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there might be a canopy interlock
like, lever doesnt work until canopy has jetisoned
but that doesnt make sense on a lot of modern fighters, they dont pop the whole canopy off, the canopy has a break away section
i think its totally passive

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they gotta pull the charges on the seats before they give them to museums
that said, i sat in air show fighter jets as soon as i was old enough to climb into them, all those planes were operational, they fly them to the air show
i guess there is an assumption tha a kid wont pull multiple pins before pulling on the ejection handle
heh, i have an ejection seat REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT pin ribbon hanging off my desk chair
purely mechanical? the safeties?
i dont really know but i wouldnt be surprised if they were a completely isolated system for safety

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i dont like that guy
and jill stein has pretty good tits
anyway trumps going to win
even hillary supporters arent enthusiastic about hillary
the republicans and berners saying theyll vote hillary prob just wont vote
the racist and dumb fucks for trump are by far the most enthusiastic, and my guess is most dont normally vote
draw.io is pretty good at flowcharts
it lets me save a PNG to disk and i didnt have to pay for anything
i didnt even tell me if i could pay for it

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i think it had something to do with the bigger eyes and kinda symbolic noses and mouths, but the cartoonish over detailed bg thing is definitely part of it
like, french architecture oil painting bg with cartoony kids doing some 'love is...' bullshit, ive seen way old shit like this looks like manga

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fist of the north star is maybe earliest modern anime, shit looks like exagerated northern europeans
but that ninja scroll/akira/ghost in the shell look is from a really old french illustration style
my grandmother had bunch of old fasion books, all the sketches look like manga
i dont know what that means, and i dont remember anything specific about the french art the shit came from
i dont think so, much older, but thats a pretty similar style

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rab does not approve!
how come all flowchart software sucks somehow
except that java trash i used like 5 years ago
like, i want to do a line that goes around my other chart element back to the original
for some reason this is drama in pencil
shrug, its just big eye french chibi art
a lot of mexican homes ive been in has the same shit, blame the french
yeah i dont really enjoy getting into cold war japanese psychology

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ive been meaning to watch the original on big 1080 tv monitor to see if the cg looks dated
i remember thinking it looked pretty well blended with the technical bg art, 25 years ago
someone put them all together
haha nick cage is in the snowden movie?
i was not aware

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yeah so like, charles manson had a plan, and failed
i dunno if trump has same plan or any plan, but he seems to be doing pretty good at the charles manson plan

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heh, full page panels is when some real shit went down
i guess
more important to my youth than jezus:

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i prefer north american myth of the 70s 80s and 90s to BC era north african myths
if christians really cared they would have put their scrolls in heavy plastic sleeves with acid free backing boards

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