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i would think shielding and capacitance has more to do with it than wire thickness

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i think its usually silver or tin
not sure it is literally silver but thats what a lot of wire says
Conductor: Silver-plated stranded copper wire
<3 that stuff
california uber alles

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just guessing, but maybe: pull the state of the outputs before disabling, copy to gpio output reg, then disable timer and/or reconfig to let go of the compare pins

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it is if you limit failed logins and logins per period
its insane if you dont do tghat
not if you limit failures too
10 failures per hour, 20 failures locks you out until customer service contact
in that type of situation, 10k possibilities is probably fine
right if thats the case theyre just fuckups, which isnt abnormal, but if they dont take responsibility in a case were money is involved, theyre criminal

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doesnt have a repeat fail lockout, or max logins per period?

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