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blackmoon: why is that weird
two scopes, two eyes, i dont see the issue

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nico: wat wat
nico: no, formula 1 nico
nicoberg #1
he won today, nicoberg #2 is racing too but prob still crying because bernie put a GP same weekend as lemans (nicoberg #2 won le mans last year)
vettel got trolled by hometeam, heh

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tho you were actually civilized enough to solder pins onto those push switches
i just like, wiggle and smash harder and then bitch when theyre intermittent
they might be mm pitch too, the ones i had were
so like they fit, mostly, not perfect
only when reworking production units

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heheh @ blocky standoffs
i will hot glue those to panel alot
because mfkr LED pushers
ha, balls

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i was thinking about doing ink fill type stuff
its kind of neat how it doesnt go over the grains
ultra pro

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thats what you did?
w/ heat?
looks good
why not?
was that not a first attempt? heh
with squeegee?
oh damn

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i have .1" and .125" aluminum plate, the .125" is 4" wide, so pretty convenient for this
kostix: haha @ 11:20
yeah i can engrave if you want but not silk
or you can try what kostix did on wood for his synth, and then clearcoat
i kinda want to try that actually, those came out nice

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oh neat it has switch for that
eh for 4x4 i could cut them for you if its aluminum and short run
thats single setup, as many as 3 parts per setup
if you want like, 1000 and have a schedule, i probably cant help
how thick works and do you have cad for it?

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heh @ masked silked FR4 panels
thats kinda cool
kostix: coooool
i like when you turn the step frequency up and it gets all mean
cant read the labels for the top 3 knobs =(
the knobs per step are frequency?

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According to Red Bull Racing's internal data, Webber's pit stop on lap 29 was clocked at 1.923 seconds. NBC clocked his stop at 2.3 seconds, which would still have been fast, but slower than Webber's previous record of 2.05 seconds.
1.8 from last year, mercedes
yeah doesnt seem like timing is that clear

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sums up the season really well
yeah thats not what homies come in
butting into what homies come in is asking for cut up gums
redbull did a 1.9? in todays race?
in a race?
not bitable
thats weird

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20:42 <@Rab> It's a two-piece egg like you get out of a vending machine, like Homies come in. Don't tell me you never chewed those eggs even without the chocolate, they're perfectly safe.
they snap into sharp bits?
the clear halve eggs definitely
vrooom: no shit which team?
they were doing 2.2s stops few times end of last season
sculptor: ha @ vlad and rosberg post race convoersation, super awkward
nico didnt seems as brown nose as lewis last year
also putin didnt go in for the first bump this time
i wonder if because failed last time, or because nico not black

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right thats the obvious child killing fail
but even before that it seems problematic
like, okay you can encapsule shit in injection molded chocolate halves
why not put some fuckin candy or nuts inside instead of shit that probably shatters when you bite into it

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yeah i dont take pills for anything
i had unused bottles of prescribed vicodin and valium for years
but whatever, shit hurts because shit is swelling, ibuprofin helps that
or you can just be all in pain over it
those are neat
the little kinder eggs make me happy i grew up on the jewish side of the religious scam
fuck chucking danger, thats a cracked plastic to gums and roof of mouth danger
i cannot spell choke today

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and obviously go see dr if this is something affordable

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this is a thing?
i am alive today because my parent were amrt enough not to give me a chicking hazard disquized as a candy
sculptor: ibuprofin, and whatever you do, DONT stay off it

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right what this has to do with zombie jezus i dunno
there should just be a bunnies and dyed eggs day
yes apperently modern society cant handle that anymore

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in any case, usually parole and probation officers dont do much relative to their case load
that sucks
my hip always has a click when i rotate certain way, even when it doesnt hurt =(
in this homework, instructor shorts some capacitor together to make some point about charge
conservation of energy i guess
do you guys do bunnys?
or is it just a zombie jezus thing
candy versions, yes you eat them

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this stuff never gets reported in the media because of child privacy policies in the childrens court system
all you hear about is the leadership of the system resigning ever few years, no details other then the occassional death at a group home or foster home
sure, and in many cases the mother is the county and state government
that is life for a significant number of people
its sadder when society doesnt care much about those kids
or drastically different

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first hand, i had a fun childhood
the majority of my peers were dep of children and family services, not juvenile probation, so technically they didnt do anything wrong
in most cases, parents were the fuckups, anyway 100% of the clients in the facilities i was at were on psychotropic medication
all those particular group home facilities, and the associated psych hospitals, have been closed down for health insurance fraud and various forms of child abuse
kids who refused medication, because they knew there was zero chance of them returning home and thus they couldnt be bribed with hope, were still written up as taking the medication to collect the insurance money for it, and to keep the programs in good standings

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sculptor: thats not the parole officers job
the parole/probation officer or social worker would call the psych response team
who would drive efsnable to a hospital, possible with police help, and then some nice nurse would make him take his pills
the nice nurse might actually be like, half a dozen big ex military dudes, and the pills might end up being a syringe to the butt cheek
parole officer mostly sits in an office staring at a 18" tall stack of case folders

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rab: like maybe 3 dozen pages printed since it started complaining, no change
is not even streaky
i like this printer

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yeah you touched down bit late referencing the marks on the runway but worked out

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hmmm, guys no materials science homework this week?

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kevtris: eh
dinosaur toys in science lab seems pretty normal
like, i dont think that lab is fake
work happens there
just not while that photograph was taken

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