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and be trusted by no one

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joellama: dude here was here we had a convo with him
he says hes fine, just busy

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he was here a couple weeks ago

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the datasheet says 5 to 80v
his datasheet is different
High reliability, long life
Made in Japan. 30,000 hours of continuous life expectancy
doesnt mention anything environmental on the product front page
Noritake Itron Corp.(Ise Electronics Corp.) a subsidiary of Noritake Co., Limited. Japan invented Vacuum Fluorescent Display in 1966.
haha, so they didnt just go to a VFD factory, they went to the mfkrs who started that shit

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yeah awesome isnt it?
i just texted the plate voltages to my tubehead friend
my guess is thats the entire point
i bet they went to a vfd factory and actual fab wasnt the challenging part
you can prob work them off a 9v
right thats probably the other upside of 5v gaps
we prob find out
for audio, and besides displays?

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omfg it shipped. Korg/Noritake 6P1 Nutube https://youtu.be/8MJ8XEzkfnY | Muscle Wire Pump https://youtu.be/e2MQUUkubgs?t=645

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jero32: holy shit theyre on sale
do want
not bad
he said $500 yen?
er, not dollar sign, but ya i dont think very much

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personally i think nixies are kinda ugly
but i fucking <3 VFD glow

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there are still russian and chinese tube factories
if nixie prixes hit a certain level, pretty sure lots of new stock would happen
they were 10 years ago
mutliple russian and eastern euro manufacturers
prob still are
if theres still a market in 10 years, i think more integrated style tube packages will happen
like custom VFD displays, but like a whole preamp inside a glass elvelope
like the korg chip tube
i dunno ive heard nothing since the initial articles
my guess is it was very short run for some very high end product
you could make a lot of it smaller and higher performance
modern fab and automation

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on the batteries its opposite of what makes sense
no alligators are for speaker terminals
solder wires onto 9v
every lab ive been in has one of those hiding somewhere
and ive prob done it half a dozen times =

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thats kinda cool id pay money for that
just to find out what they did
ha wtf?
kevtris: yeah i did that when i was a kid
some batteries were okay for LED
some batteries would blow up LEDs
some would not, but would get very very hot
i felt like those were the good ones
kevtris: audio industry uses 9V to test speaker polarity
because they cant shit except the very smallest of tweeters
yeah 9V you just kinda punch the speaker terminals with
and there would be special 9v with wires and alligators attached
positive is the small one, no?
it makes sense on the tab
but i can no longer remember which i originally thought made sense
it is on the tabs

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im just thinking its standard procedure in a truck accident
so some hazmat guy had to show up like, the cookie dough is safe.
maybe it depends what hazard number tags it has
this proves cookie dough should at least have a fire hazard tag
ha that does look like a fly
you can kind of see its legs
i can tell from the 2 pixels that make up its leg

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those trucks use the cheapest fucking LEDs ever
like, municipal trucks will have good shit doesnt seem to ever burn out
i wonder if they actually have to send a hazmat to sign off on the accident

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its very samus
if you set it up i will donate
im not, as long as you make things variable enough, people are good at repetitive shit
and theres gotta be machines
thats japan
people are really good at moving things
even if you full automate steps, using people to move things between the steps, and set things up for the steps, a lot of times its cheaper
unless youre going to be making the same thing forever
like, foxconn is super automated, but they still have tons of workers to move shit around and load machines

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thats just so ew
i like amberstuff but im not really a fan of inclusions
bugs is bugs!
its neat tho
as long as the pube is totally isolated, thats better than bug
i dont like butterflys so much, theyre bugs in the middle
kevtris: oh haha im imagining some water clear thing
so in the large thumb that linked to that image i was like WTF SHE GOT ATTACHED TO HER STUMP

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the tacking with bonding wire thing seems very 80s and time consuming
compared to something with smd pads on the edge
same shit, its an smd connection
instead of someone or something tacking pads with bonding wires
heh with toys its probably china farmgirls and microscopes
yes, theyre not that small
ha @ PCB mines
kevtris: a lot of those multi-die LEDs are hand bonded for sure
the elements are in random orientations, and the connection will be consistent in like, batches only
kevtris: like tacking wiskers over?

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the package must have an area no greater than 1.2 times that of the die and it must be a single-die, direct surface mountable package.
heh, thats a cool definition
so its a PCB spacer for a die
this is what i imagined is under most modern epoxy dots

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blackmoon: i personally believe it is the responsiblity of californians to break laws they feel are stupid

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just ball parking it, between pretesting, testing, and used up prototypes, its like like $40k just to get your foot into the door
if you want world wide certs for export
*its maybe like $40k
i think the EMC scans were costing us like $10k-$15k, prescans were few $k a pop, and environmental and safety testing is similar
This, in turn, leads to an out-of-bounds heap write that, if set up correctly, could allow attack code to be loaded and executed in memory.
fuckin literally every exploit ever
like jezus fuck come up with another way to exploit all the things already

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environmental and safety is the other half of compliance testing, but places ive worked this is kind of down to a science
shit like enclusure openings for stick test, distances between UI elements and hot surfaces, insulation and gap reqs
ha, tip tests are fun
ME's dont like this
mech engs
ESD testing is most time consuming
i dont think many companies do it for real
for example, on flying live sound gear, say a hung speaker
the test is basically ripping the speaker apart by its mount points
and theres certain force thresholds it needs to meet

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shrug, it if if they scan the product and it doesnt pass
funny shit, behringer onced sued (threatened to? shrug) peavey over their copy of fender's mustang DSP amps
because it didnt pass EMC testing
so the thing is, why was behringer EMC testing a peavy amp?
obvious answer is behringer copeid the peavey design, got pissed when it didnt pass EMC, so took the peavey they copied to the lab, and it didnt pass EMC either
shrug i dunno, this is a 2nd hand story, happened before i was there
but it was part of the reason they took EMC more seriously than most placed i been at
again, the place consisting of rockers, smokers, drinkers, most organized place i worked
well shit is, it truly depends on the weather in many places
also theres variability between mass production units, and definitely between prototypes
some of this stuff behaves differently every time its assembled, even using fresh seals and torque drivers

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the thing is you cant fix it in a way that is going to kill your projects BOM
ferrite around the flat ribboin fixes the problem?
who gives a shit were not paying $30 for a ribbon ferrite so fix it somewhere else
jero32: its self certification
the lab just runs the test and posts the results
youre effectively paying for a report so when you get fucked, you say this lab tested our shit and said we passed
pretty much
they need to sign off on certain things that are specific to the spec, for example the cables thing
for ESD testing they will observe how it behaves during reset
but even that is kind of a self cert, because you usually define the reset behavior yourself
its not 100% but its better than nothing
i was at a place where a product that passed EMC was interfering with train switches
imagine being the tech tracking down the interference source, and you end up in front of a kid playing guitar
thats gotta be like 'fuck rly?'

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02:15:40 <@BlackMoon> But they will overheat from feeding them pratically RF
coil inductance will usually keep that from happening
on subs, the impedance rise is significant in the audio band
because they switch low for effiency
and low power amps do exactly that
filterless D is a mobile headphone amp tech
thats maybe part of it
it would be harder to pass compliance with a filterless high power setup
i think its 6ft
i dont remember exactly what the rule was for cables connected to the devices during emissions testing
but for example we had to have XLR cables connected to every port on an active speaker when doing EMC scans
it is
its iterative too, and on a clock because prescans cost $$$
real scans, if you dont pass youre basically ripped shit apart and soldering caps to everything and wrapping shit in ferrites
at that point youve already blown it but sometimes you can pull something off

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solder and hot glue boots ftw
epoxy if its permanent
i mean directly to PCB, anyway bbl
a bad crimp is maybe worse

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jero32: right in some ideal world that doesnt exist much
like 95-98% of the time often
solder tinning wires seems to be worse than leaving them, too
because of the way the solder crushed when its moved
like, it kind of gets thinner
stranded wire almost does the opposite, as it moved the twist spreads out
shit i gotta go
thats the other issue, but not specific to screw clamps
crimps will do that too
they maybe have the same issue as soldering if the metal is soft enough or vibration is too much
screw clamps are a very convenient but kind of shit solution, honestly
but so all the alternatives
crimps create stress points even when not soldered, a bare wire clamped in maybe wouldnt be as bad

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no idea
its diff fuse that blows
input card shuts down, has a single fuse, is maybe all hi-z
theres a header on the other side, too
well see the fatter red wire with the fatter trace going to it?
that might be power, but it doesnt have a pair, so that might just be power for all the external sensors
ya label says com
top left
24V, 24VCOM
yeah what rab said

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if disconnecting the harness isnt a ton of drama, you might want to just power it up alone
the wiring for the external hardware
besides power
like, if you disconnect external things, and it power up, but still blows that fuse, you know its not because of the external equipment
with or without the card are options
but right if the fuse does not blow you have learned nothing
they figure those will blow a lot
input card one likely has protection circuits, if it keeps powering up the same, so something on an input might be exceeding ranges and shorting through protection diodes

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$1500 sounds cheap
ham: so you cant reproduce it?
like, it doesnt happen every cycle?
honestly, for blowing up city property, $15k still sounds pretty cheap
then yeah $15k sounds about right
$1500 sounds like one circuit got fucked and a spindle motor melted along with some conduit
or something
will it power up without the card?

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look for colors
like, discolored soldermask or plastics
heh, jiggle isnt bad advice if you have lots of fuses, but following rabs suggestion, maybe try disconnecting sensors peripheral stuff one at a time
tho yeah, thats def more fuse consuming than disconnecting everything and reconnecting one at a time
but either maybe puts the system into fault never creating the fuse pop event
yeah dunno enough about things to know if thats possible
haha i bet carwash water is hella conductive

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