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sorry, long link bs lazy
oh, yeah probably
actual;ly yeah because i like the ball because you dont have to hold it so much
i always liked how that thing felt, fits on lap or thigh pretty well, palms kind of hold it in place

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i dunno what happened to my tupperware arcade controller
had a nice ball top joystick
hopefully i traded it for something cool
happ is good stuff, i remember that much
i dont like those tops as much

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ha nice
rab: did you swap the spring pin header thing while you were in there?
in the nes
or am i just confused all this time thinking it was an hdmi out upgrade for a nes
maybe i didnt read enough scroll and i just dunno whats going on
i started at 02:18 <@Rab> * Kevtris NES HDMI upgrade integrated
and thought you did that
i had 7800
but i had a box of like 30 games for 2600
hand me downs from brother, before i zelda'd, i adventure'd
i dont think i got a nes until like 88 or 89

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solidworks left these ghost excel windows that wont die

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are you guys gonna rub yourselves in mustard again
oh, yeah thats no good

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its imported stuff but id trust mpja more than random ali express distributor
no but ive used their cheap supplies at work in labs and for field test stuff
havent you been waiting awhile?
dunno, ground strap is nice
not really tho
ground strap is in between positive and neg tho
that kinda sucks

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both those load for me
well i dunno call the internet and tell them its broken

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i make ridiculously short programs in class because it impresses teacher
but i know that it would execute slower and would never code like that irl

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and when youre actually doing calc, its almost never corner cases that are frustrating in math classes
blackmoon: i kind of wonder what my c++ instructor things of me, half my loops are while(1) with conditional breaks inside
because true is prob just enumerated as 1?
because if the compiler doesnt know to do the same thing in both cases, compiler is prob retarded
whats the purpose of that
right but why would i do that instead of while(1)
im not trying to confuse people
im just trying to tell them i dont want to live in their simple little test statement at the front or back only kind of box
yeah i dont really care about shorter

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as opposed to in math classes
but math classes deal with almost 100% of corner cases
random zeroes and infinitis and trig relations, and shit like that
they make everything easier tho
the advanced math shit
you do so much algebra and trig solving the advanced maths stuff, when engineering courses happen, the algebra is pretty simple because practice
the majority of the time calculus is involved in engineering courses, they solve the integrals and derivatives for you after explaining why
and then just algebra again

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because teacher gave a zero for a hoax article?
i thought it had more to do with defunding, killing arts, and a focus on standardized testing
thats pretty normal stupid parent stories are as old as teching
tho i dont think there is enough teching in schools either
i remember hitting i in algebra2 and being like, fuck you, you cant just put the number into limbo and bring it back
and then group homes and placement, high school there was pretty much setup for special ed kids
honestly the corner cases come up later
but not much
i seem to do much better with advanced math when i learn it in context

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