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not easy to find on the digikey, just expensive range finders
k nite
^ way more arguments and drama today about this

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i wonder if they are afraid of trains
train gotta be like, wrap my head in my wings and rock back and forth until its over shit to a bat
i wonder how hard to get HF transducer to hear bats
bats seem to be 10khz to 100khz devices

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what by hitting them with the pebble?
i dont think it would be possible not to hit one
i didnt say bat wtf i said like, bats
im pretty sure once the pebble arcs over its just too much effort to chase it
target rich environment
no im not going back out there
theres probably more of them now its darker
oh thats not hyappening tonight
this morning was F1
so obviously no sleep was had
and tomorrow is finals so could not sleep during the day and throw my schedule off
so like, bedtime is meow
but the bats are like 5 miles away now
i dont want to spinny on the bike anymore
i dont think so, but little creek is like 2 blocks away, and big creek goes through school like 4 blocks other away
and bugs like the creeks, and bats like the bugs

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i dunno i feel like the discussion was productive
anyway, norcal bugs not like socal bugs, fuuuuuu
also bats wtf

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i think thats how this all started
maybe we should ban escalator talk

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again, i think youre really sensitive about this white racism thing
do you need a safe space?
where they wont bring up these issues anymore?
should i be more politically correct and not bring our heritage into this?
ha sure, but not because of this
his quit message, so appropriate
k can we go back to talking about guns and cars?
that was way more fun
maybe even electronics

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so yeah you want to try and insult me in some other made up way?
yes you have been trying
im not exacly that dim gpf
even tho youve said as much over and over
01:57 < GPF> Canada is far above you
01:34 < GPF> I think your problem is that you think in 2D..
02:01 < GPF> I think maybe you are a little dimmer than you may think
i lived in the most diverse place on earth
sure but its you insulting me
02:00 < GPF> insult you?
i mean if youre going to get personal and insult peoples intelligence at least own up to it
i just did i think we can problably move on
you should read the things spybert said

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im trying to figure out your point
that i dont work?
i really dont know your point
you keep saying that, that i know, really i dont know where you are going or what point is being made
the problem is there is very little free social programs for the farmers?
for the farmers who are out of work?
for immigrants who arent there much?
again, when did i blame white people for all the problems?
is canada or new york far enough?
i think mostly politicians and corporate leadership is the problem
also defence contrators
also intelligence agencies
im willing to bet most of them are white
but the problem isnt because their white
mostly a coincidence
the republican base is mostly white, and a lot are racist
this is pretty much a statistic you can look up
ive been to canada btw
it was awesome
border girl: "business or please?"
me: ...pleasure
border girl: is it a girl?
me: ...yes?
border girl: is she cute?
me: yes?
border girl: welcome to canada!
so yeah, canadian border security, very friendly, very open, very cute!

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and the city i grew up in was basically all immigrant farm labor before it was urbanized
what exactly is your point gpf
that 30 years ago there was more jobs in agriculture?
so youre saying immigrants dont work?
like, do you think california central valley feeds the nation with robot workers?
its a bit far, too
so youre saying immigrant labor gets a free ride?
because geography
and what exactly is the problem gpf
that they dont work hard enough?
im really trying to understand what your point is
you know people that work on farms that dont use immigrant labor?
is that your point?
okay well me too?
its not like there arent those types of farms too here
thats a problem to you?
social programs for who?

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spybert: =(
most of south america is fucked up
we helped with a decent amount of fucking it up
in general a lot of the world takes advantage of them
dunno a lot of south america is pretty white gpf
well shit is different now, not sure what your point is
shrug, my granfather was a mechanic, i think he worked pretty hard
i mean, youd have zero respect for him because his english isnt very good, but i think he controbuted and worked hard
until he was in his 60s
and this is my experience with most immigrants
im still not sure what your point is
people work hard?
um, my grandparent never got free shit
and theyd be too proud to take it anyway

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because theyre a proven net benefit to society according many studies
gpf: yes really
what happens when border patrol gets shot
you want a DMZ like korea?
well, all of us are accountable gpf
i love how immigrants are the problem, the weakest people in america
the people with no power
no control, absolutely no say in what the government is
again, spybert with the excelent logic
seeing the fall of america for what it is

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because clearly i dont understand how multiple things can interact in a way that simple vague non-plans will fix
gpf: again, so youre attaching your own meaning to his vague statement
thanks for supporting the trump supporter stereotype
i believe most stereytypes are base din truth by the way
thats makes me a little bit of a racist to some
well he says hes gonna build a wall, and mexico is going to pay for it
because of our trade deficit
theres a wall gpf
theyve already built sections of wall
so yes, it probably means hes going to build an actual wall
since thats what hes said over, and over, and over
but nice job walking his words back for him
you know he will eventually
kevtris: theyll start shooting back
and what exactly will this help btw
open up farm jobs for poor people on EBT?
spybert knows whats up
thats about the only intelligent creative idea ive heard
or theyll kick out american factories
and now you wont be able to afford a car
because we sure as fuck cant afford to make cars in america

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well when you stereotype large groups of people as racists and criminals, ya that happens
people will call you racist
because if thats not racist what is?
like, the vast majority of immigrants work hard in fields to help you
i didnt
kevtris did
01:29 < kevtris> person X says "trump is racist" and then 3-4 people read it and believe it and "retweet" it, and more people see it, agree with it, and so on but none of them actually fact check
you brought up racism
im fine with talking with it or not
gpf seems sensitive
he needs a safe space
yeah well just import the food from mexico
so they dont have to grow it here
and they can use the money they get from selling the food to build the wall
perfect plan
because a wall is gonna fix shit
even tho immigrants are leaving faster than they are coming now
hell a wall just gonna make them leaving slower
who said what?
no the wall is a beautiful big wall
he can imagine the synthetic wood or whatever
kevtris: so trump is known for being vague, and his supporters are known for attaching their own meaning to his vague statements
and theres a lot of 'well he doesnt really mean that'
excellent con man
excellent politician
why i would never vote for him
sure i think in 2D GPF
lets hear your description of this

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i dont know what 'that' which i am a result of refers to
01:24 < GPF> how do you like that for an idea?
thats a question
and youre doing poorly at ringing
you have only reinforced everything i believe in
pretty much
gets personal because cant argue content
the definition of a loser on the interwebs
because i dont want to ban muslims and i think dereuglating corporations so they can sell out american manufacturing is a bad thing?
i mean fuck me for not wanting to ban members of our own military
gpf: weak arguments and getting personal when contronted
kevtris: yes hes good at conning ignorant people and basically most everyone else pissed at him
this is known, long before this election cycle
im laughing if people expect him to deliver on *anything* he says
yes fairly open communication mediums, thats the problem
not the people talking

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trump is a fucking con man and hes backed off everything hes promised his supporters
the wall and the muslim ban are now just suggestions
he says everything hes said so far i sjust a suggestion he may not do any of it
fucker has put how many of business into bankruptcy?
and his plan is to default on our national debt
but not really because he canprint as much money as he wants to pay it
so trumps "plan" is mad inflation
but its not really his plan because he just says shit to get people to support him
um, im probably more against hillary than you
i definitely wouldnt ever vote for her
shes currently taking money from the GOP fundraisers
hell she might as well be a neo-con
i dunno why republicans hate her shes one of them
shes a hawk, and she down with corp money
i dont understand why republicans dont <3 her
gpf: GOP is fucked because they been pussyfooting around their bigot platform for 30 years
and he hijacked it
he says things they elluded too
trump is the result of pandering to religous nuts and racists
he hijacked that platform
and did it better
well define it more
so we can talk about it
well then why are you asking me what i think?
no i really dont

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still wont change that your low price of food is because of immigrants
champi0n: yeah thats fucked and thats like one case and
yes really
you think its high?
itd be way higher without immigrants
btw theyre leaving and cali labor costs are rising
what so business will become more efficient?
isnt that a good thing?
i think probably the price of shit goes up
so you dont think min wage should scale with at least inflation?
well robots probably fuck it up less
champi0n: well thats what its become
well there are no manufacturing jobs anymore
so now theres only retail jobs
so if those are min wage, it means that average people are on min wage
because we threw away our economy
for cheaper shit at walmart
well the jobs that are worth more are gone
so whats your solution?
vote more republicans in office so they can deregulate industry more?
because thats worked out well for us
spybert: ikr
right because his logical arguments kind of suck

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i like vietnamese food
right so when you say other cultures have nothing positive, i feel fine dismissing you completely
because thats just silly
thats like saying american culture is only good
im not really down with patriotism or nationalism
but if you want to wave a flag around and youre not hurting anyone, go for it
i kinda of like those black and grey themed american flags
because you love your culture
but you dont like the situation that your culture was put into in your country
i mean this isnt very complicated stuff
its not like all people from a place are the same
and all their politics are the same
and their culture is the same
it depends on the immigrant
also we stole california
theres whole districts in LA like that
its neat i miss it
would it make a difference to you?
id still be here
with the same exact views
not sure what point youre making
on par with what?
shrug, so try and get it changed
i think thats a valid debate

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well people wont work in the fields here
non immigrants dont want those jobs
and owuldnt be willing to live how they do to survive
kevtris: yeah its kind of hard to figure out which immigrants you mean when youre also talking about situations over here
anyway, you take people out of a super fucked situation and theres going to be issues
but the reasoning, at least as i usually understand it, i you are trying to do something that is better on average for people
i can totally understand how you would see it that way
maybe it is dangerous
i like traveling around to different cultural districts in los angeles
its kind of neat how they blend and how everyone gets along
gpf: yes thats why they came here
because we want to take the good parts of their culture
because thats all american culture has ever been
sure i do
i like tacos

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sit down job?
i was a tech i was on my feet a good deal of time
also not having a job is per the academic plan
what am i bitching and complaining about needing to do?
all i need to do today is get some decent sleep before exams
you are making less and less sense and getting more and more personal
i dont believe i made any personal attacks against you and if i did i got carried away and i apologize
i usually try and stick to the content of whats being said and not try and bring up a persons personal situation
as i dont know what circumstances you have had to deal with in your life and dont want to judge you because of that
what did i says about his mom?
i said my mom is an immigrant
who teaches white rich special ed kids
kevtris said immigrants dont do anything good
i think my mom does good stuff
they pay her a lot for her position to because she has like, maximum patience
well it was definitely something like that but maybe i was wrong
well i think thats how she started
she got a green card eventually

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yeah fuck those white trash assholes on EBT
stinking up the walmart
yes a lot a few minutes ago
what program?
probably soon why
i think i qualify now that im in school =)
i make like, 1/4 of what i was making before =\
well, i get loaned
gpf: thanks for paying my loan interest!
ill let you know how that free lunch application goes!
and i dont have a problem with white people as much as rich selfish people
also ignorant people
politically speaking, most the ignorant people on the other side tend to be white
it depends on the right people
i qualified it with selfish
and yes if some rich fuck sold out your job GPF, i wouldnt like them
i would be like, fuck that guy who sold out GPF's job

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authorities are usually not very good at computers
fool me once, cant fool me again
hows it go!?
that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.
clearly we should just bomb everyone
because things were awesome when bush was in power
we got the trade centers blown up
we got into two shitty quagmires
were still pretty much there
put the economy into the gutter
but dems are the problem
okay well we agree on that

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like, republicans are currently trying to legislate what bathrooms people use
as far as i know, this is the culture you are talking about
thats better
sure you can think like blackmoon but then dont expect people who want things to be better to take things seriously
except for all the lazy bums on food stamps
more white people on food stamps then black people
poor people who vote republican who tend to be white tend to be the highest recipients of benefits
its an ecnomic issue
not a color or religion issue
i know kind of trashy white people who dont have this 'white pirvelege' thorn in their side
yes all dems fault
were not broke over multiple wars
or were not trying to legislate who women do with their doctors
or legislate who goes to what bathroom
um, repubs want you to vote out of fear so they can delegislate more business rules so they can sell more of your jobs to china
thats blowback, fuckin with you

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well africa is a bit fucked right now
south america is pretty much the same
so do you believe in equality of opportunity or not?
because it seems like you believe in, oh your born fucked? stay fucked
gpf: me and also a sizable part of society
except the price you pay for food
also my mom
she helps teachers
my mom also helps special ed white kids whith rich parents
but i guuess nothing good comes from my mom
because shes a rapist and a criminal
i never said that
i would never generalize completely like that
i tend to think its groups of people who have happened to be white in certain situations thoughout history
natives could be pretty fucked too
in general most societies have their issues
see but your dismissing the millions of poor people who dont get to go to nice college
just because of what a few in college say
like, im trying to say people and societies tend to be pretty complex, have issues positive and negative
tend to be pretty situational

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okay well paksitan is a mostly fucked up place
but maybe its not about their religion
but about russians and then americans destroying their country multiple times to make a point
about communism and democrazy or some shit
kevtris: western society is killing western society
when you take advantage of people, eventually they do something back
which currently support your standard of living
so america is being invaded by immigrants?
thats like outer space being invaded by vacuum
unless you believe that america is for white people
and as a white person, you are entitled to america
kevtris: white people came her and murdered millions to get away from fuckhead white people
so call me less than sympathetic
also, we recently killed 500k civilians because god told our president to do it
yeah but thats valid history man, thats how this place happened
so to act like somehow white people are more civil is pretty nuts
gpf: what because i dont agree?
gpf: i am half white people
and no
i blame them for being butt hurt by non white people
and acting like victims whose culture is being robbed

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you should go to jail for doing crimes while on drugs
or you should be offered treatment if your so fucked on drugs you cant function, even if you havent done a crime
yeah seriously
what does this have to do with drugs
this just has to do with poor GTA or probation laws
you shouldnt go to jail for doing drugs while you were stealing a car
you should go to jail for stealing the car
okay kevtris thats just ridiculous in context of the millions of profilable people who are basically locked up for life
for drug crimes or literally just being homeless
nice anecdote tho
so youre going to turn this into some sort of PC argument?
trump fan are we?
well do you think racism was ever a thing?
do you think it was a bad thing?
do you think its a thing that something should have been done about?
kevtris: yeah rich white political types
and priests
because the middle east is in asia
and muslim isnt a race
race isnt really definable anyway

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and he lived a very long time after this, as far as i know, doing the same type of shit
naw i was a good boy
just smoked weed then
cigarettes didnt happen until we ran out of weed at the group hom the odd week they decided to crack down
smoked a cig, ran up an oak tree, mad energy, super caffeine style
and yeah, none of the cigarettes since then have been like that
mostly they just make me feel sick before im done with one
the unflavored nicotine in veggie glycerine doesnt make me feel sick
id be down
theyre basically engineered poison
i mean if we voted and people decided to ban them, id prob be okay with that
i think we should decimrinalize drug use, but im not sure meth or crack should be legal
i dont think you should go to jail for doing drugs

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well in that case i still got like 300 years to go
hes like 60s old, shrug
my dad was like 400lbs+ most of my life, smoked lots of crack at the end, did everythign except acid before that, hung out downtown and tended to piss people off
yet lived to be 70
i might be okay
yeah prob not even expensive 20 years from now
like, i remember dad driving around in a short-bus type van, doghouse off so mad gas fumes, buying cigs with credit cards, selling to bums on skid row
im like, 14 and watching this crowd of zombie junkies around the van getting bigger and bigger

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but im pretty sure all the numbers say having guns is just more dangerous in general
also any urban area with depressed economics is going to pump up the gun crime rate because there will be a large population of desperate people doing literally anything to survive because human in a dangerous place
what is that thing
so at one job, a guy was joking with a rented ESD gun like he was going to shoot me
so i grabbed it turned it on and shot myself about 10 times with it
full auto
just another day at work getting ready for EMC
annoying when those ground strap thumb screw terminals get loose
no my other arm
so across my heart
naw, prob gonna live forever
havent decided yet but thats the way im leanin

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yes but im pretty sure its very, very clear that its much safer in countries with gun control
so youre safety argument is a joke to me honestly
that john wayne shit dont work out on a large scale
now if you say its because you feel it is your right, to protect your rights, then i agree 100%
but people who have families who want to be safe arent crazy
in terms of safety, theyre right
yes and most of the time the invader wont have a gun
or at least not a very deadly gun
on average, youre safer without guns
if you issue is safety, then im pretty sure you lose the argument
if your argument is the tulimate protection of your huiman rights, well then by all means, arm up
i believe in guns because theyre dangerous, theyre for killing people
as a population, americans should be dangerous
we should be feared
you should think twice before taking our rights away
so i think its a meaningful debate, and i understand both sides

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but if you dont want to die because of guns, europe is an example iof a place you die less from guns
and while i think guns should be legal in almost all cases...
i also accept that thinking its totally safe to have them everywhere is nuts
you have a gun in your house?
now any theif in your house in potentially armed
if you lock it up, its useless to you
then they have access when you have the gun
if you think youre always going to get the first shot off, youre probably wrong
kevtris: thats nice that youre hardcore, do you want everyone to be?
family dont want to kill people all the time
its not their thing
right so why should they care what you think about gun laws
you just said you dont give a fuck about them
why should they be like anything except fuck you
sure youre going to try
but it wont always work
if you had a family, maybe it would lead to the death of your kids
right and i feel exactly the same
but im not going to just dismiss people who do, and who just dont want to deal with the issue and want to be safer
do i agree? no
are they wrong? not if they just want to be safer overall

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i also think assault rifles should be legal because theyre perfect for home defense
while a hunting riffle is hindered in a hallways
or going through a door
kevtris: because crazy people kill lots of people with them
and republicans wont fund mental health care
and people get annoyed
yeah but its way harder if they dont have guns
like, you can disagree, but youd be wrong
europe is the example
i think guns should be legal, but the cases against it are usually valid
and not understanding that just makes you look a bit looney
and as far as ive read, things really on the whole arent that much worse in europe
with the immigrants
because law abiding people go crazy
you can go crazy
just takes the wrong set of circumstances
you are not immune
no one is
i believe in gun rights because i believe we should be able to take the government back
i also dont try and pretend like it doesnt make the country more dangerous
thats the point
were supposed to be dangerous
but to expect everyone to accept that is just dumb
people dont want their kids to die, and id you dont accept that, you wont gain much ground in the argument
because theyre right, its safer
sure but what you feel isnt backed up by numbers
and in general, not a lot of people die from guns compared to other things

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its for when they recover guns
shrug, they would just make them illegal
they prob just want money
in any case theres not much justification for a silencer other that killing people and getting away with it
which i think has valid defence applications
well if they said i could have fully autom,atic weapons but no silencers, id prob be okay with that compromise
i think silencers are debatable, i think most that shit should be legal
but i also think you should be able to have an anti aircraft gun in your back yard
sure and theyre more covert than not using anything
increasing the chances of getting away with soemthing
in true defence, you dont usually have a reason to hide your position
tho i honestly dont think the laws should be made based on usual cases
for example, i think full auto weapons with large magazines should be legal because putting down cover fire is a valid form of defence that could save kids lives

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prob doesnt even come with an oil filter
probably tracking
same with cigs
well answer is probably money, but the reason is probably tracking

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its not the kids fault
idiot was holding it at the bottom of the magazine
i dont necessarily agree
if the kids shot guns and know what recoil does, that maybe wouldnt be an issue
def not a typical kid
wait wrong link
damn i lost it
there a vid of a girl shooting a desert eagle, shit flips around and boops her in the head

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everyone uses the elevator
hahaha fucked
holy fuck i think they had those at the korean department store i went to
company boss would take me there for mcdonalds all the time because he thought i would like mcdonalds
took awhile before i told him i actually like their food a lot better, even the stuff in the cafeteria

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hardtop is a bit ugly for a pininfarina design
side is worse because you dont get the buttress effect
slightly less ugly
i was totally waiting for something to explode or soemthing
this is totally normal to me
yeah its got like, gutters
people dont seem to use them very much
least at the one ive been go to that has that

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i just told you
it has a black hole in the middle
sec i get pic
more back seat than a 911, about the same as a prelude
blackmoon: basically when you open the engine cover, you only see one cylinder bank
the other half of the engine is underneath the convertible boot
its +2 seating
its for kids, or short trips
yeah they would be perfect
its a transverse engine, so setup like a FWD car
thats what Mondial T means

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i got to the point where after pulling over, i could jump out, open the valve cover, compress the spring, slip the rocker back, put it back together in about 3 minutes.
he made up for the pinto by dropping us off at school in ferrari mondial t
4 seats, convertible, mid engine v8, with a trunk
was like an italian black hole

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pretty sure its usually just crazy high viscosity oil
which in a motor like that is maybe fine, lots of them just had like a finger on the connecting rod or whatever to splash the oil so if it still splashes in the syrupy stuff maybe works
that shit drops oil pressure in a normal car and basically puts the last nail in the motors coffin
haha, i remember my dad pouring that shit into the pinto my mom had (the full wagon, not the incidiary version)
this was the same car that would throw overhead cam rockers because the cams were so worn down

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blackmoon: ha, when we were playing with like 1-3hp B&S motors for minibikes and go karts in junior high, i was pretty amazed how worn the cylinders would get
like, huge clearly visible gaps, prob around .02, on the sides perpendicular to the crankshaft
shits would still run, guzzled oil and gas
like, im sure the gaps tightened up after a minute, but no way those gaps were completely sealed

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i actually hate that about my tC, the dipstick is smooth with max and min dimples
and the dipstick will pick up oil on the edges from the tube

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omg why havent you sold the car
sell the car
sell the car
right so now its not
now its a piece of shit
so sell it and buy another one
now she will never destroy her dream car again
yeah okay man
youre the one who just said it stalled out because no oil
why dont you just dump the radiator and go to the market to finish it off
that might help
you say that like you dont just do that normally
which is sad
they make little oil size cubbies
poor mini =(
heh @ having trouble reading it because nothing to read =\

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1 quart of oil ever 1000 miles
so its basically normal
does it use 0w or 5w oil?
it also helps lubication
more oil flows easier for a given pressure
oil circulates faster on startup
that 'thick oil sticks' thinking is bullshit, that oil gets scraped away on the first cycle
she let the oil light come on?
well how is it fucked if the oil was never too low
it should run a quart down without issue
okay so its her fault
poor mini
honestly, even if it was below the dipstick its prob fine
unless she was doing high G turns like all the time
and never changes her oil

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catbyte: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2015/06/excessive-oil-consumption/index.htm
Automakers say adding oil between scheduled changes is acceptable. It's not.
so basically consumer reports has zero car credibility to me now
Audi, BMW, and Subaru stick firmly to the statement that oil consumption is a normal part of a car’s operation. Subaru considers a quart burned every 1,000 to 1,200 miles to be acceptable. Certain Audi and BMW cars’ standards state that a quart burned every 600 to 700 miles is reasonable.
im sorry but if you buy a performance caer, you should be prepared to take care of it
its a lot, but its not insane
if you drive the length of california and have a problem with checking your oil, then you dont deserve a performance automobile
macegr: whats eats oil?
no define how much oil is eating oil
over what mileage
also a cooper or cooper s
wtf month
i rly hope youre trolling
i drove my car maybe 20 miles last month

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just because it doesnt burn oil the first 20k miles doesnt mean you shouldnt ever check the oil

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sure, some of their work is good
i think their role is neccessary, they should have competition
i mostly trust them, but saying a car is bad because you have to put oil in it is retarded

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theyre like, oh well most people just wait until the oil pressure light comes on and drive in and complain
like wtf, that light comes on might as well sell the fucking car
i guess this is why people are complaining about consumption
theyre not checking their oil between changes and trashing the motors
like at what point did checking a cars oil become optional?
pretty sure even my mom knows to do that

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i should call all the weed delivery places
theres prob 20, and telling them i used to deliver weed all day would be considered job experience
vrooom: pretty much every modern engine using light 5w/0w oil seems to be burning oil at about that rate
a lot of luxury owners bitching about it
the biggest complaing is that they have to add oil between 5k+ changes
which blows me away its like, jezus fuck you people never checjk your oil?
when i had oil comsumption test done theyre like YOU HAVE TO CHECK THE OIL ITS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY
im like, well yeah because its a car and i drive it wtf

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it has the oil consumption issue, worse than when i got it, but its not burning enough oil that it would ever get low, and it gets same mpg and makes same power as when i got it
2AZFE i think?
the 2.4L i4, is like 160/160 hp/lbft
thats has the 1.8, no?
yeah im like a quart every 1200 miles
in chrome you just click yes when it asks

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need to swap the transmission oil, been like 60k miles
heh, i habitually heel-toe rev match so i don't really notice how well the synchros are engaging
couple times recently i havent, it doesnt grind but its notchy as fuck, im pretty sure novice stick driver would brake it crash shifting every gear
but its been kind of like that since i got it, im not really sure if its just a big slow heavy truck transmission or previous owner sucvked at stick
i dont hold the gear shift tightly, i lightly nudge it into gear and couple times a year the lever will kick out of gear into my hand, so im pretty sure the dog rings are worn
like 137k
is like a young adult, for a toyota

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car will prob be fine and i <3 driving
in any case its an option, there really are no jobs in my field in this city
thats a big reason why i chose to come here for school, so low wage summer job was always the expectation
yeah i have some issues with how the mapped the throttle, and the latency associated with it, but aside from that its been a very good car
no, tC
camry engine, 5 speed
all i do is change the oil

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rab: at least, yeah
its a toyota not a hyundai
blackmoon: it seems to just be some sort of non offensive dress code policy
rab: i prob drive my car less than 100 miles during the semester
like, dont think ive refuelled, and i still got a 1/4 tank
and before school i drove that thing 15k miles a year, a lot of it socal stop and go

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omg cant deliver for dominos because earrings
like, theyre two continuous segment rings through the cartilage of one ear, i havent removed them in 10 years
i wouldnt even know how without special inverted pliers
also long hair but i can cut that

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are neighbors old?
yeah they maybe have no idea, cant hear much above 10khz
i think even my mom got rid of her CRT
only in the last year
blackmoon: they output that low?
wouldnt be surprised if they drifted
prob depends on bug, heh

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yeah that high a freq, the levels should change a lot as you move around
maybe its some equipment on the roof?
or bad bearing an in air conditioner or something
bathroom fans?
haha that shit would be so loud in that room
that would be an annoying TV unless they are old

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blackmoon: right but im thinking of this in context of typical minutions precision
even getting within 10 yeards, the amount of graphite, power or filaments, is pretty nuts

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when everyone is force fed medication, on threats of being sent to worse places, that have side effects list two pages long, which include instant death, you tend to not care so much about personal safety
plus all teenagers thus invincible
sculptor: kind of reminds me of these https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/82/Party_poppers.jpg
makes more sense than what i imagines
i was thinking like, 4" of graphit covering all surfaces within like 200 square yards
this is probably why they dont pay me the big bucks to weapons
*make weapons

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sculptor: the graphite shorts out transformers?
ive never even heard of that
yeah jezus fuck, the amount of it to make that work
kinda related, in one group home we would stick coat hangars stubs into power outlets, then drop some pencil graphite across them to light cigs and joints

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it has to be, high freq will go through even tiny gaps but if there are no leaks, it cant penetrate for shit
what do you mean
90 dB-SPL?
-90 doesnt make sense to me, 30dB-SPL is a very, very quiet recording studio
right that doesnt mean anything to mu unless i know the sensitivity of the mic and the clip level of the dac
oh i dunno then, assuming like 120dB SPL peak mic sensitivy, thats still 30dB-SPL so crazy quiet
but if thats a level on a FFT/RTA its misleading because its just a fraction of the summed total output
see if you can get a normal SPL meter app calibrated for your phone, the weighting wont matter at the high a frequency
but yeah all that aside if you can hear it through floor shit is pretty loud

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youre saying its not the panel?
if youre hearing 15khz though floors, shit has to be crazy loud at the source unless you have leaky floors
or vents and poor luck with angles

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yeah unless it had some sort of open mesh case i dont see that as very effective
teknique: nicoberg #1, because there are two now
(rossberg and hulkenberg)
teknique: do you want spoilers?
if youre just going to watch one race this season, i would maybe go for this one
teknique: oh, nm i meant tekrad
who is not here
but yeah go watch spanish gp anyway

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teknique: nicoberg got robbed!
rab: yeah maybe next time fix the remote
okay i hope your fan lasts forever
like my ac/heater remote
which the installer mounted on the opposite wall because he said the temp sensor was in the remote
funny thing is the remote displays status of all features, but its a passive remote
it just assumes that the a/c got the signal, a/c beeps so you know it got it
so you have to bounce back anf forth between prev and setting you want until you hear the a/c beep
else remote lies

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