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ohsixi: bubblewrap.

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oh i thought you ended up getting a license
jero32: eagle is console cad, so is autocad, so it just might work
inittab: so i wasnt sure which seller you meant, so i ended up getting from the same seller i did before, because even if if fake i know those batteries work
so these are totally diff, diff size matrix font, and theres a " M" after 25R
well, label is totally diff but mechanically they are exactly the same

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00:40:17 < macegr> you're talking about a size limited version
no thats being an asshole
no, not letting you remove parts from the board limit area
i usually layout blocks off board and move them in
eagle is like, no?
didnt someone just buy them
ARM bought too
next couple years should be interesting
i dont think they need them, honestly
not if they can still work autocad code

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kevin switched to eagle before altium
he hasnt used the dos shit for maybe 5 or 7 years
he was using eagle for work stuff first
i think he did some personal stuff
like dimension layer

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only $1000!
yeah im not sure if im being sarcastic either
i have to join the forum?
so maybe in heavy dev
its just stripped out altium?
i guess i try it
i was going to do something in eagle
lots of electromechanicals to draw so would be a good test

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he hates the tea?

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fuck man so your house is like a stick hut on flat slabs?
they would either knock that shit down or retrofit the fuck out of it
oooo, i wanted to ask synth for white and black tea suggestions

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old european hillsides, not california
what like theyre in slots in the foundation or in slabs?
they dont go into a hole in the riser?
pretty sure everything is supposed to be bolted to foundation in LA, and i saw houses bounced off foundation few inches

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i wonder if some bum is stealing my free health care
sculptor: wonder how old those foundations are
like, noth in really existed in most of california before 100 years ago
also southern california tends to eventually bulldoze historic buildings, plus sprawl, so most shit way younger
all that shit is why they have awesome roads for rally

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also i think my card got stolen by the same person who stole my phone screen protectors
mail thieves, yo
that took me awhile
no that makes sense
its saying, take 30ml of this shit, or take three of the 10ml shits
yes im not defending their wording, im just saying in some fucked up way it makes sense

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damn .37g iodine
isnt the first aid shit way dilluted?
yeah but i think they are stating the weight of the iodine, not what its bound with
right im just saying your drink has mad iodine
but you need like trace amounts, heh
you ate like half a cc of the shit
i guess ive had free cali health care for two years, so i paid for a year of obamacare for no reason
but i had free health care through los angeles county
i didnt livein that county that year

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blackmoon: was it the radioactive goop
or its just like, GI tract soap
or i guess radioactive goop is for xrays
i bet those dont cost you hundreds
i went to hospital because eyelid all swollen because bug or spider bit it
whats the radio blocker stuff?
you drank metal bits yo
anyway, i got scared of all the tweeker bum germs, and my eyelid got way better while i was waiting, and i had to go to work, so i left before mad debt
or i dunno, they took my temp and blood pressure so i prob get a $150 bill
oh, ew

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rab: you are the alien in this case?
its a flying massive object, if it doesnt stop fellow aliens gonna get hurt
gotta eliminate all flight capable female humans with literally massive asses
man that makers me so sad
so im going to show them bread
ya but it was just a typo it doesnt mean anything
make her me harder does not compute

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it says my browser doesnt do webgl and i need to update my gpu drivers
i mean, i play games from this year at 60 fps but i cant do indie-synth-folktronica
pls2link to your science evidence
i show them bread
i tell them lets go get some bread
then aliens are frens, i got this all figured out
they might overreact

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suicidal cable into earbud situation aside
no i mean the cable is suicidal
tho i guess it would be a homocide by the earbud body
thats good, its prob good i got the sound down
that doesnt mean anything to me
Indie pop[2] synthpop[3] folktronica[4]
i bet its 90% disco/house beats
rab: fuck ya fuck that kick, kick/snare, kick, kick/scare shit for days

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honestly i dont think there is anyplace to go to and i dont remember being anything other than in awe of giant wave
like, i dont remember being scared like i was going die, just startled because OH SHIT GUYS, BIG
so who knows, maybe the boats are hardened for big waves in this place
im not stuck or trapped in some way, so would put in the good dream category
omg TC is doing podcasts again, fuckin lazy wasteman
tomorrow i get CSR bluetooth usb dongle to test apt-x
if bass cleans up a bit, sony SBH80 are officially max win

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oh looks like its right at the coast until humboldt county, so...
oh is only 100 miles
tsunami gotta get over that first
i have dream about being on a ship in an aircraft carrier fleet, and on horizon is wave maybe dozen times higher than aircraft carrier deck
wave goes forever to the horizon
hmm, yeah i guess but not constantly, a few times in my life but i remember it which is pretty huge
prob less than a half dozen like that, i dont remember dreams
thank fucking god, when i do im like how do people live like this

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i guess they dont have them here because san andreas 200 miles away in the ocean and local volcano dead as fuck
no 200 miles from here, which is prob 150 miles from the shore
and i doubt a tsunami is getting across the cascade range and then across the central valley
and if it did, id prob have enough warning to get to high ground
i dont have a dirtbike so id prob be fucked, but there are options, basically you drive towards the volcano

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thats not huge
even in modern industrialized countries, time of quake has huge impact, if northridge quake happened a couple hours later, hundreds dead instead of a couple dozen or whatever it ended up being
we did good because residential buildings use decent code and are mostly 1 to 3 stories. no one on freeways, which collapsed in several places, barely anyone in commercial, where there were maybe dozen significant collapses
two parking structures collapses, one was a mall and other was a university
anyway, you cant build a dense city without crushing some mfkrs in a 7.0+ earthquake, we dont give a shit enough to spend the money

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