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ok sleep fureal nite!

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okay i think sleepies now
well see if it works first
heh, nite
i want to leave the synth track on but my neighbor is prob like wtfuuu
same time zone
yeah np, make more pls kty
wasnt music as much as the sound effects

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or gets 80s with it
and everyone who hasnt read the manual gonna be confused for a bit
theyre just diff
you can get them without detents tho
but i kind of feel like you need visual feedback with encoders
unless its single function
a lot of stuff will have a single 7 seg display with the value of whatever is being tweaked
but for something like, youre tweaking a lot of things
omg i need sleeps
nice your soundcloud has a 30 min one
wow thats cool

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gets all beep boopboop minute later
pretty much an appregiator at that point
NES sounds = set the appregiator to bpm/32 or /16
matve another row of switches and pots
and some master switch to go between them, heh
like marshall amp style
or maybe just do like banks/patterns but then it gets confusing because switches and knobs wont match loaded patterns

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relay is probably better i dont think mosfets work great for audio
jfets can work, lots of compressors and gates use jfets
but yeah, you prob want to research simple gate circuit
relays are just better
music stuff uses jfets, test gear uses relays
you could do two dacs, too
and just start one later
heheh this thing sounds neat
like 10:30 in

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or does it change depending on frequency
heh neat
omg both videos running bad
ha yeah i seen this video, cool shit

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youre driving the dac from the uc pins?
cool, i did that with an avr, worked fine
was going to try bunch of shift regs
i had a huge spool of twisted phone wire, shit is gone i dunno where
whats your sample rate?

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a lot cheaper than codec
neat i never even thought about that
haha crunchy

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haha you prob have to time it
it might just get stuck, too
but then you let go it eitheer goes back to wobbling or keeps going
i was just thinking a normally closed tactile button
how are you generating the signal?
i would try two things, cut off the first half cycle of one channel, and then cut off ffirst full cycle
they work its neat
sometimes i wonder what a 16b or 24b one would be like

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my first project had some 3 phase china ic/firmware motor setup
never worked great, send the french dsp guys to work with the china motor programmer guys
still didnt work great, optical sensors and hall sensors
does it wobble?
turn on of the channels off for a bit
maybe try a button on one of the signals
because that will hopefully offset it to on pole enough that when you let go of button it keeps going that direction

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the magnetizer for that thing is probably nuts
i think 8
then it has to switch twelve times i think
maybe its offset
maybe some voodoo so pulsing certain way at first always makes it go certain way
oh right that makes sense
naw thats still confusing

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because some of them are like steppers
okay so 800 * 12 * 60
oh huh
so 800*5
4krpm not so insane
ans that seems about right for the tone it was making
either, its way more than one 1k
hehe that shit sounded fast
hmm no easy way to get rew to see outputs as an input

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kostix: st amps are neat
weird i think he means if rips itself apart
that would hurt
wonder if rew will do a soundcard output FFT

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tecan: microSD is old now?

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wait at the end he wins
how does he win

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that is kind of weird

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me gusta
jero32: isolated controlling of all the things

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