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rab: did you end up roasting those beans?

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kinda pricey but the rf geeks had a faraday cage, and a little anechoic room with a stargate antenna and turntable to do 3d plots, and bunch of expensive analyzers
so they would def know if the adapters were shit

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the RF parts place?
yeah thats where all the phd RF geeks wanted their parts ordered from
hi, yes!
cant stay long have to finish homework =\
ohsixi: they has all the adaptors and connectors
and their prepped cables are pretty sexy

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like, when you can hear cell phone burps the scope output is comical, amp outputs bouncing off a rail
usually theyre stuck enough that the AC that gets past the coupling caps isnt high amplitude
ohsixi: tin foil hat it!
take pics.

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like there might have been some enable pop that turned it on thats not there before
or after i mean
wait so youre saying when it worked it was delayed, but now its always up?
yeah its maybe noise triggering it, or some sort of RF shit spazzing out the amps
CMRR sucks at high frequency so shit can offset a bit

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guys there is formula sae electric club at school
also i guess regular formula sae came 13 out of 75 in national competition, and #2 in fuel efficieny
i think i do the electric one
ohsixi: that shits usually done with cheapest comparators ever and shit caps for timing
if youre lucky, you get tl082 (the sucky one) and some ceramic caps
so yeah some drift wouldnt be super surprising
and sucky isnt really fair, especially for comparator duty, but tl072 so awesome and cheap
or thart might just be a signal level or noise thing from the pc

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that seems neat

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im pretty sure i hacked ladder logic into sequential by using a single rung
im not exactly sure if that was a non standard was to impliment my thing, but i know my shit was basically only one that worked
blockly is maybe better than labview visual scripting
least you can see all the code
theres VST plugin libs for instruments
i think one of them is from cuckos and used for the reaper plugins
their 1st party stuff

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that you can explain it someone else is stuipid simple terms
shrug, dont fall asleep and make sure you make sense and youll be fine
yeah its fucked up simple, too simple
i made a universal function in blockly that i just repeated a ton in the mainloop and got code lines down stupid low
was lame, teacher was all impressed, im all thing how retarded this would be to execute on a micro

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no one want to pick him up from the airport for the show
and the mfkr is a legend, ha
ohsixi: its from timeless, it might be the most popular electronic album ever
well, that isnt daft punk or some shit
and maybe popular/respected
i have hw
im being oppressed
thats actually a sign of understanding something really, really well

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if its just cool beats and its slow, its breaks yo
if its just cool beats and its fast, its dnb yo
but its like, kinda massive attack, sneaker pimps, portishead
but yeah they got the long droning kick melodies
if you can find me a synthesized version of that before early jungle music id love to hear it
they both do it
its like, kicks with tonal decays, and a lot of reverb for that giant mecha stomp sound
early 90s
she just died
not goldie, diane charlamagne
goldie is a rude black dude with gold in his teeth

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yeah honestly this sounds like educated or experienced musicians
i wonder if thats my sub rattling or his bass rig
new noisia album, too
shrug, breaks, trip hop

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ha abusive synth bass guitar
oh, no thats a real one i think
is all of fat freddys drop like this?
its a traditional dub album
except i dont think its dubbed
yeah it doesnt have the spacey disconnected sound
dub was all read instruments
that was kinda the point, was a dude with masters like, fuckit i just make music out of last weeks session

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only previews bullshit intro stuff
which kinda sounds like acid jazzy
ohsixi: sound cloud just unfree'd
i cancelled my spotify
i kinda like the soundcloud experience better, way more unique content, i might pay for it i wouldnt mind the offline feature
im usually okay with simplistic if its not a disco beat
i like hardcore, thats simpler than house
its just fast and obnoxious
house beat
boom, tiss, boom, tiss
hardcore: boom, boom, boom, boomboom, boom, boom, boom, boom
trap: boooooooooooom,boooooooooooooooom,boooboooooooooooooooooooooom

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like, i kinda see the mixes as the finished production so i dont mind that tracks are formulaic, theyre just elements
oh damn ya babylon dont start for 2m
noisia and the upbeats pretty loose with tempo and beat patterns
thats basically trap
the bass drones off the kick decay, built up into melodies, hats and snares triggers set to auto-fire
and mostly the synth elements are simple enough that they dont saturate the space between the snares
my guess is that theres a lot of bandpass filtering to keep shit out of the upper percussion range

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also the stream rips are from noisia radio, they do it weekly, its hosted they talk about the music and do question time, its neat
if not familiar, they have tracks in fury road, and have done beats with KRS1 over them
do you have a subwoofer on
shrug, i dunno you are broken or possible not enough
hahaha, meeting people at dnb: HI! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? WHY ARE YOU HERE?
ohsixi: oh, yeah this is music composed for live mixing, first ~1m of any dnb track is into
then drop, then the actual bass and beats, intermission is probably like the intro, repeat with variations

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and it was pretty cool, then everyone ripped him off, and it was like okay guys we get it, can you please let the bass drone again
but then they took grime halfstep and put clownstep wobbles over it and turned dubstep into that
turned it into a genre
got new dj names so they could eject when the fad burnt out
made lots of money, brought a lot of kids into the dnb and trap scenes
as much as i couldnt stand the music, as a secret plan to extend the supremacy of drum n bass over the EDM community, im okay with stepdub. it did its job

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thats clownstep
that track is basically the guy doing a track about how everyone ripped off wobble bass from his previous track
hes not lying
ohsixi: i dont think so, but i dont know
i bought my collection from a friend at once, ive only really been through maybe 20% of it
oh i thought you meant the track i posted
no i doubt it
mostly i know benga from mixes
not his work
so at least its dnb and not stepdub
its jump up
a guy made a track with LFO to LPF on the saw bass

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i would say uses 808 bass, lots of people do, but truth is the decay on an 808 kick is actually really short compared to trap kicks
the closest thing i can think off is early jungle, like first half of the 90s
it had the same melodic bass kicks, but instead of simple machine gun snares and hats, it had spliced amen breaks
no not so much
this is dubstep
like ~145 bpm
so the same speed as breaks and house
much more related to breaks, but this is the old style
that actually sounded like dub
spacey, lots and lots of echo and reverb
right sample sets and synthesis techniques tend to define eras in a subgenre

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eh if its not an official church funtction, go and talk shit about god
do it where it matters
like how i can shit about dubstep with authority because i been to dozens of shows
ive talked shit at the stepdub, while in the stepdub
whatever that is, no
i should turn sub up while sun still out
huge reason i cant stand house is that for a composed form of music, the disco beat is retarded simple
dubstep isnt much different
also they turned a short fad in DnB into a genre
before dubstep, jump up drum n bass with wobble bass was called 'clownstep'
very simplistic rapid fire snare beats usling melodic long decay kick bass
its not BPM locked either, so it can be mixed into any form of EDM or hiphop with not so much effort

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rab: ha wtf
thats some fallout lookin shit

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very close
theres usually a tiny bit of air

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ha, prob not
you would see it steaming
right im saying it would steam when it was on
oh weird i see what you mean

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yeah so all the rubber bits kind of suspect
suspension bushings and calipers seals gonna be same way
well but then you know, and can maybe repair it
id trust you to do some hack shit that was safe enough

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im not sure if you can get real oil in 5w20, you definitely cant in 0w20
does cap come off your rad?
checked for oil in it?
no slick tho?
oil is obvious when it has water in it its light brown after
coolant seems more ambiguous
you can get parts when your car isnt running, right?
pull on the hoses
they shouldnt break, heh
its a destructive test
because it might not happen until the engine is rocking on the mounts so harder to inspect for
your truck is kind of the age where hose clamps start cutting into hoses
like late 90s, no?

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and i guess it was crazy consistent so it sounded technical as fuck
right mine usually starts up instant
so theres prob a bunch of cycles where your engine starved of oil
so on philosophy i use thick oil that 'sticks', which i dont believe in
and the other i use thinner oil that will flow faster, i think this is the way
well i wouldnt be surprised if the additives were very similar
it sticks to the gears like way oil?
man that shit is classic
i remember seeing that and turning the crank as a kid
thats why i was pissed when the shop i had my clutch done at did my oil without asking
$20 PLS
did you use full synth? WHAT YOU USE FULL SYNTH? yeah how do you find 0w20 in non synthetic? it doesnt exist. WHAT YOU USE 0w20?
wanted to slap
anyway my shit goes through about 1qt/1k miles, i still dont want to switch to the thicker room temp oil
no thats the higher acceptable grade, and im pretty sure you can only get synth blend for it

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this is full synthetic, you cant get natural oil for my cars grade (0w20)
but right thats still effectively $4 or 5 more
because its only a gallon
because theyre high efficiency high tolerance engines
and i prefer lower viscosity, higher flow
but the thicker oil for mine is still very thin, 5w20
greymoon: honestly any oil at rest will be removed first cycle
then its just about how long until the lub systems is primed and running
right i think almost anywhere in the engine, the oil is going to be squeezed out of where its needed in first cycles, and needs to be replaced
ha my car has an oil consumption is related to the oil rings, and i dont know if its a good thing or a bad thing
because if its eating oil because its overlubricating the rings, im maybe okay with that
im maybe like, fuck ya car you do what you think is okay i will keep feeding you
greymoon: mclaren F1 (the 90s road car) kind of did
it would spin a determined number of cycles before starting the ignition system in order to lubricate the motor at a low speed

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uhohz, someone stole the debit card infos
tried to buy stuff at vegas walmart
bank like, wtf? declined. then they tried to get $.26 order at some sub shop, they like haha no declined
motor oil
they sell retail cheaper than distributors buy oil
everyone needs oil
i dont shop at walmart
i hate the fucking place
if it burned id be like fuck ya
right like, burned no people inside, im not mean
well, not that mean
but i buy oil there
naw man shit happens to people and then families and they stuck
cant be sure all are assholes
but the highest grade of 0w20 mobil 1, for like $26 for 5qt
they have the extra qt jugs
thats like $60 worth of oil yo!
what oil

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naw dude half would convince themselves that it makes their amp sound even better
amp is so badass it wont even let you touch it
fuck going up to 11, my amp sits at 11kV

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much more than that and youre into visible spark lengths, that just seems like gear suicide
yeah def gotta pay attention
i wouldnt leave it clipped to anything for example
yeah thats the complete opposite approach but a good idea
greymoon: engineering couldnt figure out a failure, so eng boss blamed it on ESD, so eng VP tried to impliment strict ESD mat and strap protocols
there are tube amplifiers in the lab
the tech on the tube amp project was pretty much like, HAHAHA no fuck you not gonna wear a strap
no one trusts the bleed resistors surviving those voltage
like, if the resistance dropped before the resistor went open, and dude bumped a rail with other hand...
theyll keep playing with it like that tho
theyll just try to not touch the metal bits while its on

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yeah those are neat
on of the klipper speaker test thing uses those
the one that doesnt break
honestly most stuff id want to current measure isnt going that fast
like, maybe a super tiny switcher
yeah thats what i liked about the diff scopes with 10x probes
2000W amplifier? shrug i put teh scope
big ol fisher price lookin probes
1kv i wouldnt be too fraid of, just have to be aware of your ground ring/leash

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well, unless your boss is in love with you and bought you a diff input scope
audio department two jobs ago had a battery powered, diff input, 4ch tek
so much <3 for that scope
yeah but then youre like, one chan
so you cant even do power measurement unless you are a megapro at triggering and have storage
and consistent draw cycle to cycle
and yeah fuck scopes without some sort of LPF for at least trigger
greymoon: you can run 4 or 2 of those?

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swapping a $2 car fuse for a $20 DMM fuse, nice
use two in parallel!
then add, heh
i kinda want to try that with some centechs
($4 HF DMM)
i bet if you get two off the same rack it works, if you use two years of production apart, it wont
yeah i always had .01R and .1R resistors hidden away for that
you can scope the resistors too if youre careful
and do live i vs v plots
can integrate areas and shit and get pretty accurate power consumptions like that
dont high side the R with a scope =\

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shrug, could be better
i dont trust made in the USA much
made in USA = all corners cut to be marketable
check solution and accuracy before buying either
the extech is probably a better deal if both meters specs work
precision ones for uA and mA
alot of them are super fragile too, you can burn out the coils inside them measuring too much current
sure, but i feel less and less that way as time passes

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ive used the fluke clamps they work
$105 is that expensive for new test gear?
not really, theyve always had cheapo models of stuff

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