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looks like ~$5

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ha i wonder how many turns they got on there
oh wait no one has more pins i think
yeah one closest to center is something different

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blackmoon: im not sure if its limited strictly to win, but as far as i know in quebec wine shops are a gov thing
In Quebec, strong liquors and spirits (generally over 15%-20% abv.) are restricted for sale only in SAQ outlets (provincially-owned liquor retailers) as well at bars and other establishments with the requisite permit.
like, SAQ is a gov run company in charge of alcohol in quebec
i think, i wasnt totally sure when it was explained to me when i was there

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blackmoon: thats kind of syncs up perfectly with their alcohol distribution policies

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i think its just a crappy inductor at that point?
so whatever the inductance of the coil looks like to the source
definitely more than zero!

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rab: i use it to create on grid patterns that dont use the default grid that dont start at the origin
so looks like it works but theres something wrong with the dialog

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blackmoon: all i have is bacon fat but you cant tostadas in bacon fat

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cnd one is neat
er, 2nd
random delay is smart
fuck im all out of good coffee

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are you going to make sexy mood lightings
i wanted to make tostadas but i have no veggie oil

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oh i dunno ive just been using draftsight
so yeah i guess moving grid origin and moving document origin
and what i had to do was use the text box arrows to change the values of the origin to make it stop ignoring the entered text
i just want to type the numbers and have shit work

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its spendy
there is an open source option i am not very familiar with that i wont recommend
because i guess open source community cant even be bothered to have a moving origin in the 2d world
note sure what you mean

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rab: inkscape grid origin settings doesnt work?
rab: https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+bug/170049
i am so dissapoint

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