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because it doesnt happen a lot
yeah neat, lots
oh thats the first you linked

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no idea, the wiki had equations
but yeah my liquor store RO water thing has that
tap water too smelly for stuff like coffee, tea
i dont cook with it much either
how do you keep it from reflecting back at you
what was the 80s show with the aliens who landed, immigrated
alien nation
they were UV powered i think
right, put sunscreen

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you keep pasting the shit im reading
this is a habit
but right so it seems mostly effective
its not bleach, tho
that said, if theres a guy testing the water, and swapping out the RO cart when it gets above a few ppm, im happy
because its never been over like 2
how about water

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and its a bunch of times a week, so they probably like, check
also replace filters on schedule, which most people seem bad about
right but they can check the output
and its above a certain amount, swap filter cart
yeah i dont think UV does much tho, and probably nothing for dissolved solids
i think its a marketing bullet point, its like a ring of UV light around a translucent tube of flowing water
i think UV sensitive things just went OUCH WTF WAS THAT
and went on doing their micro-orgasmic things
yeah but its not a ton of exposure
and if the RO filter lets bacteria through, its probably okay
because its city water
yeah thats why that shit interacts with said things
waves to big just go around things or bounce back
waves too small mostly go through things or bounce off to random
waves just right get eaten up, move things

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jero32: chlorine isnt so bad, it goes away
so filter pitchers are so fucking slow, by the time the water is ready all the chlorine prob evaped off anyway
we probably dont need that much chlorine
and we can prob get it from breaking down food things
and yeah i dont like chlorine because it tastes bad
tap water tastes bad
also i dont trust pipes
yeah at the water plant
jero32: valley water was actually okay
again, dont trust pipes, water from same place tastes way diff, diff buildings
holy shit with the water science
i dunno, the water vending machine thing has a serviced on date on the display

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pretty sure all the water i drink is 0 ppm
so yeah i have at least two tds meters
tap is 130 ppm, which is pretty good i think i the sf valley it was like 200+
and the water i drink was 2
i drink carbon then reverse osmosis filtered then UV blasted water
its $.35/gal from the vending machine by the super market and liquir store
prob racoons suck on the nozzle at night
2ppm is damn close to zero in a sauce bowl i just tested tap water in

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is maybe 10 years old, shrug, was on sale for like $100 at best buy or some shit like that

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rab: eh, fuck those battery packs
i think they were sony, but bunch of things use the cases now, and the 3rd pin temp sense circuit isnt consistent
also the barrel pin terminal shit doesnt seem consistent either
my chair is old
is creaks
and right armrest has worn through the leather and padding down to the wood
yeah seems okay

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