked

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if i ever took lessons for anything it would be that
thats maybe not a bad idea

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well, i think my standard explanation works
someone sees bass guitar, asks HEY DO YOU PLAY BASS?! my response is i dont play bass guitar, i play with bass guitar
subtle but not insignificant difference

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timecop: thats not really a midi thing
thats a mono versus poly thing
its specific to the synth, and some dont even give a shit about note offs
timecop: some synths you can change it, there will be a mono/poly switch, or monosymphonic/polysymphonic, or the will be knob or button like 'poly' that you can set to an arbitrary integer value
blackmoon: odd thing is i dont think kevtris is really a musician either

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netsky's drummer has triggers on his live setup
so like, its live and you can hear the drums direct, but the soundsystem will play like, long kick or stabby snares and hats
most any drummer can do the kick/snare patterns in isolation, so doing a beat in two or three runs wouldnt be too hard for session types

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maybe if the attached kittens to the drum heads, that will dampen them and they will just have to hit the drum head hard enough to bounce the kitten a little bit
you need a bottom kitten to for the chains
how is it torture you just find the kitten that wants to do it
or kittens, i guess
need at least two or maybe one with the chains on top
this is way easier to do with ADSR pots

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this is awesome, this guy dunno how to produce dnb
its less than 1:00 and hes already dropped hard twice
youre supposed to wait, and start off slow =)
stabby snares so stabby, me gusta
everyone says REAL DRUMMER COULD DO THIS yeah no not unless hes somehow muting all the drums heads with his dick
he can just leave his dick there either he has to like place it softly on the drum head in time with the music
but softly quickly!
okay well maybe they can try buffing pads on their elbows or some shit

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i think i need to start planning for the death of this sub
lot of years, no changes, but like i tested these
youre not supposed to do this to them all the time this thing should be dead
KRK: better woofers through lack of skills to cost them down
ha tho i bet they cost them down anyway last redo
blackmoon: https://youtu.be/LNe2kfH_FLo

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rab wins

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if it blows up you contaminate twice as much area, and its more likely to be ag and residential
in a situation like that, contaminating the ocean is probably the best option
if protecting the most people is the goal
sure, but earthquakes, tsunamis
yeah but its japan, thats what happens when earthquakes
no reactor design is going to be perfect
contaminating the ocean was a huge concern internationally
which is dumb, honestly

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does not
does not mention Vbe multipliers
am dissapoint

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neat he does load lines
if he doesnt mention Vbe multipliers, ima be dissapoint

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the cardboard damps the large panels really well, when you knock on them they decay quick like something more solid

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me and salesguy were both blown away, impressed for diff reasons
oh and this thing was like 4" thick
there was (is?) whole family of this upscaled cardboard shit
those are kinda nice
cheap to ship, so less energy and more profit or happier customers
anyway i expected something like that, but for everything to be like 5x thicker

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the table was incredible rigid for its weight, before we cut it and exposed it as being 98% air and 1% paper
sculptor: cave to underground river ftw
it was awesome until we cut it
then it kind of trapezoided
dude it was like 1mm of laminate and 0.5mm paper beam supports
like, they hired a civil engineer or some shit for that one

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like there is a mfkr there, he is a grand master of cutting glued stacks of foam
by doing it in 0.43 seconds
thats just hip bone and some slime
oh not even, thats just some plastic shoved in there
[cube]: ikea shit is literally laminated cardboard
with like, 2" wide corrugated cells
sales got wanted me to cut one for something, so i table sawed the shit
i we both just kind fo stared like, well how about that

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a lot of times they know that kind of work is happening in the building because the building itself is heavily corroded
paint shops can be similar, but plating and PCB fab seem to be the worst
[cube]: everything is made is china, which means good shit is made in china
and almost everything thats said about chinese engineering in general, i do not think it applies to the groups doing work for elite gov and individuals
theyre creative
their special skill is figure out how to do it with least work possible
their ability to subdivide steps and figure out how to stack steps to make shit quicker is like, world leading
what we started doing with automation 30 years ago, they kept doing with fixtures and jigs
and now they have all our CNC machines, but theyre still badass with the quick n dirty fixtures and jigs
like, their ideas for prototype test shit is usually better than mine
their implimentation is usually scary as fuck
but their concepts are like, fuck you do this all day, everyday, your whole life

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but thats how they learn new things
their sales rep tells a project manager FUCK YEAH WE CAN DO THAT FOR THAT MONEY IN THAT TIME! because we love you, because money
engineers on both sides of pacific like, YOU SAID WHAT?!
[cube]: yeah
well theres the problem dude
youre supposed to do that first
you can knock their head in their office
unless it has glass walls
than find a bathroom or a closet
seriously, they would prefer getting bitched out in a closet, to getting passive agressively slighted in front of their workers
they have pride, and theyre not dumb at business
in business nothing is personal, its pretty mind blowing
the thing is, china's superpower is like, extreme efficiency
(theyre really fucking lazy)
japan is really paranoid about QA, and korea is just willing to go faster than they can think sometimes
and yeah the acid in the plating and anodizing places is a known issue
manufacturing guys will basically runtho those places to check them out
some will wear masks

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[cube]: basically theyre happy doing shit work quickly, for shit money
[cube]: you just have to keep saying thank you, and you cant bitch out managers in front of their workers
every story that involves someone bitching out a manager in front of their workers, ends with the loss of thousands ot millions of dollars
not at all an exageration
[cube]: sometimes, but thats how most of those factories advanced in skillsets
they maybe blew schedules by 1000%, but in the end they made the thing, and can do it in reasonable lead times after
like, their next customer will be happy =)
right because it ends up costing them money too
and they get into shit with the government if its a consistent issue
you have to keep problems on the lolo, or your factory will get shut down
which is maybe good for the community, but probably its really bad for your project

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but for the plans to work you need a continuous presence, because you need a continuous set of standards, procedures, social environments
the engineers leave, and news one start and its almost always like starting over
so the plan falls apart, but you cant turn the pipe off, you gotta keep the channel filled
so eventually the china factory says, look we got this because we cant make money unless your customer happy
and its the truth, so the project and product guys sign off, without engineers, because theyre busy or they left forever
but then the factory gets other clients
and they dont have to be your bitch anymore
and the second an american guy bitches out staff or management, they stop trying
they quote high because they dont want the business
or they just produce shit work, because the money is okay at the production rate
they dont stop giving a shit about the workd moon
theyre proud of the work, they do a good job for the money
they want to be respected
when they need the work, they dont need the respect because they need the money
when they dont need the work, they want the respect, and americans dont always get that
they treat them the same, and lose mutual respect
and then they say, the chinese suck at making shit
really, the chinese just dont need your fuckin business anymore

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they seem to start from a safety factor of like, zero, and work their way up, because the people who taught them manufacturing where there solely to make things very cheap
i mean we bitch about china manufacturing, but a lot of the time theyre trained by americans, with american QA final signoff
it doesnt start out like that

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definitely seen it
thats how modern empires happen
that osha shit dont make money
you have to osha shit the entire world and were not there yet
theyre probably still going to be faster after they start implementing safety standards, because they learned how to be super industrial in an era of limited resources and profit through efficiency
in our case, we initially designed equivalent to having huge safety factors, because fuckit domestic iron flows like rivers

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sounds a lot like our industrial revolution

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like, it happens to a trump style corporation because in the grand scheme of things his business really isnt that big
only thing special about americans is our bigass heads
culturally china doesnt really have a bighead problem
they will eventually
but by then, we'll be making products for them at relative slave wages, doing unskilled work of loading/unloading machines at automated factories
i look forward to this america
where we pay our way by making things that people want
instead of jerking off to our supposed greatness while our value and skill levels go sub zero

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joking aside, theyre basically the leaders in practical technology right now, and given our education, theyre going to be the leaders in advanced technology soon
america sold out education for corporate profits
were literally dumb, getting dumber
its over, we lost, we're just not going to admit it for another few decades
i wouldnt pretend to know exact ratios
corporations are international so theres no reason that needs to be the case
middle america white people acting like theyre at the top compared to the world in damn near every metric, fuckers cant do math problems on facebook
at a certain level of profit nepotism is not acceptable
the stakes are too high to allow for typical levels of management shadiness

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ham: i think the voltage rating of a fuse has to do with its ability to not fail after going open
before opening, theres effectively zero volts across a fuse
so that being the case, higher voltage fuses should be fine
the AC vs DC thing is a bit iffy, because it depends on the failure mode theyre trying to avoid
if its a thermal thing because of some leakage current or who knows, the AC might be equiv to DC
but if its an air gap distance or insulation thickness thing, its going to be peak voltages that matter, not average
yeah but a 120VAC fuse is probably going to work better than a 24VDC fuse

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