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this a sexy little switch

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feels and looks the best
and then it dies

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sometimes they would send PSU without the case, so youd have 6 wall warts and 3 cardboard chassis psu
with like, mains plug sticking out

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one good example
thats super common
because i guess its pretty rigid but will bend okay in any direction
anyway, the only competitive shit that has boot issues like apple is shit that blatantly copies apple materials and design
like my MG charger for my nexus 5
oh, they will put anything you want in those cases
like, we would get one case in a few diff wattages to test

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like, the perpendicular split boots are ugly as fuck, but theyve been around forever because they work
its a winning human concept
we will probably take that into the 300s
they look technical, too
like something a tech would do when making cables
but theyre shit
its like, not thick enough, not long enough, too soft
let me remind you the biggest company of the late 20th century was synonymous with 'small flacid'
dot dot dot
micro soft
small flacid
wtf no im not the first person to notice this
on everything
like, every wall wart ever
many if not the majority of miniplug and rca injection molded boots
not perpendicular splits, but same thing
ugly, and it works

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so im just assuming itll overheat because its just a potted brick of epoxy
im saying because ive seen glue intact w/ broken bosses
which is funny except when im supposed to put the shit back togethert
im guessing because on cheap shit the walls are thinner
apple shit is thick as fuck because they hate the sink marks
they wear out?
on thin wall injection molded shit, between support bracing and bosses, the plastic will somtimes sag during cooling
so you can see the bracing and boss patterns on the outside
sink marks are basically your reward for trying to save money on wall thickness and bracing
because their strain relief is some shitty soft plastic heatshrink
that splits half the time
it looks very pretty when its new

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little dings and scratches, they cant sell that
well, they wont sell that i guess is more correct
maybe they are selling that cable separate
thats how they make their required $.05
yeah, i think apple just seals with clear plastic stickers?
shit will never go together the same again
well look at it for small scratches or similar before pulling it apart
yeah but this one is fake
prob explode into a rain of plastic shards soon as you get a spudger into it
ok maybe not
i think you are underestimating the quantity and quality of their glue
on fake ones?
yes but we are already assuming this one is fake

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not much, u?
i wonder how much of their QA rejects get back doored
gotta be thousands, for just cosmetic shit

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because test mule, makes sense
go drive a corner to get an idea of what inputs and feedbacks, go back edit program hit run
blackmoon: http://carsofchange.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/roborace-nvidia.jpg
is a concept
theyre probably not going that fast without bodywork

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phase noise?
it would reduce audible zipper effects
besides that, noise is going to be coming from normal sources, power supply switching noise fucking your ground and coupling into signals, and RF interference
or the classic mains hum but who the fuck has linear power supplies with giant magnetics anymore
phase issues are zipper sounds and comb filtering
paired stereo wireless systems with clock sync strategies have this issue, i cant imagine headphones going that route, tho

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nice, keil is in the syllabus
hopefully that doesnt mean this class is going to cost $1000

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no more roughneck on a boat!
no more poohelis!

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so you just know if it compiles or not
thats something i guess
cool at scoring that for $30
or the instructions arent in sync with the software version
or your dev environment didnt start like theirs

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ha thats $400/day
that at least come with lunch?
that one isnt so bad

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ha thats kinda cool
looks cool but it aint cheap
yeah but if no one knows who they are they dont matter much
that dmm is totally a clone of that china fluke
tech i worked with owned one, loved it, i couldnt stand using it

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oh, i think most of them use proprietary ladder blocks
execution order seems to be the constant, but even then exact timing seems to be system dependent
yeah totally
they probably make decent money on training
specific to hardware too, looks like
fuuuu that aint cheap
eck0: does AB have training/cert programs? like for solidworks
if youre going to spend mad money, i would try and do it with an accepted brand, that will work decent on a resume

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i think ive seen even cheaper stuff there, but maybe i was confusing the controllers with peripherals
DirectSOFT 100, same features as the full version of DirectSOFT 6 but allows only 100 words to be downloaded to the PLC. Available as free download only.
looks like their ungimped software is $400
yeah youre best bet might actually be education stuff
$70 for the hardware,
CLICK PLC Windows PC programming and documentation software for the CLICK PLCs, CD-ROM includes software and manual in PDF format.
right so i would research the software and see what type of languages it can do
if it does ladder, and basic or c/c++, i would go for that. under $100 is pretty neat
i know a lot will have their own libs for C and/or basic, but most seem to have some sort of ladder input too

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i would try and find interface software with free demo or similar, that will emulate
sometimes emulator needs the hardware to host processing
maybe search for something with simulator?
in embedded stuff, emulation usually means processing on the target hardware, but with debug capabilities, while simulation means full software processing without a target

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is the thing on the left a PSU?
if yes, yeah looks like they pulled the controller
prob what was in the gap between the peripherals and the psu looking box
i know some of their controllers are pretty cheap but i dont know enough to know if the cheap ones will work with all those peripherals
zeeshan probably a good person to ask
hes still in #cars sometimes, if not you can prob find him at freenode:#linuxcnc
eck0: key looks neat but they probably make controllers that will work without the key
i thought you meant some sort of license key. that one looks pretty neat tho
yeah for sure, industrial stuff so most customers have $$$$
compared to us
but i know AB has a few cheap controller, and automation direct has some way cheap stuff that may be compatible, shrug
to learn ladder stuff?

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yeah im not sure even 10mm unshrunk adhesive heatshrink tube will go over the ear buds easily
so back to original plan, some RTV from vatozone
they sound good tho, and not getting tangled in cables is nice (sony SBH80 bluetooth ear buds)

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