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2. Charge/discharge current up to 300A.

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greymoon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDzaoRIZnz8
this guy explains optics

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the dry stuff is what ive seen, but yeah when it was wet and sealed looked pretty deep
i wonder if normal sealer works
or its something that doesnt dissolve the gypsum
design houses
the printers?
ooooh the figures
i miss my lego drawer
i feel like i rediscovered the joy of that thing 10 times in my childhood

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holy shit
that looks better than the gypsum stuff
i think they can mix and get full spectrum but everything ive seen looks washed out
kinda flat
this looks better
oh they seal it
yeah looks like they get flay looking when they dry out

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supposedly that UV set resin
and supposedly its printined with a laser and a couple of mirrors
but its $920k of project and that looks like maybe $30
yeah i saw
but thats not their orioginal concept because it has a dropping table and static liquid level
and yeah the first i think they did to check
and it might look better not covered in resin

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cool art project
wonder what the msds of that shit looks like
maybe that it can do overhangs

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timecop: i think its grey area
but right i think its all bullshit
its a build or what
does the shit work?

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timecop: omg peachy project had $950k+ total
and supposedly only $15k is keeping them from shipping
but there doesnt seem to be demo of the thing working
er, $15k CE cert

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if you dont see an abvioud reason, like maybe just avoiding noise from the switched components, i would prob guess random unconcerned routing
yeah basically

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to do feedback based on the output voltage?
by after you mean connected to the output cap, no?
so youre saying same node but just further out?
i mean it shouldnt make a difference, intuitively it seems nopisier but it may be to avoid something else
or it may just be random routing
its voltage feedback and assuming the traces are larger enough in context of the load current, it shouldnt matter
you could make an argument that taking feedback at the destination is better because it will compensate for any sag caused by skinny traces or series ferrites or who knows
i wouldnt do it
and yeah fb trace doesnt cary much if any current really, making it bigger can make it pick up more noise

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tc wants to be a boardhouse now?
timecop: the thing is your money often goes father there
right shop, if you pay them more (which is still less than local), theyll do comparable work
just everyone goes for absolute cheapest shop with absolute cheapest options
like, ive seen same shop produce total shit phenolic single side trash where drills were almost outside pad holes
and totally clean 4 layer shit
right pay them the same but push them harder in terms of yield terms and schedules, and their quality will be shit again
youre very right that you get what you pay for
but there are places there were you can pay more and basically get local levels of quality
well your local is diff than our local, heh

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they mostly sold?
yeah i would think so
they seem the most laid back
DHL like, ya maybe tomorrow
kevtris: you didnt take pre-orders?
wow its like you have ethics and shit
ya thats kind of how i see it
and thats seeing that shit go down with kickstarter assholes and $100M in sales companies
honestly i think in your case kickstarter actually makes sense
because youre not a marketing fuck, you can present a realistic cost projection and roadmap, and you can show working prototypes at launch
like youre basically what kickstarter should be about

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ac-130u: you mean so you dont have to do your casual entertainment computing, work computer, lab work, and dining in the same 10sqft?
oh i guess is i make it like 20sqft, also do your CNC machining and cooking
well your problem seems to be living with others who do not see a living space as an acceptable hacking space
kevtris: omg has it been that long?
pretty sure i remember a lot of that shit
you still dig it!?
ac-130u: i live in a studio apartment thats about 20x35 ft
you underwater on it?
sounds liek youre prob okay by now
even with a little loss
gl on newhome

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jaxdahl: maybe
lots of boards its usually a mix of automated and manual stuffing

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chip and backghround colors are almost same
im like why did kev to cutouts under all the ICs
and yet it still works
like, you shouldnt put giant magnetic part pins next to tiny tiny SMD shit
and yeah one run of boards had cold solder
but they tweaked and the next few thousand worked
vias dead center oppo ends, cant ask for too much more
yeah but that requires work and debug
they prob just had a griddle

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i would prob bring the adjacent trade to the left more
so you can drop through the via right at the pin
can you redefine any of the pins?
besides the enable
route those first then assign the other pins
ac-130u: thats basically what im saying
i didnt mean having the via and pin connect
and the shit works anyway

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00:55 < teklap> damn volvos are tough http://i.imgur.com/unUGQyU.gifv
rab: ^
looks like the new ones arent total shit
if the traces cross perpendicular they probably wont even see each other
yeah thats prob fine, you maybe want to RC filter the enable end
series resistance, cap to ground, the stronger the filter, the longer the enable/disable latency
you can always 0R the series resistor and depop the cap
you cant redefine somewhere?

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has anyone made a site that checks for a local identity?
could just bse it on drivers license
or credit card
contract work
right so make a site that requires drivers license or billing address in the US
but they might for $20

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if he was 50% owner, it might be a contract issue
if no contract, maybe no issue
also he was the initial investor

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has 10 ideas about how to get more funding for this and other projects, but cant finish the first
indie-gogo or some similar shit
he got another $10k through the school for startup grant right before i did job for him
when i delivered, was bitching about cash flow issues
should i rewind?
i wasnt paying attention
i got bored with his extreme dissapoint accent
no i know that much
i wonder if they all live in the house now
prob gets arrested for that
im not sure anything illegal happened

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macegr: moody music is moody
possible, pretty lame either way
guy i did that injection mold job for just tweeted he will now be doing lost mold castings and it means further delays
been fucking around on this path for maybe 6 weeks, lots of images and vids of prep, but does not show a result
pretty sure he blew the $30k he had

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i noticed but didnt comment because it is like rubbing it in that i am an F1 fan
Slit Pupils... Shapeshifting,,, Reptilian Demon Possessed Chico Police Men Captured
pretty sure cops here just trying to stop frat rape, stealing from pizza man, and vending machine abuse
if thats the reptilian platform, i may be a supporter
is looking for volunteer street preacher bodyguards to protect from the bums and gays in the park

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omg besides bums, the gay community in the park is also attacking crazy dude
and an angel bench pressed him off his bed. twice

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i kind of regret having a straight forward machine setup, ive never had to adjust anything besides machine config file
so didnt learn much about HAL
haha open source cam
wonder what happened to twingy
rab: yeah when my little atom pc died in shop at work, i just went and bought random $50 dell on craigslist
shit works fine
CAM is hard enough that once person getting paid would still prob an hero on top of a pile of cash
real programmers crash tools, not pcs
its expensive and the liability issues are prob not worth it, even supporting good code in good faith
yeah i cant fucking stand the cloud bullshit, but it generates good paths
seems a lot easier to deal with than mastercam
its not free anyway anymore/
hsmexpress was decent the one time i used it
it does 2.5d
i thought that was what hsmexpress was, the free one
do you mean hsmworks?

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so like 'im on my way, yo'
rab: pink_vampire was trying to get help with HAL config
it degenerated into her asking for the customer support number for emc
and who the CEO of linuxcnc was
but everything archivist said about the HAL setup made perfect sense
well she asked who was responsible for linuxcnc
so i says CRADEK!
ya haha
so we has to teach her wtf open source is
and i explained how i bitched about a feature on irc, and then one day it happened
making me a software project manager, and linuxcnc devs my slaves
maximum return on ROI
then she offered me money to do it for her, after i clearly told her that i would be learning it from scratch for her
based on the same hints from archivist
are you using vanilla pc now?

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ha, your screw has the same pitch as mine
rab: i dont microstep because of resolution
i microstep because the machine runs way smoother
i would rather have drives that generated microstep for entire major steps instead of having to step at higher frequency
ive looked into it while reading up on the kinematics stuff
thats for aligning first step?
i dont think being a fraction of .00025" off is that big a deal in your situation, heh
also you would probably be homing after that

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you checked backlash at the ends?
or in the middle
thats good
ways prob arent that fucked
or the gibs are loose
what speeds!?!?
yeah but can it least do 20-30 without fucking up?
with you leaning on it?
oh right i forgot about the servos
whats step res?
yeah but whats that in inches

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champi0n: do you now feel real ultimate power?
macegr: what is your rapid speed?
holy wtf
does it come with way covers stock?

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and sounds like it uses a brass anti backlash nut, so possibly same as mine
oh, no that looks like it in the pic, so sprung nut
macegr: you can compensate in linuxcnc if its consistent
pcb cutting, loads arent going to change much if the ways are evenly worn
what kind of backlash nut does it have?
something you can adjust?
right thats what i saw
looking for maintenance details
well obviously yours is not genuine because in the catalog it says zero backlash for the life of the nut
w/ absolute minimum drag torque
rab: is kind of my point

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is that g10 or what?
unless you are the g10 factory
or you make test fixtures
if thats plastic its prob HDPE, which wouldnt be that bad
wtf PVC frame
rab: have you help a piece of HDPE that thick?
its not exactly flexible
i would trust it more than plywood for sure
what im looking at
you got it?
and yeah linuxcnc is fine for that stuff
neither is mine

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2 days ago, says everyone should get out of the city, set booby traps in nature to protect themselves
while he is building out a little building half a block from me
says he is sure he is going to be murdered by local pd
local pd is like, 90% dealing with college issue
other 10% is prob bike thieves
id trust that more than the maxnc thing
i think appropriate machine dimensions and materials beats inappropriate machine dimensions and materials
that shit looks like a light duty router

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son is demonically possed and in foster home
omg *possessed
his solution is conference call with random internet prayer warriors

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'he doesnt want me to preach the god, he doesnt even want me to have this guillotine out here'
omg why is he bringing guilletine to park? =(

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rab: what was zee german engine control UI thing you posted earlier?
heh, nice
arrest UN troops if here to monitor elections

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grass fed jerky = end times

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needs a super natural event in the city park to help him sway the bums
also for you to fast for him, because he cant, because hyperglycemia
uhohz people in city plaza park want to fight him
so looks like people are already on my side!
sane bums are sane
there is a certain list he has been put on that he cant go into about with us
but only lord can get him off the list so pray for that too
"Apolocypse IRA"
not a microbrew fan it seems

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the youtube doesnt have loading issues
no me gusta!
i dont want him doing power tools 50 yards from me!
no thats not true
i think he is free to be a crazy fuck and i am free to be creeped the fuck out about it
and tell him and everyone else i think so
he can tell me to go away too
yeah it broke chrome too
he has doubts about his street preaching abilities

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rab: http://imgur.com/a/j9dut
he also seems to be confused about jewthings vs/+ xtianity
they were inside the old AA/NA doing things with power saws and lots of confused yelling

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thats cool i can test his patience or something
i stopped paying attention when i realized jews and xtians spouting the same n african fables
its all very confusing to a 7 year old in hebrew school
refurbed: latest firmware and hardware fixes!
or possibly just wiped, like with a rag

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whats mars bar
truck mounted light strip?
why is that mars bar
and yeah im not sure but i think he has one of those
i dont think its okay to stereotype martians like that but whatever
anyway he creeps me out i want him to go away
maybe if i ask him very nice

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they says yes, it is possibly just random crazy person, person on phone didnt seem to have prior knowledge
i guess next step is to ask dude like, yo who are you
why you doing pretend religious law enforcement w/ scary dogs

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rab: ?
so like, there is a guy with an old blue cherokee or something similar
and he has K9 TACTICAL UNIT in big yellow unit all over the truck
with some official looking LEO logo
and you get close and its all like JEZUS SAVES
and other religious babble
and old dude seems to live in the frat district
often parked in the former NA/AA building parking lot
like, wtf
internet knows nothing about him
i guess i will call police department and ask what they think

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rab: neat

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