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like, you may want to consider cutting up your ground plane
kk, neat board

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sometimes spark gaps and ferrites, like little 100R 100MHz dealies
but honestly the series resistance is huge
pepper everything with 10-100 pF caps
i like it when they will split the series resistance, and put the caps from between the resistors to ground
it protects the caps from ESD, also it filters in both directions
so it helps keeps internal noise from getting out too
and thats kind of it
as with everything, if your grounding is shit fix that first else nothing else mentioned will work

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however im not really sure if its a single hit, or EMC test style, with multiple hits in sequence, on everything that can actually conduct
because its just a chip, like do they even put it in a circuit
anyway, if its some minimalist, ultra performance shit, or for DIY stuff, the answer is probably no, and you handle it with customer service
if its mass production, professional shit, the answer is usually yes
and the solution is crazyt specific to application because layout and mechanically dependent
but generally, there is series resistance for ins and outs, like 50 to 600 ohms
reverse biased diodes to rails usually go after the series resistor
this keeps them from burning out

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like, are you making 10k, are you doing customer support, do you want to get EMC certs
will it compromised target performance, will it fuck the BOM, will it fit
if you put tested-as-reliable ESD protection you cant use it as an excuse
ESD it what EEs will blame when theyve given up on finding a root cause
cant figure it out, must have been ESD
its rated for a certain amount of capacitance through a certain amount of resistance

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that looks like an audio thing
its a matter of philosophy
meaning the answer if different depending on application and intent

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tc is like too reliable, i keep expecting it to explode for no reason

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right and they work so im not so worried
do you use the usb to charge it?
i havent even tried it seems like it would take forever
anyway, thanks for rec, i gotta go go be lazy crash out

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i wasnt really before
like under half ohm, unregulated
mine have diff numbers on last line but otherwise look same, were basically same price, not same vendor tho
yeah mine have the white insulator ring
are yours matrix printed?
mine def are but pic doesnt look like it, maybe just bad pic
my zero is diff

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yeah this is fine im not even using the constant temp yet
and i use the shit at 15W
really just care about battery life and reliability
last mod kept burning my fucking finger
would scotch brite the fuck out of everything, would work awesome for two days, back to burning my finger
inittab: how do you know if samsung 18650 are real?
from amazon

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hmm maybe not, shrug
bottom left solderjoint on left board looks shit

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e-cigarette box mod
so basically three 2500mAH li-ion 18650 batteries, and a constant wattage, constant temp controller
havent tried constant temp, uses resistance change as feedback
i think i am the one on the right

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inittab: rx200 last 8 hours of driving, so pretty constant use and still had some battery left
unheard of, would usually have to swap out the single 18650 every couple of hours

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man fuck bay area traffic
this shit is like, no options + tolls
there was traffic for 60 miles going north on the 80
where the fuck are all these people going? traffic jam in the middle of open agricultural fields

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