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08:53:19 < timecop> inside themselves?
haha that is an awesome way to put it

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man when im in a hurry my y's kinda look like x's
and thats real fuckin bad in math courses
wind drag = air resistance, no?

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fuck dividing polynomials

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he isnt pro choice
he has the ron paul angle on it, which is to avoid the topic and let states decide
but thats pretty much, fuck women in red states
shrug, i dont like it but so far MAD works
trump doesnt understand the concept
i dunno if hes trolling or literally does not understand why we have missiles that we dont use
personally i think its prob fraudulent on both sides and all the weapon systems arent nearly as effective as they make them out to be
we know the missile test circuits work!

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ya maybe, i like the split screen and fast switch thing
i dont like new notifications
just big enough to do PDF decent

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theyre just calling it pixel now
shrug, same shit
1st party android is 1st party android
and i dunno about no more nexus, my nexus 7 doesnt get noughat but still works fine
ha, actually i had to rip its back off and reseat a cable because gyro stopped working
but shit is two years old, used constantly, was under $150 new

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i guess the super long thick decay comes the resonator thing with the giant knob
they make a volca for trappy music, demo is not trappy music

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bernie was not a very good driver, i dont think he qualified for the couple of F1 races he entered, but he was known for like, shiny garage, big transporter with advertising for his used cars and motorcycles
being a complete asshole but being quick enough about it that most people did realize they just got played
rab: hmm neat
rab: it was little things about volca that i cant remember that annoyed me
like, it wasnt really a mono or poly synth
some triggers would kill other things
rab: i sold my volcas for like 75% retail, i kind of feel like the money sunk was worth the fun
they have this knob it says decay i wonder if it really means decay

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and other company put their commentary over it and their shows before/after
yeah im not excited because your idea has been a thing for years in other series
just frustrated
for shit like lemans, lots of teams have on boards, there will be a few available race streams
and several commentary podcasts/vids
so you can have 10 vids and live timing up
i would pay money i cant afford to watch F1 like this
bernie got control from the individual tracks in the 80s, when it was about paying for sat stream access, and selling magazines
and hes never really let go and doesnt really change what he does, he just does it more
basically, yes
but i think he loves the sport
i think hes a smartypants huslting geeker-dork who basically has to run shit to hang out with the cool kids
like if bill gates realized racecars gets you more pussy than computers

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F1 sold, bernie still CEO for now
naw its done
theres a release, its over, theyll prob boot bernie after watching him make some deals
theyll likely just handle media distribution
i would pay too much to watch F1 whenever i wanted after a race
you give me the whole weekend, w/ badass commentary, interviews, paddock walks
you tell me $200 im like, jezus fuck me, but id pay it
the feed is handled differently track to track
there is a live feed with timing graphics and some radio messages
thats very controlled, thats the $$$

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blackmoon: yeah i like a lot more than all drums everywhere
usually vocals and guitars are done line that, so soundstage kind of saturated in the middle
'she has a happy trigger' fucking trump ITS TRIGGER HAPPY STOPPIT

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blackmoon: its not moving around a lot, producers do drums like that a lot

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