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omg sculptor gone

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i built that one from scratch, like 20 lbs, still pissed
new bike is okay but drivetrain is so china'd

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is that a PLC? i dunno a ton about them besides fuck ladder logic
oh its an ad chip, thats neat
they calls it iCoupler
very creative
"monolithic air core technology"
somehow to AD monolithic means very very small and integrated
macegr: i was pissed because in the class where i had to learn it, C was the default language in the 1st party IDE
also, when i stayed until midnite to get the code working, my bike got stolen from a school bike rack
was all like YAYAY I DEFEATED LADDER LOGIC hey there are only two bikes those are not my bike

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mag isolated?
Coreless Transformer Technology, whatever the fuck that means
~$10 for 8ch

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ignoring minor mistakes with cut traces and little blue wires is like first rev prototype tradition

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fuck i am out of the good coffee
still have half a tin of ashtray coffee

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configuring peripherals looks worse than it is, so im kind of debating reading more and playing with the stdperiph stuff, or poking cubemx and going through generated code
abtraction usually pisses me off, but i forgot a lot of the research i did last summer and want an idea of what the HAL stuff can do

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are you using openocd or the texane stlink thing?

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pretty sure the vcp stuff in their usb-rs232 bridge example is the standard st license
rab: right i get the impression they dont care if you open source your firmware or not, which makes it less restrictive than gpl, typical CANT SUE ME K stuff
rab: linker script from where? cubemx generated project?
maybe same people did cubemx and system workbench

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rab: This software delivery contains various software that are subject to different license agreements.
ha, so ya cubemx licensing looks messy
next line basically says check all related documentation and headers
best case just some of the middleware has non-st license. st license looks ok
not sure i care about anything except the usb vcp stuff

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