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dog is typical rally fan

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omg thats fucking beautiful

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i feel like i should have taken dx much more seriously when he said remember your trig
ohsixi: e-cig regulated batteries do that
and if you have memory, you dont have to turn anything off if you can characterize room temp resistance and its a known material
you can do it with AC signals too, using a coupling cap and some DC current
thats how I would measure voice coil temperatures when working on 4000W and 5000W subwoofers that exceeded max spec for our test hardware, which was 4 wire voltage and inductive loop current sense

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fuckin new boss
im hourly, and doing uni full time, i dont have time do your inventory

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rule #1: never make your potential boss feel retarded
rab: i dunno after awhile the pivot rotate pop out of collet holder motion isnt so hard on my ER16
youre romoving the tool first?
rab: truth
you have to bullet point
the neat thing is you can highlight shit you said later and show people later
rab: i wonder if its harder because smaller so relatively less springy
because yeah, it feels like they flex tiny tiny bit before they pop out
ER20 felt same

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either end, i guess because it can scratch up the collets and in extreme cases bend them
and im not sure it applies as much to collets on split on one end
and yea tool makers will tell you not to put the flutes in the collet, even the unsharpened section at the end
ER is open on both ends so i guess if you dont have the shank all the way through the collet can bend
on smaller sizes, the top of the collet has a hole like half length of collet, so the smaller shanks dont need to be inserted as far to be all the way through
like, i think you could have to stick an endmill waaay out and tighten it down like an ape to permanently fuck one

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its for manual?
ER20 has the same indexing issue but ER collets are nice
indexing is really only an issue if you want to do toolchanges in gcode, so not an issue for your new thing
that said, i was pretty impressed with the repeatability of the ER16 on my mill using PCB tooling w/ collars
i didnt think it would work that well because of how the collets are pushed inwards to clamp
i dont think it should be an issue if the finish on the indexed shanks isnt fucked
but yeah, same thing as not putting a tool all the way into a spring collet
probably okay but youre not supposed to do that shit

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thats neat most your endmills have d flats for length indexed holders

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yeah definitely

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oh test tubes, neat
i missed 'test' when i read through

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rab: thats how a lot of single endmills ship
sometimes closed one one side with rubber pipe end on other side, or just rubber pipe ends both sides

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the i seems to be a big deal

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sculptor: honestly it made me think of the governator before i thought of the slur
schwarzenegga, ruthnegga

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