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ac-130h: what
i think every keyboard ive had, it was for years, and all were retired because either dirty as fuck or liquids

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thats when its class-b
always conducting near zero crossing is when its like class-a
its kind of like one transistor is the bias resistor of the other transistor
right, so thats the class-a part of class-ab
its class-a near zero crossing, class-b otherwise, so class-ab
thats what i said
elliot sound has a nice headphone amp
is basically a discrete AB output for an opamp

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because you might damage the drivers
or cause more distortion pushing them harder
compared to the ones designed to have the bass
macegr: i kind of wonder if thats possible with mid freq transducers behind the ear

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jero32: cheap speaker wire, prob like .001% distortion
really good speakers, 1% distortion
a trivial amount in context of speaker distortion
amplifiers are the same
almost any amp is like under 0.5% THD, you cant hear it
tube amps just soft clip and low pass
and they have a ton of overshoot
which can be nice for transients
but when not pushed to distortion, solid state and tube amps are both transparent
speakers are your biggest source of distortion
by far
thats not true
in blind listening, thats not true
people dont like flat very much, but people like low distortion
assholes associate distortion with loud, so to those guys, distortion is kind of a marketing thing
i like boosted clean bass

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eh, its about how fast shit gets setups and packed up too
there are people that use hardware to listen to music
and there are people that use music to listen to hardware

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best speaker wire is sjo type stuff, 2 conductor
next best, get teflon insulated silver tinned stranded copper in two colors, use a drill and a vise or similar to twist
why lol, how do you twist wires
damn someone bought my multieffects thing for my fakey buyitnow price
i wasnt planning on shipping anything for a week wtf

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yeah i dunno its an edge case, it seems more likely that electrons just get lost, too
in a single liine of atoms, there would be regions with much less attraction compared to some 3d structure where there are basically nuclii in every direction
seems interesting tho

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how do you make a 1 atom thick gold wire longer
i think thats just when it falls apart
its about the number of atoms an electron has to pass by
and yeah if you make a gold wire longer by adding more atoms, pretty sure resistance goes up
unless its doing some transmission line shit, but i dont think that counts

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