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its ebay so anything is possible
you get your stm32 from ebay a lot?
ebay means random shit, versus a normal distributor
vendor burns 5 chips programming 1000 for someone
rolls it into some mak-dur orders

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not so much, everything cool effectively cock blocked by school
classes between 8 and 11 am kind of depressing, too

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good thing im slow at getting coffee
is jezus
thats why im like fuck xtianity, jezus is an asshole
looks like hes already run out of masks

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with a wiffle ball bat
k now talk about electronics!
who is viveper?
a lack of coffee
i has to go get some coffee and i dont trust that guy

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omg wai!?

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youre saying the power of jezus isnt real?
thats okay then because then hes not knocking over his followers without their consent
im just like, people trying to go to church and mfkr be knockin them over just to prove like, ya jesus

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haha @ running american air fresheners
that guy is using the power of jezus to be a dick

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