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i think my ribs are bruised on the right side from stupid student chair-desk

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old people are so stupid

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i did not know that before
i was pretty wtf about it before
it might as well be random
imagine all the reply and forward duplication and forking
this shit can be hard to follow like, in electronic format

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holy shit in this vid hillary says she gave state department 55k in PRINTED PAGES of emails
bitch, lets not get into why you would need to delete any emails ever at all...

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my russian friend went on low carb diet
i think vodka is all he drinks now
was a >8% ipa junkie before

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omg lucky

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or something, like bugs will eat my toner
stupid bugs
all the bugs gone this week dunno why
they not hanging out by the light near front door anymore

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ha @ stigma purple
rab: have received toner cart, is covered in heavy black trash bag plastic
seems legit
i guess i wait until current cart takes a shit before opening

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shrug, he private messaged me to say hi
maybe now he doesnt think i am a danger to all peoples

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i noticed, this is a pro
not nearly enough, he just left out a single space and an n
i ate all the melba toasts

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rab: wtf
gotta be a troll
well, a different troll than avrfreak

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