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kevtris: k so apperently theres like, a raider trail on the little hill in front of the road next to red rocket garage
and i got little turrents maybe every 10 yards around the perimiter
so i hear bunch of turrets fire of like two rounds each, see raider fall, go to loot some shit
like, prob 2 dozen pipe weapons and weapons sitting there in a pile next to body
er, pipe weapons and shotguns
is like the whole entire game they been picking off raiders in the same spot over and over and over

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because it makes them money
50 ohms is a common termination value

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dead_body: because its not 48 or 49.9
51 actually, 48 should have been 47
anyway, look up 49.9 0603 1%
they should be pennies
50.0 is some made up shit

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have you played with reason?
its software, but the thor module is basically an arbitrarily routed modular synth

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naw thats normal standup bass
if you want to play quiet you pluck parallel to the fret board
you want slap, you pluck perpendicular
electric bass is same shit but by the time shit goes through amp and cab and mic and mixing board, then put on top of drums vocals and guitar, you never hear it
like, my bass straings smash the frets constantly, but i have giant tone capacitor, and then low pass filtering, and then mad distortion
then tiny bit more filtering
play soft, smash against fretboard, almost same sound, chainsaws is chainsaws
making chainsaws sounds like fun actually, bbl

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gpf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXh1DckZ1HY&t=90
this has cowbell!
standup bass.

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late 90s tech step, best era for glitchy sci-fi sounding jungle/dnb
ac-130u: jes definitely
gpf: this is kind of the closest thing to it, popular electronic music
breaks (regular), and drum n bass (fast), is rooted in live percussive samples

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which what to happen?
no renegade hardware is a drum n bass record label, they shut down recently
and most of their biggest releases were like 15 years ago

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yeah honestly i know nothing about them
renesis is the mazda RX8 motor, i thought mazda's Rotary gENESIS explanation was goofy
and then i had renesys as alt nick, dnb people thought it meant renegade system, because renegade hardware, and rene is efnet slang for an unscheduled dnbradio.com set, renegade set
which i think is pretty neat, i miss renegade hardware

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so i wonder if they actually make 2.2k resistors or if they just make sure the 2.21k are like 0.95% instead of 1%
from a rotary engine that was pretty shitty upgrade of the 13B
and do you mean renesas?
rab: they they never do a special 5% series theyre just in the same list if they make them

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thanks for making me learn it again
that shit is both genius and fuck off at the same time
i wonder if that means 5% values in 1% tolerance will dissapear
illegal resistor!
now doomed

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ty very much
avg multiplier between values
std dev of all values is 1%
its like they planned this shit out
right like i knew at some point, obviously i didnt know 20 minutes ago

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im using this and counting cells and multiplying by three
there are better ways

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68X, they see, clear about number number letter
how many e96 values?
it might be the e96 value + multiplier
which is pretty smart
coincidentally, there are 96 values in the e96 series
so thats possible
01 being 1.00
68th e96 value is 4.99

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wait wtf
how did 88A become 806*10^0
examples with 1s are NG
i think the letter is the multiplier
710 cap issues

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it might be hex
i think i figured it once, i mostly just ignore the numbers now unless i already know what they should be
ya pretty much
the internet knew when i did a fuck me over it
other half of the resistors i was using were 4 digit standard encoding

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its ARM CMSIS, and they provide libraries
so yeah, choose your own compiler or figure out your own (gcc)
shit like thats pretty fun to play with
analogs sigma dsp line is like that

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ya, nxp microcontroller product
used in lots of audio stuff ive worked on, stuff ive taken apart
tho ya, PLC are cheap these days
im not even sure a turnkey solution is provided, in the avrstudio sense
or i guess its been atmel studio since forever

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lpc controllers are cheap, in tons of mass production stuff

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this is after buying probably tens of thousands of their chips, btw
probably more than anyone else ever

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how much is the CAN ic?
heh, fuck psoc
their support guys threw up their hands about their own audio libraries, recommended contractor who was not so great

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macetech gonna drive the robot cars

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