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well, except final

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so youre saying maybe hes just sleeping?
like 30min away from me, will probably be in town
and its not Willow, CA its Willows

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<@imbroken> https://www.facebook.com/illegalmusik/videos/10153134217423924/
aw fuck, coming soon on kickstarter
its prob vapor

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macegr: prince has random china speakers from the future in the 80s

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bit of an SRV moment, that

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i just didnt consider either of them likely immortal and they havent done a ton lately
i dont think a bono is enough to get a prince back
maybe if we throw in the edge
unf, soundcloud hard switch from prince to the upbeats
i think eddit vedder is going to end up being an old, old man

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oh fuck
i was like, why did skream post a random prince track
thats not the answer i wanted to hear
rab: u r ultimate morning buzzkill
the horrible moment where you consider pausing the prince track to listen to the dispatch call related his death
can we trade him for like, micheal stipe or something?
the guy from the b-52s
surely this was a mistake

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