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i guess my point is LEDs is almost a non change, its a single guy with time and a soldering iron, and getting ADHD mfkrs to be in the same place and all agree its okay
its stupid to blow up schedules over but it almost seems like tradition places ive worked
like no one in the world knows about the old purple
purple and cyan LEDs are pretty goofy
all electronics used to have all that shit
a lot of it was clear lens too
they maybe still do i just havent been there in forever
purple, pink, cyan
anything blue led would be improved by a white led
white can look super classy

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decent point
anyway if they start waffling over cosmetic LED shit, but they work as indicators, just bring up schedules and running changes a lot, and eventuallt they will probably forget
because drive high more inuitive, shrug

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that makes a diff with light pipes if you have a lot of units to compare
i think the failures are mostly mechanical, from heat cycling and maybe physical damage if your an asshole
because brightness, even radiation, color mixing, diffusion
light pipes change a lot of it so its not predictable
that sucks
who cares it was the other one

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no time/hardware to proto and test?
anyway if theire going to keep making the shit, i would split the order, even if it was just buying a handful of the other
yeah because product designers always flip out over LED shit
i know engineers who would just buy all the leds close to what they planned to use because shit always came up
im pretty sure thats how shit always went down every place i worked, because they *all* had several bins of like 10 variations of basically same LEDs
and you mentioned light pipes
you know how you look under a microscope, and some LED emitters look machine placed and bonded, and some look like monkeys rolling dice?

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anyway, light pipes suck because emitters are like half a mm away from each other firing into a 1mm light pipe
so heavy diffusion it is
that really depends on the light pipe
which did they say to use
i use water clear for single color leds but anything else i try and get heavy diffusion
like them milky white things
but 10% of the expensive one
its initial production or entire run?

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it probably means they tried a lot of LEDs and they all sucked except this one sucked less
macegr: if they did that you could just go and buy someone elses LEDs
and thats not nice
all that shit is dependent on R, G and B coming from the same point location which isnt ever the case
yeah but youre a professional, you know better

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because on hand versus sell rate
dont be stealing their led resources
radiation patterns kind of make more sense
also people pull their hair out because customers saying colors are all wrong, but the colors of most RGB LEDs ive seen are very angle dependent
like, the dies block each other and hit the lens and reflector different or just go through a light pip uneven
like my white phone LED indicator will always look more green or blue at an angle
i would take them seriously

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glowplugs are the future
yeah i would focus on that

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i want to do a thing with 14430 li-ion batteries
but im already having anxiety over the people angry at me because it doesnt work with normal 1.5V AAA batteries
macegr: shrug, in los angeles the experience is like 100 diff things, the places i go to are basically a high security retail experience
no audio thing
tho vapism device in not a bad idea in this footprint
i think its time to find a new jobby job
yeah yours sound like jobs

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macegr: the place in san jose i went to bunch of times, and few places in LA do all the sign up stuff with ipads
then either whiteboards or bigass TVs with prices, and lots of jars, better places have GC results on the jars
like how?
okay macegr how many cali cannabis collectives have you been in
shit has been retail status in california for over 10 years if you are willing to pay for your rec
like, go into a shop, glass counters with shelves of 30 strains, window to the next room where there is a hydro grow happening
basically the medical part is ~$40-60/year for a medical rec, and then 5 minutes the first time you go to any collective
only vague ideas and blurry timelines

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also i am not sure there are stoners who are not self-proclaimed
as far as i know there is no stoner sanctioning body
yeah kinda
thats kinda annoying
i heard edibles in legal for recreation places is mad weak
because people get wasted for two days and freak out
like, wtf thats what you paid for

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bc stoners
you can read that two ways and it is still correct
eh its BC
before weed was legal anywhere, that is where a good deal of the badass weed came from
all of the pacific northwest, really

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oh, yeah i dont want a link unless there is shit on fire

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macegr: link!

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greymoon: they could ship them in a big heatsink box, with the watch kind of tacked to the side

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ha its an intel watch

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they use dots a lot on motherboards
dots around the hole, and a lot of the underside of motherboard screw heads have a radial rib pattern

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yeah i think so
it depends on application, and im not entirely sure what you mean, but usually pads for screw mount holes are for ground conductivity and/or screw tension
i drew mines with stegosaur spikes, shrug
right ive seen something like that where the rays werent connected to anything, so for tension
other things, the feature will be grounded, a lot of stuff will have the pad connected to ground through a cap or resistor

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