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crazy random ceramic
ya i was just going to paste that
seems like something easy to automate
programmable glue dispenser was awesome

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prob better than it melting onto skin
ya ceramic better
its dense or something?

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naw its pretty light
but its some sort of heavy synthetic fiber
its an aramid fiber like kevlar
is characterized by its excellent resistance to heat, as it neither melts nor ignites in normal levels of oxygen.

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what do you mean
hahaha nice
thats good for shopping
i imagine regular tool steel lasts pretty long in fabrics
i has to learn how to makefile
the racing suits are flame retardant

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kevtris: i have sniper, penetrator, ninja, armorer, gun nut, science perks maxed, rifles perk is at 5/6, and deacon likes me so extra sneak attack bonus
i still wont use explosive shotgun anymore
i was like level 12 or something with that shotgun, ripping through deathclaws
i have it upgraded so you can do both barrels basically simultaneously
i dont think so
right now im just wandering in the wastes leveling
i would just climb up on a thing and make all their heads splode
i think im like 46?
no but i can make it whenever
i have ap boost mod

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all had the same 3 or 4 machines
ha, feedback tracking erros maybe
fuckin servo sewing machines

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so those work?
kevtris: no stop humming it
thats how it spreads
kevtris: its maybe more like kung fu? does look like you can move up and down
tho the guy looked kind of like an abobo
double dragon = kung fu with a Y axis and abobos
tho they dont seem to have many pixels to work with
right ive read three articles like that

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everything after C is on drugs
oh those look neat
red I and J are mean looking
very kiki
kevtris: what is timetop
are they chinese or french or something?
mad churches
feed dogs are the spiky strips in the slots under the feet?

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wat B
its prob a lever someplace else
it has two A in the diagram
graphic designer FIRED

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ya my grandmas had bunch of 60s and 70s looking shit, and then this little ultra modern super dense thing with tons of lever and knobs
yeah i should get one for that
like 3 sets of jeans and a used sewing machine pays for itself
right so i would need an industrial machine
which i could maybe do jobs for people with

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somewhere on an irc channel there is like a dozen people who see that, know what 95% of them are for
the other 3 they are like, neat
those are universal?
no way
and sometimes just loks in one or the other or neither direction?
or its like an attachment?
right so im saying the sewing machine is prob setup to do some sort of square pattern
and for other shit it just like, loks into a set of directrions or doesnt move
fuck theyre basically machine tools

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do they wear out or theres just lots of shapes and sizes?
you need a this, its for copying patterns i guess? but thats not why you need it
you need it because a fucking spike roller on a convenient handle
my grandma had nice ones
but how will my grandma make money in the 80s and 90s?
its like soldering iron tips

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like, its really good in terms of production, and sounds like it would performance mix well
but it just doesnt seem super exciting, like i like it more when him and jakes are in the podcast joking around and playing with bomb and broken glass samples
also i am maybe biased because noisia do their radio show like every single friday, and tc and jakes, or just tc, do it like, randomly every few weeks to 6 months
ha, hes talked about hes spent so much time mastering the album, he did too good a job =\
blackmoon: i didnt see 2nd youtube, kind of punk

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blackmoon: i like the synths in the intro
production is pretty sexy for something this crunchy
tc made some squeegee clean grown up dnb, whole album of it, i dunno how i feel about it

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thats a car for british countrysides
youre driving it wrong
my dad blew up an MG head gasket going up hill on freeway
because too fat
go faster

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because they prob dont fix them
they probably replace, possibly they guanrantee and investigate the bad shit
so you figure it takes a tech an hour to do anything, thats like $20
and a product that costs maybe $40 to make
and yeah thats pretty lame

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ha yeah those are pretty neat

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el mfkn nino

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phillips and sony used a toshiba connector for their version of the aes/ebu digital audio spec which is now aes3
like 5 organizations involved in this
audio processing speed was prob kind of limited too
yeah but itll work waaaaay longer
we looped back from a set of blue rays, 15ft to a couch, through an opto- mechanical switcher, back to tv
so like almost 30ft of toslink cable, and a mechanical optical switch
shit worked fine
i think our school buzzed
instead of rang

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just depends what audio tracks people encode
rab: yes the soundbar only has toslink and an eth jack
rab: certain combinations of blu ray and tv would pass 5.1 out of the toslink
what sample rate it it native?
itll be 48khz max with normal rates, thats what adat is
spdif is just a subspec of aes3
like adat
or adat might actually be a bit of a lateral step
toslink is what toshiba called the connector
ya basically

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no im saying it never caught on like people dont use it
if an average user is given miniplug io and toslink io, i think 99% will use miniplug
i that 95% wont even have a toslink cable and cant go to sev and buy one
because it wasnt widely adopted
in the 90s i had shit with toslink inputs and nothing to plug into them
because my cd player wasnt that $600 one
and im guessing 90% of the people with the expensive cd player with toslink output, used the balanced io, or RCA
aiwa shit had toslinks
it isnt good because it isnt available
people have RCA cables in a junk box in a closet
because they came with some shit they bought before
and it can
its not consistent, and it seems to be a licencing issue
but adat interface is 8 channels i think?
and its aes3, so it can do 7.1
and it definitely works
because place i worked prob burn $100k on researching TVs
for compatibility

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by the time public caught on the technology had been surpassed by hdmi
and usb interfaces
its a bullet point
ya those are actually pretty neat
and i bet they are used in less than 1% of them
eh, tons of audio equipment doesnt
toshiba doesnt make the connector anymore
and other versions arent as reliable
my scarlett has coax
its $150, very popular professional audio usb interface
it works
my 6 year old asus mobo has it
it does not have optical
because its a pullet point
rab: ya thats kind of my point
that chances of having compatible devices, and using it over some other interface, is low
toslink is awesome
it wasnt adopted enough

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rab: yeah fuck all that, RCA, miniplug, BT is enough
i really like black slab components
optical is pretty neat
coax not as much, works tho
coax digital loopback is my lazy digital ripping technique
i dunno man it never really caught on
any aes3 formats
in pro audio more than home stuff, and im not sure i would call it widely accepted outside of very big venues
the_gfr|w: its not used that often

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holy shit there are lots
wait wrong channel how did i get here
right would be pretty easy to update them
replace drivers, amps, whatever
so they work
put the blutooth, miniplug inputs
then sell for like $500
maybe refinish
rab: id look into cheap replacement tonarms
prob get something usable for ~$50
right so just do little mean well supply and some chipamps
replacement drivers prob another $50
and i did a custom mini-plug and rca panel for someone for under $20

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ha, blackberry fences
completely unpassesable, except by bunnies
they run right through that shit i have no idea how im like, bunny you are going to put an eye out

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thats two on one thats not cool

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