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so i guess the thing with the mclaren batteries is they have to last the whole race now
no mid race car swap
its hard to take formula e seriously when they do that shit

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its better cut off like that

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i bet there is a trick like oragami for your textures

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i dont, but i know the answer is lookup table
k do it while loading scene for all possible fov
heh, spherical frequency domain sounds fucked
right but you didnt use their engine
i think suicidal goals are prereq for math phd

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im guessing like 10-15 miles diff versus going to sac, but im not in sac

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uk has laws and shit
dont go this way its longer
its kind of a wash

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eh fuck the bay

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inches are rad
inches is base 1000
engineering is base 1000
metric is base 10^random
10^3n or gtfo
yeah but cm are used often
and decimeters and dekameters are used in some industries
they dont have to because its metric so they are right
and im not a fucking architect, feet dont exist
theres inches and mils
california uber alles.

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the female part for the board edge of the female part for the cart
*or the
wtf nes toploader is not traditional
i dont care if its 20 years old now
they sold them in game shops when SNES was basically over
like, PS1 era
jero32: yeah but i never saw them until late 90s
you mean traditional like traditional PCB connector
not traditional NES

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if you try to help me anymore youre going to get banned
okay, nothing is a special part when you have money
with pots that seems to be in the 1k units range
the edge connector?
all electronics had (has?) some, gold plated, fixed some NES with them worked fine
how wrong is wrong?

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pizza tracker tracking
parts tracker like, fu next week
im going to kickstarter specifically to raise money for pots with specific taper/gang/bushing/shaft/composition/detent options

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just call it unfair standards
never ever ever buy top tier gpu
i dont even remember what i has
whatever i didnt sell

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05:15:38 <@GreyMoon> actually I bet that would sell well, AR wife. Just project a hot women over whatever hag you bagged
if thats not a thing thats worth some app sales money, even just as a gag
macegr_: fuck that, any skin tone ovoid thing, overlay waifu
the janky mechanics prob create its own side market
like goat sim
well, with goat sim that was the core focus, bad example

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omg thats gonna break her

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(MTM is mid tweeter mid, or midwoofer tweeter midwoofer, depending on if you believe in midwoofers)

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they did an MTM with 2.5 way xover
they killed the asymmetry in the midrange
and you cant flip them so a pair of them in stereo is going to be offset to one side
i like ADAM stuff but i dont think i like this =(
(2.5 way means dual woofer, crossed so both do bass but only one does mids)

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im not sure how the magic really works, but it seems to involve informing the customs people of the package before hand
the longere you wait, the more the ops persons arms wave around when theyre on the phone
if its same day, they will yell and beg

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anyway, thats a model for a business with very high employee turnaround and promotion
open seating and workspaces basically means minimal drama when you can people
i would ask the person who ordered for tips
in asia, it seems to depend a lot on the operations person talking to the customs person
rab: this seems to be common for every organization that didnt have a specific person for this
the places where it wasnt drama involved operations people and phone calls

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Topics Covered
Mobility, Remote worker
so this says 3/4 of people will not be attached to a specific seat in a specific building
okay so in that sense ive basically been a mobile employee my entire career
IDC is a provider of future everything
sounds like they write the brochures for the trade shows
like, i think that is their specific role, joking aside

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ya but that was kind of the plan
y u rub it in
im still not sure what it even means in original context
i quit two jobs in <6 months so i dunno if i qualify
IDC defines office-based mobile workers as those whose primary workplace is an office environment, including both corporate and home locations. This category includes mobile professionals, occasionally mobile workers, mobile non-travelers, and telecommuters.
no i think it means telecom industry workers
hmm wait

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dude i copuld solve that problem with a $20 space heater
and then have the only bikini chicks for 100 miles
yeah looks like opposite side of portland from you
we stayed in portland
this was when i randomly saw the specials
i dont know
prob not visa workers
maybe it means people who dont work at home
or people who like, move
because they work from their mobile?
fuck man life is too confusing
do you have to be laid off?
because then i am not a mobile worker

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behringer and eminence own their own china factories
most everyone else audio? using the CM that earned behringer their bad rep
its not the country of origin that matters, its the time and effort put into QA
shrug, CV is just gibson CM trash now
as opposed to stanton CM trash
100% USA = 100% cut corners, prob made by someone illiterate with no education
I feel like ive been there
maybe http://oersted.com/ is close to you
ya im pretty sure we passed by bikini expresso booth
i didnt go to us digital

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but mexicans seems to be okay at sub-mini toggle switches and I kind of feel like giant mexican stomp switch feel defines that particular part
i dont even
anyway the beastie boys and grados come from brooklyn, so objectively this is a good place
shrug, everyone has china factories
well thats not true
the people doing manufacturing right in 2016 own china factories
the people just holding on for their life in 2016, using china contract factories

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and those things are almost universally loved by guitarists
and i dont think i need to repeat how i know for a fact that Made in USA Switchcraft is a fucking joke
ohsixi: swap hipster w/ every guitarists casually interested in electronics in the last 40 years
kinda feel like i hear about magically doped diodes a lot less now than 10-15 years ago
i agree there, those are pretty high precision things

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21:48:01 < synth> idk why people in brooklyn think that brooklyn is desirable branding
i liked brooklyn a lot
i feel like i could actually live there, fuck manhatten
brookluyn was neighborhoody, brooklyn:manhatten felt very valley:LA, so basically felt like home
rab: genuine stomp switches were usually mexican as far as i know, im not sure if the china ones would be that much worse
actually pretty sure DL4 are china stomps

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