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oh, yeah sounds like it is gpu

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personally, i dont give a fuck about pc hardware until like a couple weeks before im going to build a computer
can you get some lower quality streams?
from same servers, to check if its bandwidth

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sorts packets 20% faster!
champi0n: that sucks which one
i think probably it is a network problem
but i dunno maybe it is a gpu problem, in which case i dunno, upgrade drivers, pray to hardware voodoos, find some efnet hardware geek
i usually use d0gzpaw for the last part
computer tech in #cars

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see they got little rifles and bomber jackets and goggles
when i win the lottery i will buy one of those statues

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they seem to chill out once they hit terminal velocity
i think they would just make a cat cartridge
like birth machine babies
like that, but with cats
rab: i think trying to do anything directed with cats is a recipe for some kind of catastrophe
blackmoon: omg you have never seen?
no they have little rifles
i always thought because like, gov sending kids off to wars, but giger said its about overpopulation
i like her
first cat pooped

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so there is data somewhere that says that they do better from higher altitudes than some middle altitude
like, if you give a cat more time they can get into best landing situations
yeah this seems to be well studied or at least debated
ya obviously
cats with the rabies fired from a giant cannon on a mountain

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only the best poison
no penny spared

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timecop: no i did some work for some, then he ran out of money
like, he got some kida who could work cheaper to complete work i had already done
and then yeah i dunno hes texted but i just tell him to email his plans and he doesnt
i like where he explains they cant do refunds because that would totally fuckup cashflow and kill his little company
fucking non-company, if guy gonna call himself a CEO, he should act like one, hire a project manager and gtfo of the way

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blackmoon: so crowdfunding guy has now released a video about path to his dog ring, thats its going to be cast and polished aluminum, and there is no demo prototype, but he needs pre-orders to buy more equipment
this is after buying the plastic injection press, after the arduino cnc, after the lathe
blackmoon: actually it worked better than i expected
but i dunno what he was expecting, because he kind of gave up
i think because that path required more money to pay me to cut molds
he wants to do it here and i respect that but he doesnt know much about manufacturing
but right hes got this upcounting gif like 1900 PREORDERS!!!
at $20, so like $38k
i think he pretty much paid for rent and burritos and arduino cnc with it
it seems static at 1900
or else no more preorders since

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yeah that does not look like american malt alcohol

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yeah his vocabulary is pretty good

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yeah wow ball bearing dont fuck around
hes way younger than i thought from his voice

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pretty sure thats a thing

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i think wort is a plant thing
nope is a beer/whiskey thing
i guess it is also a plant thing
wort is diverse
last year williams pit team was mostly know for sending out bottas with a set of mismatched tires

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