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so basically it says physical science is about to accept nothing happened and then an hero
sleep nite

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no i mean wtf even if theres shit in my water its not like i can stop showering
soaking lead probably isnt that bad for adults
man this is serious
okay i gotta go tho because hungry will die

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i think im just going to get water service
instead of going to water vending machine
i do not trust the pipes
they are like THE WATERS IS SAFE im like, you tested that shit at the water factory
you didnt come to my house
your pipes are from 70 years ago you dont even have any white people about them you dont even know whatpipe
also it tastes shit and smells like fucking chlorine
also i pay $.35 a gal its not so much
well i gotta shower

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also when did tools happen?
this is like 10k+ shit, no?
holy fuck
okay so basically all humanoid things used tools
so we can run far because awesome cooling, and then we stab a mfkr
thats some troll shit tho
ya ive heard many versions of that
early pigs and early monkeys?
early pigmonkeys
i guess bears are most like us mechanically, tho
i guess how their joints and some proportions are
like cats have people arms
dogs do not have people arms
yeah some can use them
i had one of those
it was weird
yeah mine would pick stuff up and look at me like LOOK WTF
like cats learning how to thumb, without other thumb cats to show them

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right but its about how much work
so like, the artist people i know, mostly obsessed with making work, because typically great artists made tons of shit for every famous thing they did
so you farm, you have more time and more resource buffer, you can make more work
and be like, more intellectual about your made up work
yeah i guess that is our thing
we distance run better than any animal, that might have been our edge before the brain thing
like, i guess we would chase shit until it basically gave up because everything else setup for sprints
birds are different some are fucking nuts
mad uptime
so we have better cooling
so maybe because we ditched our fur first
after the cold times, thats how we got our edge
so that just means people have to fuck more

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like, writing shit down over many cycles is how you get good at growing shit
keeping track what works, whats shit, what was up with the world
also eastern writing obviously came directly from drawings
except korean
ohsixi: im not sure but i think the timing kinda fits, its like 5k+ so sometimes after figured out how to farm
its because all those saber tooth mfkrs got cold and died
once those are gone you dont have to be running all the time
so you kick it, you farm, have excess resources, so spare time to do art, make lots of pictures for no reason, eventually writing
this is my hypothesis, it is correct i decided

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all people bread
in their own way
i like it a lot
yes i think so but also collective knowledge mostly because writing
right but you kick it because shit is growing and you figure out your way for two people is better and more efficient
so you do a picture
and now like 6 people are doing your thing, and other people either have to steal your picture, or figure out their own shit
right but thats what turned into writing
and growing shit makes people hang out longer
so local pictures/symbols, so almost writing

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im gonna have corn flakes AND milk, bitches
ohsixi: yeah i felt the same way for a long time
but i just stopped driving the 99 and the 5 between socal and norcal
and now i can have corn flakes with milk that doesnt suck
because all alternative milks suck with cornflakes and thats pretty much the #1 test
fuck your figures man, CEREAL IS GOOD
at least corn flakes, raisin bran, and frosted mini wheats
because carbs are good!
also cheap.
i like bread

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most the ones i watch are fine wires for mains transformers, its like this open spool spins around it crazy fast
ohsixi: yeah
oh shit i wonder if thats laminated steel
i think it is
or hmm, maybe not, i cant tell if thats a roll of ribbon or those are just some sort of tooling mark
hes not doing a consistent spacing so its maybe just his test core
sounds like an auto harp
im gonna get in n out and go shopping

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its labor intensive like clothes but way harder to automate because random fucking 3d shapes
i need lots soon
also shirts
and i guess pants
oh, its a tube
and they were the ends, im pretty sure its crazy like toroid winders and wire twisters
see but that, can totally automate 100%
tshirt, same
but a sneaker, youre getting into some 5 axis long neck sewing robots
the adhesive shit is whatever, robots are like #1 glue champions
blackmoon: its a little like how sewing machine works
nice, i havent seen that machine before

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we drove across the country, and this guy has a bigass duffel bag in the yakima roof pod
get to NY open the shit in the hotel, its like 20 fucking pairs of the same shoe
were like WHY YOU BRING SO MANY SHOE hes like to match my clothes wtf?
we are like =O =O =O
so trip out, they went to like 6 diff boutique shoe stores in NY
they didnt buy shit
i was the only one bought shoes, still have them
because one of my first pairs of puma sneakers were these bright green with blue puma swoosh anjans, last ones in santa monica store, sold out online, but i wore them into the dirt
but i found them in NY, still have them worn them maybe three times
i have those, and my black on black puma sneakers, for like, interviews and funerals and shit

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most the time, the $50 shoe will go way longer with insoles if i dont mind the sad looking suede
also they tend to feel better on the inside
cheap shoes will have random unfinishes trim bits inside that can get all stabby once they break in
anyway, a very close asshole friend i dont talk too much anymore once told his mom he didnt like the cheap shoes she could afford him
so his mom punched him
shes that kind of mom, and yeah so now he feels like, you can never have too many shoes and you should be proud of the ones you can afford
for him it means like, dozens of collector version of the same fucking shoe, but i just like it as an excuse to buy a couple pairs of sneakers in a good year

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my saucony sneakers seem to go the longest
and theyre the only ones made in china
yeah fuck that payless shit, im not trying to gamble
those things usually fall apart faster than anything else
quality level: LA Gear
i dont buy those
i kind of do shoes like cars
buy shoes that are loved by millions
cars that are loved just do better, go longer, LA freeways are like a demonstration of this
91 accords everywhere, but wtf is a nissan pulsar?
i pay $50 my shoe lasts a year
i pay $20 the shoe lasts 3 months
shrug, do the maths

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prob mostly about materials and adhesives
the stitching seems mostly cosmetic
blackmoon: even that, how you glue the different sole pieces, and how that glues to the soft bits has huge impact on reliability
so thats a lot like a transducer
almost all the shoes i wear are like, 3 mm of rubber and 10 to 15 mm of foam
heavy heavy foam, then glued to suede
surprisingly, my new balance sneakers failed hardest, earliest
both shoes, tears where the adhesive ended in the suede at the toe
like, within a week of each other, within a couple months of buying

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depends if its sampling rate limited or analog bandwidth limited
but yeah, either what ohsixi said if sampling rate, or reduced amplitude if analog bandwidth limited
an analog scope is usable past its bandwidth, but it starts rolling off at its stated limit, so maybe okay for seeing signals but not measuring them in an absolute sense

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wtf iis IP 00 is that like, pre-ingressed?

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