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blackmoon: is maybe 2007, going into canada the female border patrol basically commends me on procuring a fine canadian piece of ass while welcoming me with giant smile and perky breasts
coming back, its like angry police officers covering for the DMV
prob handcuffed to the counters by their ankles, prob still have guns on them
so yeah, canadia seems to have recovered from 9/11 long ago
its possible canadia was never affected
other than their 3 pilot, 2 plane airforce getting to bomb some shit

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that seems too small
cant just use normal sawzall?
yeah but get a battery one, the long body is good for leverage
yeah maybe get that
ya seems good for like 2-4" stuff

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timecop: ha nice
we have meeting again next week, i gotta slap down this hub motor nonsense
unsprung weight != racecar

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timecop: oh, might be doing stuff with formula sae electric at school
so like, giant batteries, motor controller, teenage welding

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do you has reason?
kong is fun
just put it on the vst and makes samples do things
cuckos has a library for doing vst stuff, doesnt look to hard to setup
anyway, car paid off and budget is actually sane, have a weekend job, prob get some parts soon

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almost fucking nothing
besides school shit which dont count
i kind of want to redo the little altoids amp w/ li-ion and monster hpa ic
rab has been eclipsing me since like a decade before i had a computer
i installed drivers for the ti launchpad shit
yeah i cant because school
theres a bunch
i have tiva tm4c123 whatever the fuck that means
timecop: actually i been trying to find dual A10K pots w/ rotary switch
mostly i have given up
yeah if you want 1000 they will put them together for you

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i want to do coke off the ass of a stripper CEO
actually i bet every third stripper has their own llc thats not really what i meant
timecop: haha omg i switched win, he filled the whole terminal with feels
some shit at the top about how i dont treat him like a peer
i dont have peers i am a lonely ren
some cam ho been sued for causing a stroke

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im so glad i dont really know what a pewdiepie is
now hes messaging me

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considering transders are more about manufacturing and process than design
working speaker design calcs isnt that hard
the equations arent that deep either
yeah but were not friends ohsixi and youre an ass
i think thats the disconnect
youre default is pull random somewhat related info your of your ass to be right about
yesterday you explained to me that a dB is a ratio
ohsixi: im not an authority and im much more advanced than you, because i put work, kty
ohsixi: with physics
and manufacturing skills
a lot of it has to do with glues
no bullshit
they work better than anything else
< ohsixI> to be fair, you saw the overlapped cone as a problem
thats why NS10 are superior
this is why talking to you is fucked
you brought him here
hes your fault

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eh those are part of a system
you relate it by hitting design goals
or trying
anyway mass has to do with low and and efficiency
chest feel, body feel
well this isnt that ohsixi
but its defined enough that i know youre talking bullshit
because i have an educated opinion
harmon has done tons
and you can buy AES whitepaper cheap
i dunno i worked on the shit for like 8 years
that prob counts for something
well im making sense and youre not, shrug
IC biamps, good transducers, heavy cabinet
active xovers
DSP equalization is nice
and the papers dont all exist

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anyway its been tested blind a lot
people dont agree so much on exact voicing but everyone likes low distortion
i play bass
i work in an industry because of an addiction to bass music
raccoon: blind tests with large samples are pretty useful
but generally people like more highs and lows, and low distortion
anyway, ohsixi youre full of shit
i say that professionally
most amps have sub audible distortion in their envelope
their orders of magnitude less than speakers
if you can hear your amp, it sucks
it should be completely transparent
actually they do
in many cases its a matter of reference and expectations
many people do care
and the industry knows what the average person likes
youre just pulling some high brow attitude and pulling internet articles
ohsixi: by sampling thousands
ohsixi: taken into consideration in many ways
and people like low distortion, voiced systems

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because it creates distortion
people deformation is completely related to distortion
people dont like distortion
the best transducers are like 0.1% THD
average ones are about 1% THD
audible is like 0.5-1.0% THD
the worst usable amplifiers should still be under 0.1% THD, almost all do it without issue
or 1% is you know what youre listening for

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100% accurately is kind of ambiguous at that point
girls blew them because they didnt know you had to plug them in
3000W and they just hear a tweet
ohsixi: planar stuff sounds good
but right for the money, if you want accurate, just buy genelecs

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blackmoon: <3 layne
other laine is creepy
thats the singer
he died
because heroin
rooster was his dad
ohsixi: for personal use, for that much money, just buy genelecs
sounds heavy
right so breaking is bad so its in a composite, so not as exciting
heh, composite everything has been done
thats why i says just put the nanotubes in a blender with some bamboo

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good to know madisound is still around

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blackmoon: does what work?
you can prob buy one for under $100
maybe 20 year old tech
blackmoon: anyway, i think feedback with optics or hall sensors is prob best solution

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take manufacturing guys to factory: JEZUS FUCK ACOUSTIC GUYS HOW DO YOU KEEP THESE WITHIN 2dB!?
its all done in jigs and with shims, very very quickly
so if your shit takes 3x longer on its jigs, and theres lower yield, people are like fuck this
lets make a speaker that looks like an ns10 but uses regular pressed paper
sure thats part of it but the lead wires put some force on the cone so its all kinda meh
its rigid
i dont think theres much more to it than that, its very rigid and very light, in a sealed box
very quick
ohsixi: eh the mass is all over the place in terms of design
more mass is lower Fs, so shit like subs will be heavy on purpose
means you can run stiffer suspension, so things more stable
loss in efficiency, so you bring bigger voice coils and longer gaps
blackmoon: yes, some velodynes do that with accelerometers

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NS10 is dead because thats gotta be a bitch to do, i wonder if they even did a machine
prob the last japanese grandma who knew how to oragami that shit died, and that was end of production
so its a cone and not flat?
see it has a seam
anyway, very low distortion, very fast response, not the greatest low end, most popular monitor speaker eve, is like the porsche 911 or fluke dmm of the recording studio
thats wheres its glued
thats a single piece of paper
thats not normal
i mean, it means like whatever to you, but thats not normal
because its slow and difficult compared to other processes
transducers are almost all hand assembled
the part where you take a flat piece of paper and fold it into a cone and have everything line up within fraction of a mm
its not thick

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BN was too hard
ohsixi: you have a speaker that only streams from the net, how do you spec that?
sonos spec was like, AMPLIFIERS: FIVE OF THEM
ohsixi: pfft, blander with some bamboo, china girls smash onto forms
dry in chinasun
shit to the universe
same same, tho
anyway, composites are dead because nothing is as yellow as aramid/kevlar
i got my kevlar speakersm, time to move on
you know what the grail is? whats known awesome but too much of a bitch to produce?
paper folded into cone, glued on one edge

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they do carbon fiber pulp
its composite, but its enough carbon that itll short out tinsel leads
no 10" sub is Fs of 15 to 60 hz
to be useful
tweeter is around 1khz, for shit like metal and mylar you try to run above resonance or they will ring
fabric domes, paper cones and ribbons its not so much an issue they have more damping
mostly its a stength thing, in mid and high freq stuff it can affect radiation patter, its how the shapes interact with the baffle
huge sub works
very efficient, but you need a driver with a high Qts
basically something that performs in open air close to final expectation
its an infinite baffle system the box is kinda just there to keep the sound from leaking around and phase canceling
its kind of a cat chasing tail thing

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ohsixi: latency, consistent levels, dealing with random ass gain structures, characterizing compression and non-textbook polar responses
as soon as its commercially available with consistent properties someone will make it into a cone or spider
what do you mean somehow
it has a lower mass, so its going to have higher resonant frequency but more SPL
and because rigid, itll distort less
you can do an offset frequency strobe to slot motion the shit and see all the distortion ripple
bad concentric distortion looks like worms
blackmoon: youre basically modulating the resonant frequency with a box
it goes up
in a sealed syste, very related to rolloff freq, so high Fs is a very high rolloff freq
in ported and goofy systems, you have other resonant features that kind of boost output beneath the driver resonance

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oh its eia
ohsixi: so the test signal was released as eic-426b and cea-426b
theres a neat white paper about how they made it
and then aes and iec docs reference or describe the signal
but theyre dated
because dont deal with powered speakers, do not have a fixed solution for digital processing and sources
klippel did a presentation on update for the standard, is like everything i wanted, <3 <3
because industry needs a fixed way of testing things and essentially theyve become black box devices
so its trending towards how to describe your stimulus and output to make a decent spec
ohsixi: no this is pretty much everything
reliability testing is part of it
reliability testing is factory time and money, its a huge part of it
but testing for specification and quality is big deal

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and since its not noise, more energy in a given transducer than the power test is possible
blackmoon: 100 hours at 6dB is reasonable considering most music is 10-20dB crest factor, and movies are like 40dB+
its on purpose
i really like this guy
i should contact him now about future internship
he told me to talk to uta (wife) and i kind of flaked
ohsixi: he makes a four wire i sense machine to test and log power test
also makes a distortion analyzer, which is higher precision plus laser (pew pew pew at white out dots)

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100 hour testing typically goes like, omg testing testing omg 80 hours boom. fix the thing, change a thing, do again, 60 hours boom. repeat for days to weeks
for each prototype build and initial production
management always thinks a 100 test takes 100 hours, its like, no you spend weeks fixing everything and then when everything fixed, another 4 days
its long term reliability testing
it just doesnt work like that
you test 5 of them for 100 hours, some may survive
you run them again with the same changes to the failed ones, if youre in a hurry
when youre happy, you take the other 5 you saved in a secret place
and you do all rework or use new rev parts
and you run that shit one more time
and if the voodoos are happy, 100 hours later you are like SHIP DIS BITCH IM SICK OF IT
its for the industry agreed this is a good test, and engineering companies and factories are willing to warranty the product
very few users push speakers as hard as the 6db crest pink
but i think its a very important test
because drum n bass pushes speakers as hard as iec test
verified, measured
after the drops, 5-7dB crest factor is pretty common

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i think you made that up
ohsixi: its 6dB crest factor, average level to soft clipped peak level, full spectrum pink noise, reference is whatever youre trying to spec plus headroom, typical is 100 hours for the iec test
for transducers, you bandpass it
if youre buying the transducer, you bandpass for the intended crossover range, and then some
if your selling the transducers, there are ranges in the spec

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blackmoon: neat

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the resistors have ICs inside
ohsixi: ur old, ur just supposed to say sketch now
its a sketch usb load
fellow kids sound so retarded

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orcad zips installer exe

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with the pot at full resistance, youre going to around unity
because emitters can swing free, so Ice and gain is mostly a function of R1/R3 and R2/R4
the alternative is rockets in the middle of no where, and that just sounds like a lot of fail
they will break the things getting it to nowhere

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you fuck that layout up and get too close to a porcupine and shit will scream
i think the best way to understan is to remove the feedback coming from opamp outputs
cut R12 and R13 out
U1 isnt really doing anything so leave it
that input is like, vanilla
cheese pizza
emitter voltage is basically set by input signal
if theyre tied by reducing pot resistance, if theyre a diff in signal voltage, lots of base current is dumped in

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yeah when you got a 470uF electrolytic and a pot in series, in your audio path, no tubes anywhere, some shits gonna go down
like, if you were doing 600R impedance, and needed to hit 1Hz spec
and i bet it still wouldnt be half that with 100% headroom
blackmoon: the two transistors are diff input, the R-C-Pot thing is feedback
that input is like, ultra standard, this is like heinz ketchup of preamp inputs
you usually have some sort of gain stage after that, and maybe you link the feedback
this thing, it uses a decent audio opamp in diff openloop config, takes output and inverts with the other side of the amps, and then injects both sides of the discrete input feedback points
blackmoon: he put a diff input on the diff input so it can drive while they drive
but its kind of neat because its pretty symmetrical, very well buffered, and the tl072 is handling a lot of the actual gain

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its using section A open loop, feeding back into both sides of the long tail pair
which is cool because it can eliminate a lot of the assymetric feedback isses that happen across pot
those things always misbehave if theyre setup for like 50+ dB
a lot of them measure like sex at reasonable gains

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hes using one as a buffer for the long tail pair, with no feedback really
then it loops output of the buffer through a unity inverter into the feedback pot thing in the long tail pair
its very symmetric

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but right this guy, he follows the minimal-diff-input-w/-gain with a tl072
i like him
oh man then he puts the servo
opamp servo is so fucking ugly
like, lets make a discrete mic pre with 3 opamps
nice, he doesnt use an all pass for phase
chinese engineer takes that shit literally, im like no they just mean polarity dude

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sculptor: hey i think you once sent me some audio design books? small signal one, me gusta
and yeah, this discrete mic pre input, with the long tail pair and big AC couple pot for feedback
this is in fucking everything
you can copy them, because they copied, because everything
they all misbehave at their own secret frequency
at last job, they got it to make sound effect from centipede
the stompstompstomp noise
ohsixi: douglas self
which is totally an audio industry name

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