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also might steal rabs supercap

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rab: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/coto-technology/2377-05-020/306-1368-ND/3979799
me gusta
are they epoxy dipped? they got that vishay/panasonic polypropylene cap glow
nice, the $1 coto relay has same shock and vibration ratings

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yeah so my comic artist rocker rapper junglist producer [???] air force buddy says the coolest thing about no weed or coke or cigs is not having to remember so much stuff leaving the house
ha, bay area is fucking freezing
if i new what to say to make you go i would have said it already

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heh, at some point growing up LA stopped feeling big
this makes every other city besides NYC not big
and NYC isnt really big at all, the opposite, but its so fucking dense
you should go find a punk or jungle show
clearly you are not a drug user

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zero to 40 to zero is 20mph average, not bad during rush
and outside and edges of rush, there are little ways around the heaviest traffic
places like SB, SF, there are no ways around
there are no little side streets that go useful places
like, there is one way and everybody else has same one way so just wait
last time, there was a fucking giants game, 45 minutes to go two blocks
you are not from a city place are you
i actually dont mind SF people so much, certain areas are really cool, culturally
but i guess geographically, architecturally, civil engineering wise, taxing people to move around
fuck SF, its not california
SJ is not as bad
its a bit too clean, theres a bit too much money for my taste, but its got a suburb vibe im into

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dunno if thats a 505, thats kind of a california opportunistic thing
like, in LA it will be bumper to bumper at 90mph, in those situations law enforcement will merge into it and shit wont slow down for awhile if it does
if you pass cops, highway coverage usually isnt excessive so it means you wont pass another for awhile
and certain areas, for example santa barbara coast, have areas with extremely far visibility and open shoulers up to cliffs
and no residential or retail
basically, its the lets max out the car in top gear section of the 101
i dont like SF traffic
and toll roads are uncalifornian
im very comfortable with LA traffic
SF is too small, too dense, too expensive
its like, downtown LA but everywhere
downtown LA is like, 10 by 10 blocks, its nothing
almost *everywhere* outside of downtown, if you want to you can drag race stop sign to stop sign on side streets

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SCCA owned/operated race track
shrug, they all kinda the same cars
8h is when i kind of fall apart
i can go 10 pretty safe but i gotta be careful, ready to pull over
its like 10 hours to socal from here, the way i go because i dont take the 5
it sucks in 1 go, but split up its nice i enjoy it
i usually stop in a rest stop in monterey, or trail heads near santa cruz
if i was in sac i wouldnt be >100mi from SF
what do you mean?
they were driving dangerously at 90?
or like, they were just going 90

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no es importante
and im >100mi from SF
tho you prob pass within about 30 miles of me
but fuck visiting me, you should visit thunderhill
its in willows, so on the way

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who is the_pedo?
ha i kind of forgot about that

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yeah thats like 20 mile commute shit

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the dude who doesnt even notice the accident witht he motorcycle wouldnt exist if it was a truck
eheheh,. that car is almost completely okay besides being on its side and having a motorcytcle sticking out of it
i dont trust drivers enough to ride, i dont think
i kind of want one to do rural riding, but its prob not a great idea
yeah i dont like getting hurt

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timecop: basically i think if theyre willing to do business with you, you have enough money that theyll prob going to spin what you want
i might sell mine
not really worth paying the insuracne all year to just use it some in the summer
i can zipcar for grocery shopping
less worth, less momentum
motorcycles cant do as much damage
timecop: thanks for making my point
speed is a component of momentum
imagina truck through that intersection at speed

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oh damn
your bike has an 80s honda motor
i dont fuck around with wet stuff, i crawl in my car
wtf how deep?
timecop: sucks
yeah but nxp has a decent catalog of tons of shit
yeah im guessing this was about dealing with competition more than broadening their offerings

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an egg or the one after?
i really like the egg civics, but the ~94 and later ones kinda ugly
this reminds me of lighting cigs by shorting outless with pencil graphite

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hehe one of my favorite lines 'i know all about [non electronics things] because [seemingly unrelated electronics thing]
like, im a master fucking plumber because kirchoffs
seto_kaib: sometimes you can kind of wear away the rough spot
but that also might just explode the clutch if its bad, sooo...
haha nice
well least your motor isnt pussy that itd stall out doing that
arent those wet clutches?
haha, grinding could be all sorts of broken things!
maybe totally unrelated to clutch!
well, aise from being stuck in your clutch
i think my throwout bearing, clutch clamp spring and clutch resonate at about 2hz
pretty sure the clutch or the breasing sliding around on the shaft is the tick im hearing
kevtris: yeah, buy a late 80s or early 90s civic or accord
if you really really want to learn
like $1k with decent resale

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the problem with CVT is it has no soul
williams developed it, and the FIA instantly banned it, so obviously faster
and i dont mean williams invented it, i mean they dveloped a working system for their car, and never got to race it
does it have a torque converter or a clutch?
seems like a locking torque converter prob work pretty good
ah neat
do you know if it has creep issues?
seems like a lot of the dual clutch things are touchy about that
yeah the auto clutch systems can eat themselves if you habitually creep at a speed where they slip
but i guess its very programming and driver habits related
right i guess if you are aware its not an issue
right because you udnerstand shit like mosfet duty cycle

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they have motor driven turbos
torque curve is what they tell it to be

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yeah those are bad dont do that
like, brake while lined up with outside of curve, as lifting brakes, turn into the apex like youre trying to hit it
like, your max steering is at entry and as youaccelerate you unroll your turn slowly transfering lateral into forward grip
but like, you should be accelerating at the apex
and you exit is basically dealing with whatever happened when you started accelerating right before the apex
i dunno monaco hairpin is about as tight as road can hairpin
haha, they drop to 1st gear, theyre 8 gear transmissions
im not sure about that, they have manual clutch starts
if they can use first 1st without spinning or getting to hard into the limiter, its a huge advantage, i think its pretty short

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go buy a corolla
yeah trucks will bounce the rear
youres isnt a pickup so not as bad
fwd cars are more forgiving, i kind of like steering through massive understeer with the pedal floored
but right, same issue
if you lift and youre not pointed right, youre going to dart off to one side
squeeky tire happy tire
screaming tire, youre gonna die
yes thats literally the place where happy driving is
the edge of your tires static grip
no, every turn can be a squeeky turn!

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thats somewhat realistic, even tho it feels fake in most games
you do that automatically by feel in a car thats stable
its second nature
getting the magnitude of opposite steer right is a skill
but knowing its going to happen and that you need to react, everybody gets that, but doesnt happen in sim
totally visual and steering wheel tactiles
well, unless you are pointing exactly straight when you do
which is going to be really, really hard to time
thats the most counterintuitive part
my guess is most people get the steering input close to right, but they instinctively lift and change grip faster than they can react
if you tell non-car people that the solution to their spinning problem is to keep the accelerator pressed in a bit, they look at you like youre trolling
like, well fuck if the solution scares you maybe you shouldnt be losing static grip in the first place

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stiffness means the suspension cant react as fast
so the tire will dig and bounce compared to if its allowed to move more freely
but even though you have more grip, the oscillations in the sprung mass and slow and damped responses make the car uncontrolable
in rfactor, youhave 4 way damping control
fast bump and rebound, slow bump and rebound
plus spring stiffness
you can get step by step setup quides
like, its complicated because complex interaction, but once its spelled out what effects what, and that there are a few ways to get similar results, it gets easier
yeah i think sim racing is harder than real driver because you dont have g feedback in sim
rfactor used real feel mod
road feel was awesome, switching to the standard force feedback sucked
project cars is pretty good

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like, they were both very good, very different, and crashed into each other several times
which is basically like, 2nd universal rule of racing
1) dirty side down
2) dont crash your team mate
lauda and prost were known as very smart drivers
lot of work in setup with engineers to make the car do the work, and good racecraft
hunt was like, stereotype 70s race drivers
like, there were prob girls in the racecar giving him blowjobs
senna was like, not even about that
senna was just 100% about racing, totally polite off trach, but champion levels of ruthlessness on track
he would have eventually killed someone
in sim you have to race curbs
just like in real racing
its legal and its faster and the suspension can hang on 95% of the curbs
but generally the tradeoff is grip vs control
which seems to not make sense
but basically, fast precise response requires stiffness

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i should see it i really love lauda
no diff driver most likely
no lauda is nicki
he raced with james hunt, and for awhile lauda stayed with hunt
lauda didnt have money, he got a personal loan when his funding fell through, paid it back after signing with ferrari
i havent seen rush, but the other driver is probably james hunt
senna was about ayrton senna, who was team mates with alain prost at mclaren in the 80s turbo era

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hamilton (last champion) is similar, they both race like senna
even senna admitted at the end he was basically an asshole
haha, yeah they make prost look like an ass!
which isnt super difficult, because they guy is a bit cold and very calculating (bit like niki lauda)
but generally prost is pretty well respected, seems like an okay guy
lauda is who rush is about, i still havent seen it
he almost gives zero fucks about PR, he will say shit about the mercedes drivers no one else on the team would dare too
like, dudes face is still half melted from the accident, hes possibly the most respected former driver on the grid
and im including sir jackie stewart

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but it only takes a few races to get the lead you need
if everyone catches up, youll still win the championship
but rules and cars change
car development starts around silly season
basically, mid season, theyre sorting out drivers for the next season
most teams have started to abandon development on the current years car, and are putting efforts into the next years car
in the current era, all drivers but 2 would be happy with second
mercedes has won every race this season except for the one that was won by an 18 year old
getting second means you beat one of the mercedes
its effectively the top position right now for a non mercedes driver
so everyone i happy with second, except the mercedes drivers
because theyre the ones with a realistic chance at first
and verstappen is fast, but his racecraft is too racesim
he going to wreck someone else bad
i mean, probably himself but who cares, thats racing
but he aggressive in ways that he needs the other driver to react with no latency in a specific way

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1000HP, turbo flat-12, full analog 70s prototype racer
shrug, if the fans or the teams dont want to go to races, its over
you need both
which means rules need to adapt to end dominance
effectively, once a formula has been defeated, that formula ends and new one happens
well thats very true too
F1 is fucked because the teams have almost all the power
the FIA must approve, but rules are affecdtively negotiated by the teams
i mean, thats not literally what happens, but the practical result is the same
the teams learn the advantage and adapt it to their cars if its advantageous

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eh, its top tier open wheel racing
they make it out of CF unless they have a lot of reasons not to
its just SOP at this point
dude you read end of article? they are doing new rule that powers down car if they go over on energy usage
well, its kind of cool i think
like, they have the ability to control their max torque
theyre opening up the rules a bit, actually
it was effectively a spec series, almost identical cars, i guess theyve opened up motor and recovery development
oh, money wins
a team dominates completely and the series dies due to lack of participation
Can-Am was unlimited racing
it lead to the 917/30
which lead to the end of Can-Am

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i guess williams makes the packs?
This means that for the first time ever, a battery has been used in an FIA crash test – equivalent to the ones that F1 cars are subjected to.
williams F1 does a lot of end user hybrid systems now
they have a system running on london busses
and yeah, F1 teams prob got the best CF fab techs in industry

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wait isnt danika blonde
oh that was just an ad
i pay $7k a year to be bored about 18 hours a day on average
doesnt exist yet, they just won the contract
oh that woul dbe interesting

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oh, yes that is inspired by capacitors for sure

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i bet supercaps unfurl far
maybe that makes them more slippery and able to unwrap longer with more energy!
like those propellers with strings?

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yeah but that makes you responsible when the battery fucks up
some of those are like, space launch spec
actually, i bets thats true on a few of them
shortest panasonic cap datasheet ever

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this is a device to hurt a person through space while sitting in between 30MJ boxes
but the typo makes sense too
yeah the flux is always more conductive than its supposed to be so that prob works awesome
o2 free!
because its all in the flux.
did you just call rubberbands non metallic springs?
thats like calling paperclips extraction devices
no one like how the heavy contacts feel
like, that shit doesnt have to be a problem

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most of the system is already going to be a relay and switch daisy
so having modules per segment that just slide into that chain is pretty straight forward, i cant use solidstate for that
rab: thats like, almost escher
for what
so i track temps and battery voltages, and then use the microcontroller to stepper motor a cam to actuate switches in the shutdown chain?
i dont see why it wouldnt work
they want to do 18650s in printed packs
the motor people, so its not really up to them
but right, FDM + heat and expansion + shock and vibtation
yes and thats fine for LEDs

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i could do optos to a main pcb w/ AND logic and a single relay
but i kind of like the idea of a relay chain, and using plug in PCB to PCB cables with like 2-4 wires in parallel to mitigate bad crimp connections
thats the only thing i can think of if i cant solder direct for whatever reason
i mean, maybe fellow kids have some good ideas, but half of them are stuck on LETS 3D PRINT TEH CAR
high g loads and FDM prints seems like a lot of fail
because id like to avoid centralized logic if possible

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maybe a lot of little relays for an average relay for a big relay
tho the average one can be a transistor, dont need the isolation there
theres a limit on battery segment energy, so pack gets split up, battery manager per segment seems to make most sense, so thats why lots, and theres voltage offset issues because series segments, so relays

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rab: neat, and yeah was having problems finding shock specs in a lot of relays
10g is probably okay
like, there are higher g loads for structural stuff, but at those loads all the electronics allowed to be mostly fucked
switching coils of 500A relays

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this okay i guess
nice, not for new applications
i guess there is no money in low current automotive relays
is micropower car a thing yet?
eck0: i take what i cant get
for the car things, 10A is like microshit
pretty small too
macegr_: i mean, i dont see why that couldnt be done with isolation
id almost call that a normal relay

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rab: i want a PCB relay that isnt going to flip from high G inpulse
because typical PCB relays do, btw
sculptor: was hoping for something smaller
no like a normal relay
that isnt huge
thats car rated
if you take a PCB with a typical relay on it, like inrush limit and auto voltage selection relays, and you drop the PCB on the floor...
the relays flip
can see it on a scope, some relays, some impact angles, pretty good bounce
so i want like a 1A-2A relay that doesnt do that, im assuming automotive relays are better about this

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do signal power automotive relays exist?
i dont want 15A i want 1A and even 1A is overkill

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greymoon: so like, conceptually that seems pretty rad
but i think adding another map or two for mr typical ecu to work will will prob make the throttle another 100ms latent

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