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hmm not true i guess because maybe a few redbulls a month, and sometimes i cant get unsweetened tea so i will get those arizona things
mostly i drink unsweetened tea and black coffee, and water
way more into bread and crackers and cheese than sweets
i like that stuff but i never buy it, shrug
prob because like 10x the cost of regular filtered water
i have gummy vitamins for that
most the water i drink is RO filtered so not getting minerals from that
oh thats pretty cheap
i get like 3.8L for $.35
if i was in an unfamiliar place id prob go with the fizzy stuff

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sculptor: you ran out of marijuana?!
ice cream shop throw down
waffle cones straight to their domes
of course not!
i got a 2L of coke the other day =\ =\ =\
maybe a bottle every year or two

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yeah it completrely makes sense if i kinda trace shit out, then yeah that OMG THATS FUCKIN GENIUS MOMENT, i would be confused again if you showed it to me 10 min later
one on the right definitely looks like less drama
rab: did you get the box of endmills yet?
neat @ lots of diff stuff

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rab: switch wiring like that hurts my brain
i always quadruple check 120/240 transformer primary switches, shit is like dyslexia to the max

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