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omg you have a washing machine?

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if your kitchen fits a dishwashers, its huge

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maybe one day water will be so expensive, flushing with mercury will be cheaper

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i used to put barbie and ken in my sisters pink barbie corvette, and smash it full speed into the doors of her barbie house
the doors just had plastic snap-in nubs for hinges, so bend the door a bit and they pop out without hurting the hinge
barbie and ken would go flying through the windshield, which was also a durable pop tab assembly, and both of them, the windshield, and the doors would tumble into the barbie house in a cheap plastic explosion
so fuckin a-team

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when you realize the sense resistor you need is a copper bar of known dimensions

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ha, feeper

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omg i changed the led blinks i am master of kale asm

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