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heh, smartass

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why not just filter and recycle water

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i bet its true tho
that shit is awesome
rab: i mean, when you consider the efficiency hit you would get from going to ceramic insulators, i think one has to be impressed by how green those heaters are
remote water heating has got to be crazy lossy, as well as hot water storage

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that sounds about right, 300-500W startup power
i dont make these laws
i just like that even in the crapshit places ive lived in, which includes a 100 year old converted motel, i have GFI protected kitchen and bathroom
in any case it sounds like your code requirements are already fucked by your standards, unless said friend isnt local
fact: GFI bypassing kills more people in america than terrorists and toddlers
i made that up

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so they would just dump some of load across and some to earth and there is not ground protection to check on the 240 outlets?
do modern boxes not have GFI on the 240 legs?
or there is some sort of new 4 pin dealy no one uses
yeah washers and dryers would never be in a wet location
blackmoon: they often connect with heavy rubber hoses =\
im okay with that
im like, why arent there GFI on every outlet ever
house is expensive whats an extra $1k in hardware
ive never had issues with my kitchen and bathroom ones

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okay then its basically opposite what i said but effectively the same
neutral is the shit that gets looked at in the GFI circuits
like, that and how devices use the lines is the big difference, electronically, not considering code and connections
wait what
what mixer
its two 120 phases and a return, no?
youre saying they have a neutral and no earth?

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youre saying earth is tied to a grounding pole bus, and neutral is tied to the pole bus
right but its effectively the same bus
like, neutral goes thru GFI sense paths and becomes earth
what are the GFI circuits looking at
gfi uses hot/neutral current diff to trip?

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would there have to be a massive failure of your grounding system for a hot voltage to be maintained across the earth bus?
like, your house would have to have fallen off the grid
you got disco'd?
okay yeah in that case i can see shit being fucked
if you melted ground side first
from the pole to the box?
now im confused i thought it was just hot earth hot from the pole
like, neutral isnt a thing between the box and the pole
okay scemantics

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thats what i thought
theyre basically the same, except for breaker and GFI details

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