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rab you know you want the bike nuts

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im not sure it matters with most applications
because you arent doing anything in between the filters and end result is the same

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yeah or higher even
quantized signals have a ton of very high frequency content from the transisions
like, the edge between two voltage samples might be equiv to sever mhz, so the filters can help get rid of that stuff
dunno, you cant hear it but it can drive analog circuits nuts
and you will hear the analog circuits go nuts
like the weird cell phone bobble interference noises?
thats not the signal from the phone really you cant hear that, and its not like the circuits to decode it are in audio junk
mostly you are hearing the RF spaz out some circuit
that works
if it wasnt performance audio, i would prob stick a single pole filter at like 10khz
because fuck the last octave
and then put the additional filter poles hypersonic

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so i havent done anything to figure out the filter frequencies, but it could be a multi pole filter
rf should set gain and cf should set bandwidth

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i click and click but no more pages happen

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