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neat how last one says cry
maybe water means flush but the sticker below it looks more like parking validation

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timecop: im assuming i dont work there, so not flushing is next guys problem
black beans turned my sliced garlics black
like celery
admittedly i am confused by the difference between the two middle buttons and cant make out the word that isnt spray
bidet? maybe bidet, but i dont know how that is different than spray
or even the pros andcons of using one or the other assuming bidet means stream

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how considerate
would suck to die like elvis

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timecop: true american production
those downtown LA sweatshops still running
well, baerely, but theyre still a thing

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rab: were you thinking of quoting double sided smd pcba soon?
i realized everything ive seen/arranged was either fucked up short lead time american fab, or crazy high production count china stuff

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i have to remember for the next time someone says to me YOU SHOULD DO A BUSINESS
im kind of wondering how much i can get away with just calling myself a consultant
versus what?
thats prob nothing compared to the insurance for a fabrication shop
also ive done a 1099
several 1099 actually, tho me and the big boss kind of have an arrangement
i keep paying them monthly, they just add to my tab, and the interest even with penalties doesnt seem that bad

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did you work for 6 hours at min wage outside with other peoples recyclables?
i wouldnt really try to compare your day with mine
i dont believe
sounds like your day sucked more
what is your business, technically?
i think you are going to pay some sort of fee
maybe two or even three fees
thats not a fee, thats a fair price for a decent scam

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i used up last of ice, but covered with too much water and its only kinda cold
wunderground says its 101F now with a high today of 99F

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blinding white background is blinding
blinking led signs pretty standard in LA, not very impressed

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macegr: steering on that looks super useless

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