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it is, ive already PNG'd for ref, but its just pulled from the manufacturer marketing page
not much more new info

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chinatrash? or something nipponese?
like literal shit, or like hi-pot test smell
pretty ew
ohsixi: https://youtu.be/QgHd2Bx-NXY
drive that home

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right im thinking about it, thats more of a debug thing
so i figure lots of variation
also we could resell to other school doing same thing
in which case we dont really need to hit normal market demands
timecop: how long does it take to charge your snowmobile?
right so overnight?
what charger?

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theyre 62AH according to manufacturer spec
which is a marketing spec, so who knows
i want to get a cell soon and do some load testing
were you looking at it?
did you have that blinded 'fuck not again...' moment?
hahah nice
do you think a battery monitor system for these would sell?
for a 3S block of modules, 25 lbs
right i think i can hit that
does it include contactor?
and yeah my shit would just be signal relay for power good, some leds, and opto out on serial lines to spray status

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stated thickness of 35mm, according to my caliper measurements, pitch is 35mm
these battery people, i like them
i think its almost time to beg for datasheet NDA
timecop: pls2 confirm
also if you could get the box dims of the terminal nubs that would be awesome
its the battery manufacturer
so go measure them for me so i can make some cad model because they seem to be missing form the interweb
nevermind i guess
those brackets got to go
its m6 and m4
in the cad
this guy knows i was gonna complain

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sight @ holding calipers up to monitor to estimate pitch from funky angle photo
rab: oh man i still have rolls kaptop tape from forgotten boxes in CV/KRK warehouse
because i can hold the perf up to the screen?

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also there are storm troopers in the deathstar

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definitely not a city person

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reg SNES and genesis look shit on my tv

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nope, all normal fans
little ones just spun fast

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when cooking eggs on your heatspreader was a neat thing
and not punishable by law in the state of california
is it like one 8" fan?
current card has two fans like maybe 4", pair of cards before has three 3" fans
omg like bees
the old cards, new card cant really hear it

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nvidia isnt the same?
because i really dont like the amd/ati driver ui
its clearly a amd shell for the ati shit
and its not clear which settings are affecting what
and i just gave up and let it install the game network software because fuckin sick of drama to get it not to
my 280x is okay for everything ive used it on
but the drivers are fucked
like if a game starts its fine
but every once in awhile games wont start
and redoing drivers fixed it
that doesnt seem like a hardware issue to me
and yeah i prob wont upgrade for another year or so because runs fine when it runs
thats pretty sad, i wont buy another one because of a software UI
im cool with the hardware
remember like 15 years ago when AMD was a good thing

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the knobbies point the wrong way, they get decent dry grip but wet they were a joke, fuckin roll forever tho
er SB cops
haha, and in gravel they were useless
that or big sand, stand up and pedal and the bike just falls flat sideways underneath you
im talking like, hard packed trail sand
dirt it was okay, drifty but doable
but like, gravel or sand, anything that could move around, the tires literally had zero grip
right current driving games are more optimized for fps than typical

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like, standing up straight, im just forward of the seat, so i can lean it like a race bike
i think thats a big deal to me, thats what makes bigger bikes and heavier bikes feel unsafe to me
they dont stop or turn as fast or as stable
and like to me that directly translate into safety in a city
rab: yeah those look better than my previous city tires
SC cops would stop hrassing me to be like WOAH COOL WHATS UP WITH THOSE TIRES

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in context of my hip issues maybe being connected to building muscle in a half squatting position, and stomping out long geared drivetrains at low speed, not a bad point
that said, im way less practical than you, and just the fucking noises and vibrations i feel riding geared sprung bikes drives me nuts
my shit has a single tick in the bottom bracket, drives me nuts
okay if that were the case here, the hills, id probably be beaten down into your mindset
i wont try and act like the hills on my cummute in SB were that big a deal
they were for me because i was fat smoker, they got easy when i stopped smoking
right which is why i like the 24" cruisers
like, my seat post is 12" extended from my frame, so my legs dont full extend but im nowhere near squatted like its a race bike

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with long seat post is pretty much same thing as velodrome bike, except low profile frame so low COG and ability to lean more without top tube in the way
well thats kind of the point, i just do flat city riding and i own bikes for years
so like, its smooth with very high shock events
like pot hole, hop off curb, offset sidewalk crack
also wider dirt tires
which i like because low psi knobby, or very high psi low rolling resistance are options
right because cadence, knees

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yeah its a bit old should fly w/ settings maxed out on recent gpu
rab: honestly i think if i got a bigger bike, it would prob just be a 26" BMX cruiser
because like, lighter but stronger where it matters

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ha looks kinda fun
they make the official F1 game
greymoon: i mean if $8 isnt a big deal, i think you would enjoy semi-sim arcade rally game than any sort of circuit racing game
im pretty sure ive played this, too, i just cant remember where or what platform, i remember getting lost in that snow stage tho

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in the future say my early experiments were protected by fusible links
FSAEE rules say i canuse PCB traces as fusible links
seems like a fun layout to test

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rab: i like that it is slightly ambiguous
i mean, if he was using the meter correctly (im using the term loosely), then that would be a short circuit current
but he might be going from low current to volts
who knows how a cody reacts to this type of creaticity
wait haha
because camera
i like this guy
i feel like we can teach him how to use a meter, and hes already surpassed us in skill level
i wish he took a voltage measurement so we could guess at the ESR and current shunt values
and then we can take a guess on what the 8A on the display translates too irl
macegr: right

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