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greymoon: reduces chatter

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efexx: thanks for all the new stuff!
i have to go find food
i took too long, whole city shut the fuck down except barfood and in n out

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like, two version of same note few % off, and the LFO sounding phase effect is slightly diff for each note
nom, reese bass
droning bass ^
can do same thing 20 diff ways with an LFO

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when i was working on all in one speakers, we did some experiments with acoustic versus electronic mixing
with diff stereo speakers and with headphones, in some ways just to prove it was different enough to make it a valid production technique for music, and thus a valid issue to tackle in the dsp processing
but yeah, acoustically mixed signals were usually way more disorienting, fatiguing
like, there is enough phase information there your brain works overtime trying to figure out where its all from or something
you could totally do a synth with a drone
theyre loud as fuck and they have a dominant tone, its note just noise
oh i thought you meant a done drone i looked away and then read one line
and droning basslines are <3 <3 <3
tho i guess in that scene, droning usually means two signals and phasing

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thats why i like a lot of the synth stuff i do, a lot of it is like percussion, more about textures and transients than tones and melodies
because cheaper
80s because cheap hardware, 00s because cheap processing
doesnt take 40 people
yeah definitely, its way more impressive
sound mass is a cool term tho, thats exactly what it sounds like

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i think also it takes a lot of work to figure out
like, organizing that many musicians isnt exactly typical for pop music studios, even if you could compose the stuff
like to come up with new things that works with large groups of instruments
like, a world music band is like mind blowing for pop music, and thats maybe like 6 or 7 elements plus percusssion
and its not at all the same, thats still a bunch of isolated instruments working together
instead of a group being a new sound
ha, just that first paragraph is pretty awesome

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so much variation you could prob turn a couple pieces into several pop albums
ya thanks!
well its weird it doesnt feel completely new, its the shit i liked on classical stations that wasnt classical
kinda cool i can find more like it
i meant new to me
haha yeah totally i really dont like the majority of classical station stuff so i gave up

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kinda of seems like a given era's experimental music by educated musicians
ha yeah you could dig for idea in this forever

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yeah i bet the session people for this do cinema score stuff too, thats the only thing ive heard sounds close
holy shit thats string instruments?
no the orchestra thing with the odd usage of instruments
like, your last link is crazy familiar, but i had no idea it was strings
Kaija Saariaho : Laterna Magica
was the vocoding flutes one
right im pretty sure ive heard a lot of variations of the same horror effect

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weird they were blowing into flutes all low
like its air noises, not resonating mouthpiece
if i wasnt watching them i wouldnt know it was that
wtf i think they were using the flutes like vocoders for a second
ha no its the blowing flutes plus other people chanting random percussive syllables
but yeah both mixed kinda had that modulated effect

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yeah all i knew was it was the only shit on the classical music stations that wasnt boring or just like, overly dramatic sounding
yeah the orchestra thing has a lot of soundscape stuff, like cinematic score stuff
kinda synthy! not as easy to pick out the individual instruments

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this piano thing is pretty neat
kinda flows like jazz but isnt jazzy
like, definitely a theme but not a ton of repetition
yeah that works
yeah neat, i like it
like, its composed but doesnt sound old
i thought i liked classical but then i found out gershwin isnt really that old
right but its composed music, he was kinda jazzy about it tho
yeah i dont really like much of that stuff

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youre doing it right now

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sometimes i think you are trolling and i feel better about this

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and then it just turns into straight prog rock freakout
when radio turned into complete total garbage in the mid 90s, pretty much did zeppelin/floyd/sabbath/cream for years until stumbled into dnb
oh and jimis band of gypsys shit, because that was like some totally diff totally awesome jimi shit
his previous work was just like, regular godlike, band of gypsies is like, extra godlike

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the bass thing is a simple delay effect, but that was probably a $10k box back then
its 5 but not at the same time
pretty sure this was before that
but right, that plus pad synth thing and the vocal processing, one of these days maybe original electronica
i still think the shit 2:30 in is one of coolest sounds ever
i think its a guitar, it does slides
so ya if you dont think thats some cool shit i dunno, youre just wrong
there is
"one of these days im going to cut you into little pieces"

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can we do the one with the kittens and the immigrant song next
rewind, bitches
jezus fuck timecop
right but you have little credibility because you think HHC is greatest shit ever
tho yeah i probably listened to only a few hours of led zeppelin in the last decade =\
i still listen to pink floyd wish you were here, animals and meddle kind of often

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omg a zikabug got me again

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heh, mine was a pharmacist
i guess it rubbed off

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i get it because she looks like a man
ya pretty sure my dads love of trains turned me off to them forever
theyre stuck
theyre like turtles with less freedom

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so looking through tens of thousands in stock, in the dark on the street, or in parking lots littered with bums
when i was doing phones for 4 days, i was prepping all orders for drivers, held all inventory, shit went smooth as fuck
and the way it was going to work was they were going to 100% track inventory in a database
the carrying all inventory thing happened, the inventory tracking part didnt, so shits fucked

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newjob i make 5x last job, but the disorganization which extends all schedule, the 10+ hour shifts with no time for breaks, and people pissed off because late kinda killin it
i never understood the premise of the show and wasnt redneck enough to give a fuck
kind of lost interest by 6 or 7
yeah im not into stock car racing, shrug
anyway, im okay with throwing cali labor laws into the dirt, but if the shit is broken and they aint following through with anything, i dont have time for this shit
naw, there was a cop car parked in front of a patients house, i called and asked whats up and they didnt even realize it was there
so i just went and did it in front of the cop on dudes porch
also were handling inventory exactly how i was told we wouldnt be doing it when hired
basically carrry all of it car

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dryden is kinda far from LA =\
the museum is dinky tho, so mostly its a tour of the working research center hangars and test facilities (which i thought was cool)
man newjob is a disorganized mess
dont think this is gonna last much longer
heh, you always feel like they are trying to hide something from you in the next hangar or through a door
like they would stop and think a bit before leading us new places
was never pizza
medical cannabis, 1st job was kinda shit, but mostly i was on call hanging out and it got me through summer
new place has like 10x the inventory, 5x the volume, and seems to rely on the photographic memories of stoners instead of some sort of real inventory tracking system
and no central place of operation, so handling multiple incoplete inventories is a mess
but theyre usually good when they happen

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rab: contrasting a single teams uncompromised and possibly unmatched engineering, and maybe the most compromised design ever done by every fucking aerospace that was a thing then
shrug, normal america
i feel disgusted about the mission tours i did as a kid

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they had a big model on a pylon of it at dryden
rab: pretty sure it was just for research
like, im not really sure the X15 could turn
at speed SR71 supposedly does turns like the size of california
so the crazy thing about that was it worked
like, every day
at reasonable cost
is a lot less compromised than the shuttle
theres no way it lost them that much if they ran it that long
and it probably doesnt have measurable marketing value
they def have their moments

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thats where NASA kept their SR71s
haha, first reaction: that thing is way smaller than i thought
in person it looks like something that can go mach 3 without ripping itself apart
right because huge delta
but the length is what surprised me
its bigger than an F14, but not by a ton
63 vs 107 ft according to google
ha, so i guess SR71 is little bigger than i thought, and F14 is little smaller
mach 15
it crash lended once, wasnt completely destroyed, i think the pilot survived

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i was just really into aerospace stuff, was like local myth type stuff
i had friends whose parents were lockheed skunks, and this was when a lot of the pollution shit was coming out and all aerospace moved out to palmdale
oh, dryden has a museum they prob have NASA stuff to send

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i am still conflicted about that but in that context i feel like i turned out better than average
almost all my drawings as kids were drafted military things
if anything, i think the worst thing to come out of all that was a preoccupation with symmetry
rab: have you emailed lockheed or nasa about getting promo shit?
i used to have a lot of NASA and aerospace propaganda, either because my dad would get it or because i would call places for school projects
ha, yeah definitely
like, i had a nicely printed book about the hubble, maybe 40 pages
also airlines sent me stuff
this was in the 80s and 90s, its probably easier now but a lot of stuff might be digital now, not really as neat for a gift
yeah somehow at an early age i already knew about the shuttle drama and compromises
maybe history channel, shrug

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oh neat they have to figure out a manual switch
thats fair
it will spread the problem out hopefully reducing it on average
thats how you fix almost all acoustic issues, heh
but right if you to route with the intention of avoiding coupling, i think you could probably do much better, even if it takes longer
looks kinda neat, fun to use

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neat its got an F4 and MIG29
Effective usage of mounting surface and absence of preferred routing directions (not limited by 90º and 45º results in reduction of electromagnetic crosstalks up to several times in comparison with other CAD systems.
that kind of sounds like bullshit if the PCB designer using orthagonal knows what hes doing
its a big RC they can ride?
hard to tell how big from vid
does it have pedals so he can do it?

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sculptor: you can get him a train bed
my dad did that, fuck i hated that thing
jero32: noice

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eck0: im kind of big into 914 so in my case i think its even worse, + battery acid rust at the rear shock tower
eck0: just make it a little better without changing much
for like 70 years, if you consider the 911 a continuation of the 356, and the 356 a sport model of the bug
i think they went from like 68 to 94 without a model redesign?
its a fuckin anomoly, backwards config car has more race wins than anything ever

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sculptor: can maybe get him scenery models and help him build place for trains
rabs idea is less likely to choke and kill him
okay well i dunno friends know better than to leave kids with me
another friend having kid with his gf
i used to love technical books when i was really young
neat illustrations
rab: i was really into parts catalogs for vintage cars, heh
like, blow up drawings of porsches and 280z

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so basically F1 car races at monterey historics

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they changed to titanium skids for more sparks
F1 has been fucked the entire time ive watched
every year is the worst year, every year everything needs to be fixed
they used magnesium in the 60s and 70s
yeah i started watching right before v10 era
which was awesome and boring because MSC
fuck that guy
much respect to his family and it was a horrible skiing accident he had, but yeah as a competitor, fuck that guy
baku was kind of neat
definitely an exception

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best in the world no doubt
actually those tire barriers kinda primitive and hard to repair compared to what they normally use now
techpro barrier, or something
heres that little bitch verstappen at his first monaco
those barriers repair real quick they drop drop in new ones with a crane
vrooom: yeah i think the worst ive seen in last 20 years is broken leg for straight in crash
greymoon: F1 has crazy high standards for safety, runoff is part of that
theres not a lot of F1 rated tracks in the world
dunno, watch xgames
flat circuit racing is kind of a descriptor of f1
downforce from aero, not banking
shrug, they would just change the suspension
they bottom out as is under braking

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they understand they just think its so awesome they dont care
theyre usually shock absorbing
video at bottom
the guy ate it at radillon and only got a sore ankle
they red flasgged because they needed to use the crane on the track side
2 years ago, a driver died when he went off during a yellow, wedged himself under a crane
hump at top = radillon

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