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but dassault popped em in the face a few times and theyre freaking out with this cloud shit
eagle is way similar to autocad, no idea if that ends up being a good thing or bad or what
like, if they just put eagle into autocad they maybe have something they can sell
im going to email them like, yo if you dont do that youre assholes, k

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sculptor: gl
i should check the tip angle on my centerdrill/countersink things
if its 118 might as well be a stubby drill
what is tipoc did they put a 3d camera on the space ship?
timecop: so the thing with autodesk, is their cad/cam software is usually pretty good

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blackmoon: do you use combo centerdrill countersinks, or little stub pilot drills?
i dont have a stubby drill

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and some way to smash it on

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is like, fridge dolly without the tank treads
sometimes i wish i just had barrel dolly
inflatable wheel ones are weird
bounce and wobble

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thats like fisher price shit
hammer on, with the plastic bullet caps
checked mine, it has cotter pins

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