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kostix: weird
also cool you can go downtown, buy chips

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k now say BELIEVE ME
kind of expected timecop to drop with that one

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tho if yes, not surprised
tecan: less shooms

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man, you are really going for the long troll, i hope

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yeah not very surprising
brain is smart at filtering input to match some sort of target pattern
also brain deals with audio stuff way fast compared to visual
like, we do spacial stuff with signals up to around a khz, which means we can deal with small phase differences, so fraction of a cycle
so waaay under 1ms

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that building amplitude dead silence tone is fucking horror movie shit if what your listening for is some unknown random human
slash dynamic
your brain does EQ and compression on the fly
like, some hearing loss isnt permanent because of that
the stuff that isnt acoustic, like overpressurized inner ear

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no its probably a fan
or some other motor
ha, its similar to my silence tone
like, middle of nowhere, literal dead quiet, if i hear a sound and try to pick it up, but goes back to dead silence, eventually i get a very loud tinitus type thing
like, brain has boosted everything trying to hear anything
but its mid range, below 1khz, kind of like one of your motor tones (theres a couple harmonics i can hear in it, too)

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