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rename it mean trees

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i gave luigi a star, it has 50% kill chance, but uses 6 stamina, and luigi only has 10 stamina
i gave mario fireballs, which have 11% hit chance but use 1 stamina
no i am, school is ripping off joust ip
soprob some dead 80s company
yeah but point is do it object oriented
so i has some knight objects, they take some weapon objects, they both roll vs chance, i mean its mostly done
im obviously bored because i coded little stamina bars with a for() cout "|" dealy
oh cmon im practically rubbin these kids faces in it as is
mostly i wait for everyone to get confused and no one to answer before i answer anything

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omg im an asshole
weapon supposed to use up stamina, game ends if weapon use eats stamina
stamina never used, crazy bug wtf cant figure it
eventually i realize i set default weapon as Finger of God, hit chance 100, stamina use 0
no homework
but yeah im an asshole

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dont understand

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wait wat
i thought 0 was false and anything else was true
because you did a & not a &&
literally & and &&?
thats is not as exciting as i though it would be

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wait no im just restarting the program over and over so seed is only being run once
i think is good information to remember for the future
timecop: you dont hate stmcube anymore?
i have to take a class in stm32 dev next semester

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hmm no i think something is borken i ruint a thing
wtf the random ass provided random class is giving me repeats if i hammer it in less than second intervals

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split screen vim inside scree(1) is confusing
switch windows in vim is ^w and in screen its ^a
omg cout bool is pretty random
and i was about to go nuts debugging code when i realized 168 is probably true

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i dont like economics

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kevtris: i thought it was already a thing, shrug
rab: that has usb
i pretty much had same reaction
oh, shrug

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economics book says my cats summer kitty cottage needs a new roof
i have to compare return of thatch vs slate roof over remaining cat lives for 0 to 100% interest
fuck this cat

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champi0n: totally variable
this is prob one of the biggest diff between cheap clones and actual hakko and weller stuff
but mostly they seem fine unless you drop them
and ive seen hairline cracked iron elements still work fine
but like, ive had my hakko for maybe 10 years, its fallen off benches more than once and knocked around in a toolbox the whole time, works fine, element looks same, no cracks
and the ceramic seems finer and the casting cleaner

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even just a decent iron can make a huge diff, if you were using screw in tip unregulated type irons

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champi0n: maybe wait a week and try it on some stuff?

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macegr: then how will women put down cover rainbows to get their children across the living room in a home invasion?
hunting rifle gonna get caught on an endtable or the wall
high capacity unicorns are the perfect solution for a prepared mother

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macegr: omgfu
i think we should ban unicorns
i am okay with only criminals having unicorns

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