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eat it up nom
there is enough bad neighbor, i think two doors down
he just got hiphop thumps tho
that sucks that will never go away
you have to bug bomb the entire building and then they just go outside for a bit
or i dunno maybe bugs are different there, thats how bugs are here
i always assume bugs are worse other places
yeah i want to try eucalyptus
they find more gaps
else you would suffocate

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bacon is awesome
im out =(

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sucks my phone doesnt have aptx

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that one means flush your poo
because smelly
i think you have to use your best judgement
if you can smell your own pee you should prob flush it
k now that ive heard aptx encoding, im kind of pissed this isnt just the standard
bluetooth audio sucks because of licensing and corporate merger issues
you cant even get the drivers online, i was fucked until i remembered the adapter came with a cd
my pc prob has cdrom aids now

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holy shit aptx is better
like, its analytical, its making shit sound worse
yeah nice its more like reference headphone experience instead of trashy mp3 fun
omg kicks are more kicky

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cheater: no guitar

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omg massa retiring, button retiring, f1 to be taken over by new investors next week

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