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blackmoon: hwich did you get?

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i think its been a thing for a couple years now
it will never be as free as it is now

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oh thats not fair
they cant call a failed landing a failure
the failed landing were just like, less successful missions, they werent failures
RT is mean

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more like give fb access to africa
rab: from what i understand, they have been trying to AOL the fuck out of africa
i think theyve already rolled out some portal based curated net bullshit
everything is ISIS, so yes
kinda curious what insurance terms are for this stuff

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i wonder if by lost its payload they mean a contract payload
did not expect it to start at the top

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theyre like 85dB things people use like theyre 100dB things

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my friend had a little logitech thing sounded okay when over driven, but it got too wet and died
but this happened a few times this summer: hey that sounds good. YA? [turns it up, sounds fucking horrible]
and OMFG when i am out in nature and some fuck has their shit set to max sounding like trash

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right ive heard them i was not so impressed
bose makes a little thing that sounds big, then you turn it up a little and it falls apart
shrug, depends on the product
they have another portable that has a heavy stamped base like a fucking kitchen appliance and bigger woofer than anything in its class
and the dsp tricks are definitely not exclusive to them, when done well its actually pretty cool
QSC K series does bass tricks, but its way transparent, you can run them at limiting the whole time and they still sound good
and its not just the big woofers that do it because lots of other big products do similar shit but fall apart when overdriven

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oh it mentions subwoofer in the other blurb
arguably worth the money in context of how overpriced all the other bluetooth shit is
wonder what aux in latency is like
aiwa is still a thing?

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4 HD drivers
1 subwoofer
so which is it, does it have 4 drivers, or does it have 5
theres no way their not mentioning a subwoofer in the main marketing if it exists
so it prob has a passive radiator and they prob have lots of meetings about if they call the passive and subwoofer and it looks like their decisions got crossed
soonce it looses charge it bricks itself?
oh lame
thats not very nice
unless its a passive radiator

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that thing is way smaller than i thought
gmm maybe it has two drivers on each side
rab: yeah it has a little silicone looking ledge for phones and tabs, thats pretty neat
rab: its marketing is misleading
A necessity for big tailgates and home entertaining alike, it's packed with quadruple audio drivers that push out 360 degree sound.

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but it has passive radiators, my guess is they had an actual acoustics person on the design team
or the china factory did
rab: not seen or heard in life and im not a fan of dock things
some of the smaller shit sounds decent in a mostly empty room, like a couple people talking
as soon as you stop taling and turn them up to listen, the bass basically stays the same, and the rest of the audio turns to shit
i dunno it shows it holding portable things like theyre docked maybe its just holding them
anyway thats neat but its $350
4 HD audio drivers sounds like line array beamsteering bullshit
or what i like to refer to as 'reverb'

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heh, sounds like something odd on that site
its an audio product rab
it will sound odd to him for between a few hours and a few days
and then he will get used to it, and other things will sound off
audiophiles call this psychological phenomenon "break in period"
but last 5 years, ive been underwhelmed by popular consumer electronics portable audio solutions
but kinda of impressed by people little worksite boomboxes outside at parties
that works, but listening in store youll know if there are major issues
if it rubs and buzzes return it
that shit gets worse

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whats minor diameter of M2.5?
i would be pretty annoyed if minor or pitch diamater is 2.4
yeah so pitch diamater is prob like 2.3
blackmoon: lots of products ive worked on will have like a dozen types of small screws
because assholes
so yeah m2.5 will end up in the mix
rab: yeah because nothing is ever 100% thread
but right, you still spec at 100%...
blackmoon: can you go listen?
go listen then buy online
pro advice ^
rab: yeah but nothing is 100% thread
taps or screws
like, specing screws, you use the screw size, which is the clearance hole size, you might spec a thread %

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passives are a pretty neat solution, though, if theyre not pushed too hard. No chuffing noises, dont need huge volume to fit the ports
well you cant know for sure because youre listening to their mic as much as that system
blackmoon: thats how you sell audio shit
they do that at shows now a lot
with led panels
they wilol just run in and clamp the panels to bunch of random locations and throw vid across them with decent coherency
rigid chassis are huge for sound quality

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they might get down to 100hz okay, deeper with bass tricks
smaller woofers tend to have better mid and high freq response when used as full ranges
some of them have pretty decent excursion, and the passive radiator acts like a port so you get a deeper response
wtf thats crazy heavy
dunno doesnt sound thin, which is what youre watching out for on smaller systems

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what is the market pushing for reg consumers?
RGB LED shows
like a give a flying fuck about LEDs on my sound source

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water bottle doesnt make music after being kicked over and accidentally stomped out
wtf is radio
radio is only useful to listen to republicans freak out
sometimes i can hear traffic news from LA
rab: also heavy plastic is huge for rub and buzz, i wouldnt trust any consumer electronics company to go as thick on their enclosure
rab: most current boom boxes are handheld bluetooth dealies that sound shit
the job shit is higher internal volume, higher rigidity, larger woofers, and that one milwaukee had passive radiators
plus swappable batteries

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very clarkson
those got weird shoulders
rab: i wouldn't, i would just contact three screw companies
blackmoon: honestly i think those are kinda cool
jobsite boomboxes
shrug i dunno
go listen to it, make sure the UI is programmed by squirrels
*isnt isnt isnt
rab: yeah but the makita and milwaukee boomboxes ive heard sounded decent, and had been through hell
oh nice
its got passive radiators
that legit for worksite shit, sealed system with ported response

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like, raw tamarind pods, or the plastic tamarind goo + seeds packets, im always a little nervous
those are tasty as fuck but supposedly fail inspection pretty often
rab: i dont think they all get inspected
right those are def nasty, they have mold inside sometimes
rab: tamatillo are kind of same way but not as bad and maybe more worth the risk

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rab: i like tamarind but its pretty nasty to buy
a lot of it is moldy or dirty
just kind of nasty, its actually been an issue in inspections
so fuck if i know if thats an issue when making tamarindo jarritos, or if its even flavored with tamarinds
rab: its like the tamatillo problem, but much, much worse
thats the stuff they have at hollywood bars
no none in the soda
actual tamarinds, the jarritos is prob artificial flavors, either way i dont think about it when i drink it

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i have to not drink anything for a few days for it to have big noticable impact on energy
w/ caffeine
prob half of what i drink is coffee and tea, rest is mostly water
tho sometimes i will buy a can of nesquick and go on chocolate milk benders
only soda i drink is tamarindo jarritos
because that shit makes me smile ucnontrollably like marijuana after a dry spell
i dont like the other flavors much

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are you using half/quarter rounds or something else?
30 degree pyramids w/ .005" radius worked best for me, half rounds id get similar results but less time before breaking
rab: yeah i am trying to cut myself off around 3pm
did you drink coffee?
like, erry day
oh, yeah then thats prob enough to change things

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right, thats about .012?
thats about where having actual machinist setup skills helps
but yeah, .012 is repeatable on my setup, its not a challenge is im paying attention, .016 is almost mindless
*if im
under .010 and it gets to be tedious, i start to feel lucky
the edge clamping and 30deg profiles are a big deal tho, without either i dont think id be able to do under .015" well
rab: did you roast your beans!?

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shrug, maybe double sided
single sided was pretty thoughtless for me with the edge clamping fixture
i unpacked that shit, set it up, machined a PCB for a friends work in a single night while hanging out
shrug, thats almost anything machined, and with the 30deg conicals it wasnt that critical until under like .012 space/trace
the double sided .008 stuff, i had to pay attention

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yeah its maybe just some custom job
it might actually be M2.4
M2.5 and M2.6 exist at mcmaster
rab: remove inserts, press in M3 ones
they slide right in with a soldering iron tip!
or press in #4 ones if thats your thing
you machining PCBs now? heh
that was always my argument against etched PCBs

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measure and compare to thread tables
ha @ #3 screw
#3 doesnt really exist
i mean, you can buy them buy i dont think very many people do
theyre not so bad at the mcmaster
rab: im pretty sure ive worked on shit that had in between metric sizes, too
M3.5 and M2.5

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right but typically i see hole sizes attached to self tap screw specs
so i would try to find a screw that worked for 2.4mm
hmm yeah looks like its describing the major diamater not the hole
if everything to scale
i wouldnt be that surprised
even if it was a 2.4mm thread just to encourage you to buy the mating part
they dont warehouse screws in china, they pump em out to order

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eh, their reusing airframes and engines that have fallen from space
how does shit not blow up
rab: 2,4?
i know im saying thats the dim that specs
its m2 w/ play
i dont think .016" is going to make a huge diff in a through hole, and it makes producing chassis cheaper
i wouldnt use a 2.4mm major diamater screw in a 2.4mm hole
this is a tapped hole or a through hole?
if its a plastic body it might be meant for self tapping screws, thats what the image suggests, and you would size those according to the screws spec
i dont think there are strict standards for self tap screws, theres a lot of diff thread profiles for that

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