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they do that with parallel port pin headers
some boards itll be populated, some boards bunch of filled vias

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those sections are $$$

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rf gear
is probably noisier that way
but who knows, random voodoo

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you still doing medical fridges?
nasa stream sound cut out?
thats not a good sign yo
watch count dropping

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like, awesome for DIY or boutique qty runs, sure to fuck you for mass production
sell to europe, go to court
this is america, who the fuck drops 200k-1M at once
kevtris: omg win

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timecop: haaaaa
@ finding those in SMD
you almost cant find those or the optoisolators based on those in qty, period
thru hole or smd
blackmoon: these are great for certain audio processors
compressors and gates
but they almost dont exist in ROHS
i dont think theyre made, i think whats there is just old stock from when they were used for TVs
yeah making them was looked into but there was still the issue of getting them in qty with rohs cert
also i guess what exists is pretty shit in terms of specs

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