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adding ejector pins wouldnt be too hard
yeah for audio and most microcontroller speed digital stuff
like 8b micros
fast 32b micros, and fpga, you maybe need a faster scope
but honestly i dont think you personally will need one

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so i redid it to work with .063 tool and 1deg draft
he has a carbide3d cnc
but the arduino gerbil whatever cnc controller is fucking up or something
who knows, limit switch error wont go away
so i had to machine on mine
zzzz_: tek analog, tek analog + vector dso, some shit rigol
i checked the limit switches
its some software or driver issue
fuck knows, im not really trying to troubleshoot arduino cnc
shit is 50% more than a taig, and i doubt in 10 years itd work as well
my machine works better now than when i got it
zzzz_: cheap rigol is probably fine
greymoon: also even with the 1deg draft were having trouble getting stuff out of molds

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ghetto crowd funded injection mold machine worked
managed to get alignment within a hair cutting the two halves of the mold
<3 the taig
also guy actually paid me
not quite as much as discussed before but pretty reasonable
dog training click things
like, guy had other people do design work for him, the injection mold tool they designed wouldnt be machinable without wire edm
like, zero inside radius corners, zero draft on a .5" deep part

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woot, <3 my taig

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'a funny thing happened when i was pregnant. fml'

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