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guys what happens to all the bikes

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ha, cool dip to sdip adapter
jero32: it probably has enough unf to drive one
hp did a lot of neat little displays

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kevtris: ha, dac cards in that thing are neat
awesome recycling project

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shrug, you have to know whats going on in the championship for the races to make sense
k have fun laters
F1 didnt make sense to me until i read like 3 or 4 seasons worth of race reports in road and track in the late 90s
ha, and as a kid i was totally confused about the different open wheel racing leagues until senna died =\
shrug, im a fan but he could be an ass
MSC was a much bigger ass, i was not a fan really
ha mansell was cool

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its worse here than in LA, when i talk about F1 or endurance stuff people just seem confused
like, its not nascar or indy so they dunno wtf im talking about
i am missing autonomous car track day
but i am alive
champi0n: watch any of nurburgring 24?
last i saw cars were stopp on track and drivers out of the car tripping out on the hail
big medium/low speed pileup towards the beginning
actually no, i watched a bit after that and they were doing crazy shit in the fog
carousel while chasing close in the fog pretty nuts

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sculptor: danny ric got robbed, yo
i dunno if im more pissed at his engineers or FIA stewards for being like whatever at hamilton cutting the chicane
theyre gonna turn the happiest dude in F1 into some sort of super villian
well, i usually stay up for the entire thing and im not racing in it, so yeah probably
i dont follow endurance so close that results would piss me off
timing on one monitor and a few live streams?
i really like how so many teams do onboard streams at the same time
you have buddies to watch with?
sometimes i get friends to watch F1 but they mostly seem annoyed i want to watch the race instead of hang out with them

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for example that rusty ass shit on the hub in the wiki page? that was prob supposed to be replaced by some tech at a service interval that never happened
my guess is the majority of 'replace when serviced' parts dont get replaced
i think this happens with nylock and pins, and i think the majority of times its probably fine
im from california, rust is a spotty thing here
tho in general its probably more dependent on the car and mileage in california
shrug, most of the time its prob fine
the rest of the time, a mechanic makes money off a repair, so whats the incentive in them replacing expensive nuts and pins

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i think the issue is they have less resistance
and overtime will wear down
like, work fine on your light use car, not so much on your heavy use car
and damn near everyone has a heavy use car
likely all the suspension components
oh, okay well if pin and castle nuts dont count i guess youre right
i trust those nuts way more than i trust those pin s
depends on the pin i guess, and i dont think their applications overlap a ton

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star washers work, split washers not so much
split washers are cheap because they dont really work
jero32: if self tapping prob no need, if lots of threads engaged and its not super critical, dont need, otherwise probably a good idea
those are neat but supposedly arent great for repeated use
for car stuff youre not supposed to reuse them
lock nut is like 20 diff things
maybe star washers are same, but they seem to deal with repeated use fine

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loctite hysol is neatest glue ev0r
for conductive connections?
or just like, anybolt
that doesnt look okay
rab: what is this pics of?
that gearing has a name
oh clausing, neat
jero32: loctite is fine for anything non conductive, conductive stuff is probably a bad idea
i dunno maybe it works but i would never use it, i just use star washers, lots of terminal blocks come with them
no theyre very good mechanical locking nuts

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hollow shafts make your machine tool faster through the chicanes
ha trip out, friends baby girl happened day after my bday, were both year of the monkey
poor guy

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